Download contents add not only Hell’s Sanctuary field but also new play-mode, that is time attack mode.
You can continuously fight against all Room Guarders or all Guardians and do time trials.

After selecting Room Guarders version or Guardians version, you choose equipments for time attack like this.
You can instantly kill weak bosses with full equipments, and you dare to challenge with minimum equipments.


Room Guarders version is based on the work which Japanese user created when original editing tool released.
When you beat the last enemy, this pops up on the screen.

Unfortunately, there is no network ranking system.
This is our first time to enter into Wii market, so I’m afraid we have no available capacity for that.

But, now that the internet is widespread, you can capture your results on your screen and take pride in it on your blog or something.
It shows your setup and clear time, you can proof your time with what you equip.


  1. Update please!

  2. Voldo83 says:

    Release it for PC. Wii is a dead console. All good games and indie games comes to PC. Yes, I have a Wii so it’s fine, but a release date seems to never come. Have you a contract with Nintendo to not release the game to other platforms? If not, contact Steam today and get things done. Thank you.

  3. Joel says:

    Give it time, man. Give it time.

  4. tinman says:

    Well, another month has passed and the game is nowhere to be seen. “Time attack” doesn’t seem to be the motto for the so called “lot check”.

  5. Travis says:

    We need a release date,this is taking too much time.Can`t wait!!!

  6. tinman says:

    Will we (US, EU and AU) be playing La-Mulana in 2011?

  7. All this hype is killing me!

    Though, since you guys explained to us that the majority of the release process is out of your hands and mostly in NOA/NOE/Nicalis’, its understandable.

    Thanks for keeping us excited with the information, though!

  8. Is there any chance that there could be a complete game time attack mode?

  9. Stojan says:

    Please stop buying time and release game already !!!

  10. Anonymous52555 says:

    Reminds me of the Boss Rush Mod. I like it. 🙂 Going to fight every boss with no life jewels and the whip. (If that is even possible.)

  11. I was wondering if you guys knew about the modified versions of the original game that feature *just* the Hell Temple stuff as well as the Boss Rush one… That will definetly be something I’d check out (probably after I finish the main game first, so I know what I’m dealing with…)

  12. Anonymous Poster says:

    Frankly, I never pay much attention to online rankings. I’d say this is a fine addition.

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