Seek the Hidden Treasure of Anima, Find Out the Anthropo-origin

La-Mulana is the “Ruins Exploration Archaeological action game” in which the player seek the “Anthropo-origin”, sleeps in the Huge Ruin La-Mulana, which is said the beginning of whole the civilizations.

Various types of traps for blocking infiltrators are awaiting inside the ruins, and sentinel-monsters are roaming about. Target the deepest point of the ruins by figuring out riddles, putting off the monsters and deactivating the traps. The way to the goal will be extraordinary, more complex riddles will be waiting for you as you come deeper point.

Handle Professor Lemeza to find out the Anthropo-origin!


My name is Lemeza Kosugi.
Teaching archaeology at a university.
Actually, not a proffessor but an assistant. While lecturing at a university, as long as I’m on vacation, I fly around the world to seek undiscovered ancient ruins.

One day, back from a lecture, I found a somewhat dirty envelope on my desk.

“Eventually, I found it. I’ve won!”

The familiar hand writing on the offcut of the familiar datebook seems like ridiculing me. A poetry titled “Legend of Ancient Times” is written on the back of it.
A gold coin with never seen pattern is in the bottom of the envelope. But I do know well the writing on this.
I suppose my dad finally did it.

Unknown ancient ruins which had become the beginning of whole the civilizations. My dad’s lifelong-work seems became bearing.

This short triumph childish letter is always the sign to go.
He’s telling me to come.He intends to hold the treasure by using me again, that will be over.
My ambition for overreaching him is about to be gone before such a wonderful research object whom i can’t see, even if I lived for 500 years.

I packed my beloved laptop for exclusive use of Archaeology research for a start, usefull brother lash and gun, and also every kind of bad stuff and headed to the airport.
The destination is “La-Mulana“, the legend land said as The beginning of whole the civilizations and Anthropo-origin.

Though all the stuff without the laptop and the lash which I whined as souvenirs were confiscated at the airport…
I’ll be back with lots more stuff, then, that’s not much trouble.