We are going to TGS 2010.

We don’t exhibit anything though, all of NIGORO members and Tyrone from NICALiS are gonna go to Tokyo Game Show 2010.

While many persons related game industry are gathering from around the world, we will be interviewed all the time without seeing exhibitions.

LA-MULANA has nearly completed, so some update and release date would come out.

Please pay attention to media that will publish NIGORO’s articles.


  1. JasonPaul says

    I’m hoping that Nicalis is working on the translation so we can get it released soon. I can’t wait to play this.

  2. WRuddick says

    I would love to hear that the reason the project has taken so long is because they have also been translating and working on the english version so that it may come out at the same time as the japanese version ;D lol… if only… if only

    I can only imagine, “La-Mulana to come out early ’11 in japan!…. but will take an additional 2 years to be translated/localized/come out in america!”

    if that happens… time to buy a japanese wii 😮

  3. Nightgazer says

    That’s great news! Hopefully that means the translation won’t be too far off. I’ll be watching for it!

  4. الدماك says

    Will not sleep, but come game starts h

  5. so excited omg 😀

  6. Underwhelmed says

    Good news.

    I wonder how much longer after the release date before we will see it outside of Japan?

    There really is no other game I am more looking forward to this year.

  7. DaMan says

    The game is almost done?! Do you really mean it?

  8. Andy P says

    Wooh! Cant wait for the date!

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