Online manuals in various languages release

All the members of NIGORO are Japanese. We learned English at school, but we can’t speak it. So, we can’t translate Japanese texts into foreign languages such as Spanish, French, Italian ,and so on. But make yourself easy about it. EnjoyUpGames made manuals are written in various languages. please check this page Though the contents […]

Original version on Wii

The other day we released promotion video for English WiiWare version. We release comparison version between WiiWare and original in a row. This is already released at Youtube as you know. But it is important that Nintendo’s console displays images of original La-Mulana in retro PC style. Added at September 13 2012 This movie is […]

Promotion video for WiiWare

This video was watched by a lot of people when Japanese WiiWare version and PC version was released. Now, we release new one for English WiiWare version. This is the most important video, and will be released at Nintendo Channel. Please watch it on TV, then realize and enjoy that English WiiWare version will actually […]


Happily, we came to be able to release WiiWare version overseas. We lost the publisher, and gave up releasing La-Mulana for a time as you know. And, It is EnjoyUpGame that ran for new publisher. This company has a history of 14 years, and is based in Barcelona, Spain. They released a lot of DSiWare […]

We decided to release WiiWare version in North America and Europe

We decided to release La-Mulana WiiWare version in North America and Europe. The publisher is EnjoyUp Games based in Barcelona, Spain. We will release WiiWare version with their cooperation. Release date is 20 September. The details will be announced later on. We will carry out our promise at last. Thank you.

Update patch

Thank you for enjoying La-Mulana thoroughly. Thanks to you, we dug up serious bugs and updated La-Mulana. Aug 07, 2012 Ver1.1.1.1 bug fixed -Fixed a bug that the game freezes when players try to save their game, if players don’t launch XP mode or administrator mode on Windows7/Vista 64bit ver. -Fixed a bug that records […]

Don’t forget the original sound track.

Since the game is released worldwide, we can extensively promote the LA-MULANA’s original sound track. It’s available on bandcamp. You can also get the liner notes and jacket images on Download page. The sound track is same as PC version’s BGM, but it has some extra tracks that are not in the game. Be sure […]

Do you enjoy exploring?

How is La-Mulana? Do you enjoy exploring? Be sure to tell us your impressions. I want to feel festivity overseas. Now, we summed up FAQ. Q. The game doesn’t work on Windows 7(64bit version). A. We suggest to you that you start La-Mulana as an administrator or XP compatible mode. Q. The game will freeze […]

On Sale

LA-MULANA is released on PLAYISM. When you tweet your impression or progress of La-Mulana, please tweet them with hashtag “#LaMulana“.

Thanks again.

Now, it’s a few hours to go!! Are you ready for an adventure? It’s just before releasing it, we’d like to say a word of thanks to you. Thank you for waiting it for 3 years. We went through a difficult time for delivering LA-MULANA to you guys in overseas. This 3-year period might make […]