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Now, we summed up FAQ.

Q. The game doesn’t work on Windows 7(64bit version).
A. We suggest to you that you start La-Mulana as an administrator or XP compatible mode.

Q. The game will freeze when I try to save.
A. It will happen if your OS is Windows7(64bit version).
I suggest to you that you start La-Mulana as an administrator or XP compatible mode.

To start La-Mulana as an administrator or XP compatible mode,

[1] Right-click the icon of La-Mulana on your desktop screen.
[2] Select “Property”.
[3] Select “Compatibility” tab.
[4] Change “Start this program as an administrator or XP compatible mode” and press OK button.

Q. USB controller doesn’t work.
A. I suggest to you that you use one with less than 8 buttons except the directional pad.

For everyone who wants to use an USB gamepad with less than 14 buttons:
You can use GlovePie and write a script to map controller buttons /combinations to keyboard keys. I’m using a SNES gamepad and have no problems at all 🙂

We received above comment. You may find a way.

Q4.This Ruins is full of trap!
A4.Elder Xelpud says “La-Mulana Ruins is wonderful tourist site. This adventure will be a pleasant memory.”

And, if you find bugs of La-Mulana, please contact PLAYISM.



Now, I’m looking forward to your scream.



    So far, we haven’t encountered and been reported bugs related to your problem.
    We suppose it isn’t a glitch, you may not have a specific item to deactivate the kill timer.

  2. says

    There is no more timer in the Twin Labyrinths D1 and G1 screen and every time i walk in to those rooms i automatically die. Is this a glitch? I’m stuck. I have no idea where to go next because i need to get the jewel from G2 screen so i could fight Viy. Please help.

  3. Shiiro says

    Great game! 🙂
    But I have a bug, that I can’t use switches anymore!
    I tried everything, but nothing helps 🙁

  4. CPE Gaebler says

    I enjoy this game immensely, but there’s one thing that’s been bothering me. I can’t figure out how to get Email 06, the “How to make bat curry” one. That’s probably the only thing keeping me from doing a full completion playthrough…

  5. Just an update: Mapping Use Item and Confirm to the same button stops you from buying anything in stores, as well.

  6. Thanks to everyone at NIGORO!

    I’ve been waiting years for this game. Bought it as soon as I saw it was up!

    I have encountered a couple minor problems, though.

    1. The boss of the Mausoleum of Giants: sometimes, if you are standing to close to him, hits to his face seem to bounce off the back of his head, dealing no damage.

    2. If the buttons are remapped so that “Use Item” and “Accept” are the same button, you can’t use the text recorder program. It just sends you back to the field.

    Thanks again for finally getting this game out!

  7. In case anyone is interested, the game runs great on Windows 7 64-bit for me. I just had to run it as administrator once and save, then quit the game and grant full access permissions to Program Files (x86)\NIGORO\La-Mulana\data\save\ .

    Fantastic game by the way, I’m enjoying it even more than the original.

  8. Just finished my first playthrough. Great game! Better than the original (mostly 😛 ).

  9. Cardia says

    Great ! Thank you so much ! 😀 <3
    Anyway, I wanted to ask you if you will release a SDK for La-Mulana ?
    I wanted to create a mod that allows you to play with the original music from the 8-bit La-Mulana, but I don't know what kind of Ogg it requires, and how to modify the .dat file. 😀

    Love you guys, keep it up !

  10. LA-MULANA STAFF says

    Thank you very much for loving La-Mulana.
    A bug that records of time attack aren’t saved sometimes will be fixed by an updater. The updater will be released soon.
    Please wait a moment.

  11. Cardia says

    Hey Nigoro ! I just beat the game with hard mode tablet, that was crazy ! 😀 The remake is better than the original, and the original was the best already, so that’s awesome !

    Anyway, i tried the time attack, i finished the first beginner challenge but my time has not been saved, any idea ?

  12. Mr. Finland says

    Just finished the game, love it. The game went to my top 5 all time games, good work guys!

    The game itsef worked fine, only one crash at Mother last form.

    All in all, loved the game!

  13. Cardia says

    Does someone have some tips to beat Baphomet in Hard mode ? Yeah, Hard mode, because I accidentaly saved even if I knew i activated it. I didn’t have so much troubles since, but Baphomet is a real pain, It can kill me in 4/5 hits…

  14. The man says

    Don’t know why I continue to do this, but I actually made it into the zone I have been changing all this time. Immediately noticed by me was the fact that the little ones need to be disrobed as well. They looked very out of place. I also noticed a few other places that I missed. All this has been rectified and is available here: Any feedback is appreciated and uh… enjoy liberation from censorship… I guess?

  15. Strider says

    @ Tha man: Thanks a lot!!! Great work!!! I immediatly replaced the censored version. 🙂

  16. Akimaye says

    Edit: Sorry, I was sating thank you to “The man” for offering the alternative graphics.

  17. Akimaye says

    CrispyYoshi: THANK YOU!

    Sullivan: The holy light coming from the Spaulder powered weapons does less damage than if a weapon were to hit directly. In a way, it’s additional accuracy. Hard to explain, but there are some cases where you would get hit out of your attack animation, and the holy light would keep moving until it hits the enemy(for lower damage). Aside from that there’s other ways it can be helpful.

  18. The man says

    For whatever reason, I took the Goddess statues from the tower and restored them to their uncensored form. I didn’t bother with the small versions, as I figured it’d have more flavor. I am by no means a pixel artist, but here it is anyway, if anyone is interested. Just drag it into your La-Mulana\data\graphics0 folder. Or copy the 00 folder and make your own modded graphic set with this included.

  19. ForOhFor Error says

    Well, I got to hell temple.


  20. Sullivan says

    Additional note:

    After doing some testing and comparing weapons I have come to the conclusion that this seems to be mainly a problem of the Axe. The other weapons still seem to work fine.

    For example both the Axe and the Katana should deal 5 points of damage and the Chain Whip should deal 4 points of damage.

    Attacking Mudmen with the Katana and the Whip both take 2 hits per Mudman to defeat them. The Axe however needs 3 to 4 hits! That can’t be right!

  21. Sullivan says


    I think something is wrong with the Spaulder item!

    After I got this item, enemies that I could defeat in one hit for example with the axe now take me SEVERAL hits to defeat!

    I thought this item was supposed to be an upgrade!! But it doesn’t help me one bit!!

  22. La Mulana is excellent. It is a perfect game. Challenging. Fun. Exploration. Puzzles.
    All changes and new experiences are excellent. New puzzles are fun. Many surprises.
    However, I prefer the sound quality and arrangements of the music in the first La Mulana. So there is a flaw!
    La Mulana is the best game in this genre. Thank you, masters, for this excellent game.
    Naramura-san! Duplex-san! Samieru-san! Thank you!
    -gamer of 22 years

  23. LA-MULANA STAFF says

    Please report the details to Playism.
    Thank you.

  24. Hikaru says

    Can’t get the game to run at all. Running Win7/X64, but it’s a laptop with integrated Intel graphics. I’m guessing it can’t run with that?

    I get no sound when the program boots, and it plays the intro, but then immediately crashes when trying to get into the main game.

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