For LA-MULANA ruin explorers

We already mentioned several times, but we’d like to say this again officially.
LA-MULANA ruin is unexplored. Just a few people know it.
If someone who is interested in the ruin tries searching it on the internet, most images are archaeologist’s death throes.
But, even such images, the more those images exist, the more LA-MULANA ruin’s real image would get through many people.

Therefore, you feel free to publish movies and screenshots that you play.
You can upload LA-MULANA’s images on your blogs, twitter or whatever.

We’d like to see your walk through sites and you can use game images
in plenty on your sites if it makes your pages more interesting.
You don’t need our permission.

We’ll check it out if you let us know your websites.
We think a game belongs to users after the time users buy the game.

The way you have fun is individual freedom except stupid things like spreading the copies.
There are many methods to advertise game though, we think the best way is to show players seem to be having a lot of fun.


  1. Frank says

    I love this game, and I was wondering: have the North American and European versions on WiiWare have been profitable yet?
    If I understand correctly they are also available on Wii U.

  2. madrox8 says

    oh iv been replaying and recording some of the 8 bit freeware version to get hyped for the steam release, already have money in paypal just waiting for the release 😀

    @ jack dandy: i can see it to, but keep in mind the game already has good reviews at some respected game sites, if i recal ign gave the game 8.5 out of 10. the ppl will complain in my opinion will be ppl who never acually played a hard game and / or way to used to being hand held with way points, tips, and other stuff in modern games today

  3. Oh… that middle paragraph was an accident…
    Because it will be a while until fourth quarter will you please add music from your flash games to Enga Musica! I’m downloading them right now for my ipod but it is a better experience to hear them from the TV speakers. I also love the shuffle feature you added! I listen while I do my homework.

  4. Armored Chocobo says

    You sure can use my Let’s Play of it, it’s been helping people since before Steam even THOUGHT about greenlighting La mulana:

  5. As long as you get some kind of “front page” coverage on steam many people will buy it, then many people will make videos of it. Steam’s user population is HUGE! Like Jack Dandy said, most will not understand the game and dislike it, but that will cause people to buy it out of curiosity. To make the the average gamer like it you will need to have them read the manual, and watch the help video. You did a great job introducing the pros in the description, but so many will take on the challenge unprepared, so posting this in a couple of places might help.

    I do not understand why I cannot start my own discussion. Please put this in one! I believe that Mulbruk explains to stand under the eye. This game does NOT require that you use the internet! Even in the original the answer to that puzzle was in the manual!

    How to succeed when playing LA-MULANA.

    -If you won’t then try the help video (it has something that looks like a bunny in the bottom right corner), but know you’re missing information!

    2.Pay attention to visual clues.

    3. Read EVERYTHING in game, including wall carvings and room names!

    4. Take notes on everything, even if it mean paraphrasing npc talk.
    -If you are really against doing this then atleast take down what you don’t understand or what doesn’t ring in your head.
    -At the very least use the in game text saving software!

    5. “Play smart, save often”

    6. When you feel stumped take a break and come back to it later! The ruins have waited millions of years, they can wait some more!
    -If an area is still giving you trouble and you’ve been breaking for a while, try concentrating on another area.
    -Even if you are not having trouble in an area, it is good to take a look at the other areas to make sure that you’ve read all the tablets (they glow until read in English) , make note of places you can not get to yet and try to get to them anyway, and seen if there are some puzzles you don’t understand yet.

    7. When you have made it to a boss and can’t seem to beat him, try going somewhere else and getting stronger. If you’re impatient, then you can buy a gun.
    -Save your bullets for the REALLY tough guys!

    8.Understand that this game was originally made to be a challenge! If you question whether or not this game is fun, question yourself “Is overcoming difficult challenges fun?”. If you truly cannot say “I like being challenged” then this game is not for you.

    9. If you still wan’t to play but have given up all hope of beating the game with your own power, then use a guide.
    -Make a plan for your guide use! For example, double check in a guide after each area you’ve played to see if you’re O.K. to move on, or limit the number of times you can check a guide.
    -If you have played and given up on the game, try watching a guide for fun! There are some good personalities playing LA-MULANA who are fun to watch because they get stuck and die repeatedly and work through it! I recommend Deceasedcrab (Who got his name in the end credits of the game!) or Usuallydead (who does a blind LP and even though he doesn’t enjoy it he pushes through).
    -Seeing these people work hard might convince you to try again, so don’t watch too fast!

    Hell temple is hell. If you decide to go to hell then either watch a guide before going, die and scream and laugh hopelessly, or have the ability to call what side a coin will land on thirty times in a row and win a lot of money.

  6. Michael S says
  7. David says

    Haha, I can’t wait for this game to hit steam.

    @Jack Yeah I can see it now.

  8. Jack Dandy says

    Believe me- once the game hits Steam, imageboards and forums will be stuffed by players going “THIS GAME IS BULLSHIT!”.

    But there is a saying in the west: “Every publicity is good publicity”

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