Our project is now on Kickstater.

Today, we launched a Kickstarter project of producing LA-MULANA2. We turned the plan into action in this summe […]

Next year

We announced the development of LA-MULANA2 at TOKYO GAME SHOW. But, I’m sorry to have kept you hanging b […]

Please update your drivers

We received some crash reports at particular points. We have already announced on Steam community though, thos […]

The 7th anniversary of LA-MULANA

LA-MULANA’s 7th Anniversary It is seven years today since LA-MULANA original version was released. We ha […]

Version 1.5.5.x released

Sorry to keep you waiting. We updated La-Mulana since the game was released on Steam. Most fixed points are co […]


We, as indie game developers, must take notice of Kickstarter. It is very difficult indeed for Japanese to use […]

Steam community

Steam has communities that the users can chat every games. La-Mulana General Discussion page is here. The user […]

Steam version released

Finally, this day has come. La-Mulana was released on Steam. PLAYISM version was updated because minor bugs we […]

Let me introduce La-Mulana again

For people who knew La-Mulana for the first time, I’m going to introduce the game again in releasing it […]

Future Development Company

Future Development Company has been released at last. How many years has it been since the game was completed? […]