The sound started to ring

I’m sure many of you are wondering about it. This is related to the sound that is always moved to the end of a development schedule.

That’s because as long as sound is there, it’s fine. It’s still necessary to make sound adjustments for the Wii, but the songs are slowly getting done.

Quite some time ago, we took a survey about the music and that has helped us immensely.

Still, there is pressure to create and finish popular songs and other less popular songs seem to have a general consensus of, “oh, then just arrange it however we like”.

Look forward to the next promotion movie as more of the other completed songs should be playing.


  1. CaptainPansy says:

    This is really world class stuff. I sincerely hope that this is up for download or purchase as I am thrilled with the quality.

  2. MrUnimport says:

    Hmm. Honestly, Fearless Challenger is lacking the depth and range I would expect. As well, the instrument (a trumpet, maybe?) that plays in the bass range starting at 3:00 in that video doesn’t really seem to fit with the rest of the song. Another thing I noticed was that the melody in Curse of Ocean seems to be a bit lost under the harmony parts.

    But I’m impressed with the music overall. Keep it up, NIGORO!

  3. ravenscourge says:

    Everything just sounds so….. amazing! I can’t wait. My PC has been giving me so many glitches to play the game, so I’ve become avidly awaiting the release! I am familiar with all the music from a youtube “Let’s Play” and can’t wait to really experience it all on my comfy couch. Grand History sounds as amazing as ever and I am REALLY excited to hear Interstice of the Dimension. Please keep up the great work. <3

  4. klabelkholosh says:

    Absolutely excellent on all fronts! Getting pumped for the final game now!

  5. Still don’t understand why the sscc music just can’t be an option to turn on and off in the game :/…. New music is nice and all, but still being able to hear the old stuff when I felt like it (without loading up the original game obviously) would be a big selling point in my opinion

  6. deldisco says:

    Oh god, Wonder of the Wonder better sound insanely creepy if it makes it in…

  7. cbsadiecat says:

    Just got done listening to what you’ve made for the soundtrack so far. Nice to see that the more popular songs are getting in. And the replaced end of ‘Curse of Ocean’ sounds rather neat, too–small, but interesting.
    Keep up the good work!

    Now I’m just hoping that ‘Wonder of the Wonder’ and ‘GIGA-MAGMA’ will also make it in the game…

  8. forte0016 says:

    This is my first time posting here and I gotta say first off that you guys are doing a great job with this “wiimake” and the music sounds great so far. If I did have one complain though in a few of the songs the “backup vocals” sound a little odd and the original melody of the song is kinda drowned out. Not really a big deal but just something I wanted to point out.

    Anyways, been a long time La Mulana fan, keep up the great work guys, can’t wait until this comes out.

  9. Namo says:

    I never thought that the original Grand History (Retro or otherwise) was “moody.” Nothing with a beat and a rhythm that catchy can set an eerie or bad mood. At the time when you first hear that music, the game’s starting to build up momentum, and thus we have a catchy, rhythmic and upbeat song to signify that. I wouldn’t have the current remix of Grand History any other way.

    If you want a moody and depressing version of Grand History, make one yourself and submit it to OCRemix. But don’t forget to totally butcher the original melody and slow down the speed to the point where you can’t recognize the song anymore! Kthxbai.

  10. UltraJMan says:

    I really love every single remix, the instrumentation layers are amazing, and unlike most people in the comments I actually think Grand History is one of the more interesting remixes. It feels more upbeat and makes exploring that area seem like it’ll be more dangerous or interesting this time around. I’m eager to hear the rest of the music, and this is easily one of my most anticipated game releases this year. Good job guys, and keep up the great work!

  11. Kapow says:

    I hope the SSCC music can be included as an option, maybe call it “Retro” music. I’m sure a lot of people would enjoy it.

  12. The music overall reminds me of the Hyper Street Fighter II arrange soundtrack.

    I don’t like the new version of Grand History. The original version was tragic and set the mood perfectly. This new version doesn’t do it for me.

  13. Jon A says:

    Hello again, Nigoro!
    I have been playing games since 1985 and I love many game soundtracks, such as the Megaman, Castlevania, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Metroid, and Ninja Gaiden series to name a few.
    La Mulana has one of the best soundtracks ever.
    Let’s not forget that La Mulana is also one of the most satisfying gameplay experiences in the past 10 years.
    All hail, La Mulana 2 some day! Hail Nigoro!

  14. None says:

    Awesome. Just, AWESOME.

    Man. Mr. Explorer made me want to go out and explore, really!

