We’re gonna show you LA-MULANA

The world is bustling with news of TGS2010, though. We’d like to get lively by another event.

We are doing LA-MULANA live via USTREAM on 19th from 10PM to 11PM (JST)


We are sorry for foreign people because we speak in Japanese.
But, you can watch the actual LA-MULANA for Wii.


  1. I really liked what I saw!

    One nit-picky little thing though – the transition from the Surface to the Guidance Gate – is it just going to slide into view in the full version, or will it be like the PC version, and wipe out/in?

  2. Zecks says:

    @fydo: GC controller support will be in the game. (IIRC, pretty sure)

    Also man, there’s been no news for like a month now. :/

  3. DaMan says:

    I don’t think I can wait till November! Nicalis, please release a soundtrack soon!

  4. Awesome! I am really excited about playing La-Mulana on my Wii! 🙂

    I have a tiny request: Please include support for the GameCube controller! I own a custom arcade stick that connects via the GameCube port and I would love to use it with La-Mulana.


  5. MaxwellDamage says:

    Are these new translations for the area names what you originally intended? I had grown fond of some of the names from the patch/etcetera, I suppose, and will miss them, but if this is closer to what you had originally meant this makes more sense.

    I suppose I’m trying to cling to the English from the patch or the guide translation which you guys didn’t even have anything to do with, and I understand this is a silly notion.

  6. Kamen Rider Gumo says:

    Everything I hear just gets me more and more pumped. I’ve played the hell out of the PC version (many, many thanks to DeceasedCrab’s Let’s Play for introducing me to it) and have been using my old NES and its classic tough-as-nails games to polish up my platforming skills for this. La-Mulana is probably the greatest action/adventure/platformer I’ve played since Super Metroid and it’s already secured a spot as my #3 favorite game of all time….this is going to rock so much I don’t think my Wii will be able to handle the awesomeness. Keep up the good work, Naramura!

  7. Wow! I really had my doubts about paying for a port of a freeware game, but it looks like a lot of work went into this. If it handles as well as the original, sign me up!

  8. Nightgazer says:

    Wait, did I hear that right? You’re planning to release it in Japan, the US, and Europe all at the same time!? Before the end of the year!? That would be awesome!

  9. JasonPaul:


    I thought I heard something that might be an actual item now… unless that was just an in-joke in the hopes people would notice, you never know. 😛

  10. DaMan says:



  11. JasonPaul says:

    Oh yeah. I want this game more than ever now.

  12. JasonPaul says:

    Anyone else notice the “Treasure That Must Not Be Seen” at 8:01 of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8y5YNlxazw ?

  13. eep, yeah I meant chamber of birth, my bad. ^^;

  14. sorry I missed it (6am PST is a little early for me, LOL) but huge thanks to James for uploading the archive, I was watching it earlier… poor Lemeza. 😛

    Gotta say though, some of those later areas look absolutely *brutal* (Tower of Ruin and Chamber of Extinction in particular)

    Still looks like an amazing game and I’ll be getting this one ASAP!

  15. الدماك says:

    Thank you

  16. dragon7x2k says:

    Everything shown in the stream was amazing, I loved the new visual effects and sounds, the boss battles look more interesting and the new traps are exciting.

    I really apreciate all the work put in the wii version.

  17. Dominic White says:

    The game looks great, and I’ll be buying it as soon as you’re finished on it. My only complaint in all of the livestream was the Buer guardian fight – its legs animate too slowly. It looks weird when it moves, and not in a good way.

    If you can tweak that animation, that’s my only complaint gone. Beyond that, it all looked and sounded great.

    I’m kinda bummed out that the Hell Temple is going to be DLC, but I can also understand the reason – that 40mb limit for Wiiware games is crazy, so if you have to cut something, you might as well cut the super-secret area that only crazy hardcore players will ever want to see anyhow.

  18. WRuddick says:

    I really enjoyed the stream, and it more than exceeded my expectations. Somehow, I seem to get more and more excited every time you guys show more of the finished game. You really are professionals and the work you have put it shows how much you care about this project.

    I started to realize how some of the things in the original game were more “artificial” difficulty than anything while watching the stream. I am talking about the moon/sun/star puzzle in the Giant’s Mausoleum. The original puzzle was more random trial and error than an actual puzzle, so I am glad to see the newer version has forgone guessing games and rerouted the difficulty elsewhere (all enemies/bosses/minibosses).

    I had to laugh a few times. It was quite humorous to see one hit kills from things such as the giant status falling on you or the sun crushing you in the temple of the sun. I also laughed a bit when you went to get the life jewel in the top corner of the ground level and instead it was a trap and the jewel had been moved. Things like that let me know that I’m sure to be surprised and delighted by many things still in the wii version.

    I would also like to say that I believe the best areas you showed were the tower of ruin and the chamber of birth. Near the end of the stream you could tell that you had put quite a bit of work towards those areas, and most of the towards the tower of ruin. It always seemed a lackluster area in the original, but the crushers and everything will definitely spice it up. The chamber of birth just really excited me when I saw the giant swords.. I really am glad that you guys are sticking with the difficulty of the original and perhaps even making the game more difficult.

    Also, the tower of the goddess really has a spaceship feel to it now, so that’s nice. I still will hate to climb that tower and fall down over and over again, but maybe I won’t mind it as much with the improved atmosphere.

    All in all, I really liked everything I saw. And though I can’t recall all of the small changes I noticed right now, there were a lot of them and they all seemed to be for the better. So, great work 🙂

  19. I’m uploading it to YouTube now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8y5YNlxazw

  20. naramura says:

    Thank you for all!
    Sorry, I can’t speak English well.

  21. Lokarin says:

    That was amazing. So many new tricks to shock the regulars and so many nice adjustments for the new players.

    Personally I think it’s an ok idea to leave out the classic sound/graphics since, well, we can still play PC La-Mulana. Always move towards the future!

    Gotta love that new whip crack SFX.

  22. DaMan says:

    I liked, I liked…

  23. That’s 9-10 A.M. EST. It starts in thirty minutes.

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