    I can’t wait to hear something like ‘Interstice of the Dimension’, or, ‘Good Night, Mom’.

  15. I was hardly able to contain myself, wondering what it might sound like.

    It was definitely worth the wait!

  16. Hooray, music. Curse of Ocean, Mr. Explorer, and Fearless Challenger are my favorites. And they were in the original too! This has resolved all my doubts about the new soundtrack.

    Grand History for the most part seems nice, but, as other people said, percussion seems a bit weird. I think that it would be better if you replaced the slappy drums with something bombastic like timpanis and snare drumrolls… or something. I don’t really know. Just sounds a little off right now.

  17. Smallfry says:

    These all sound really great! I agree with what some people are saying about Grand History. I think it’s the “swing” beat that I don’t like so much. The chiptune original version is probably my favorite song from La Mulana too. The rest of the songs sound really good though.

  18. I really enjoy the music in La Mulana. The arranged versions you have here are fantastic. I think it would be neat to be able to switch between the original and the arranged versions.

  19. rlbond86 says:

    Actually I prefer the SSCC music from the PC. These songs just seem too overdone. Fearless explorer sounds too much like rock, Mr. Explorer’s melody uses a weird instrument, and Grand History’s background overshadows its melody. Is there an option to use the SSCC music instead? I liked the simplicity of those songs.

  20. FoolyCooly says:

    Fearless Challenger = I came

  21. Abster says:

    The tone of Mr Explorer is more towards the SC-88 version. I like the slightly higher scale given to it in the SSCC version. Aside from that I do like it.

    Fearless Challenger seems to have a bit more percussion added to it, and is a bit louder than the SSCC version. The SSCC version has a bit more of a relaxed feel to it that I enjoyed.

    King Konda I think could have its scale lowered a tad, like the SSCC version. Much like Mr Explorer I just like the scales of the SSCC versions of these songs more. 😛

    Grand History is fine.

    Curse of IRON PIPE (or Ocean as it seems to be called now) I seem to notice a modified part. Thankfully it doesn’t strive from the original too much in a sense that I can still think of it as being just like the original, if you get what I’m saying here. :p

    Overall I like the direction this is going.

  22. ITA84 says:

    All my fears about converting the music have been put to rest with this video. Thank you!

    So far everything sounds good. I agree with Majutsukai on Grand History, but that’s just my personal preference. I understand that you’re going for the SC88 type of sounds, which suits this remake more (and it’s probably easier to do on Wii), and I know some instruments and effects might not sound right with Wii chiptune. However, some instruments are more subdued in this version, while I prefer the louder ones in the SSCC version.

    In the end, what matters is that the sound is being taken care of really well.

  23. Blechy says:

    Very cool! King Konda’s theme always cracks me up because nobody, even first players, hears it for longer than it takes to murder the boss with 15ish shurikens.

    Grand History, my favorite theme in the game, is neat but to me the percussion is WAY overpowering. Not prevalence, just sheer volume. Especially in the best part, 5:50+. The actual melody is lost in my opinion.

  24. I completely forgot to ask if there would be any way to acquire the soundtrack … but someone already did so I’ll just ask if there’ll be a ‘sound test’ (unlockable or otherwise) somewhere in the game? I don’t recall it being mentioned before so I thought I’d ask…

  25. Namo says:

    Yes! You kept Grand History in! Thank you so much, Nigoro! I love the way it sounds too. It sounds very epic.

    The rest of them are good to, but Grand History’s my favorite.

  26. Majutsukai says:

    I’m especially fond of this version of Mr. Explorer– which wasn’t even really a song that I liked in the original. This version is excellent, though.

    Grand History still sounds a bit too upbeat to me– the original sounded kind of somber, which I liked a lot– but I suppose this isn’t a huge problem. I’m sure there will be many more songs that are great to make up for it, and the song isn’t even really bad when it’s upbeat!

    Will the songs ever be available for download? If not, will an OST be released? I’d hate to never have them available for easy listening.

  27. OMG. :DDDDDD Was totally worth the wait!

    And Curse of Ocean is still in it? I thought you guys were gonna go with the ‘unused’ song for that area…. either way, it all still sounds freaking EPIC.

  28. madamluna says:

    Oh boy! I really enjoyed just about all of this, particularly the new arrangements of King Konda, Curse of Ocean and Song of Curry. I think it’s all pretty good, although I’m glad to hear you’re going to still be adjusting it for the Wii–sometimes the songs sound a bit on the “tinny” side.


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