The release date

Sorry but we did tease you for a long time, the day finally comes.
One promotional video is being released tomorrow.
There is the information that everyone wants to know.

Originally, LA-MULANA was remade in order to release in overseas, so we don’t yet get to even the starting line.
We have experienced a festivity for celebrating WiiWare version’s release in Japan, but overseas people haven’t experienced it.
We kept waiting you for 3 years, so might be not in place to say, but we are going to jump up, too!

Until the release date, we will post an article everyday!


  1. Doriphor says

    Everybody should twitter this o.o I know I did !

  2. Armored Chocobo says


    Also I think DentorHedge gave away his identity, if not the fact he’s a huge DC fan.

  3. Terren says

    This is most excellent.
    setting aside funds to acquire.
    I should have this on the first day of release.

  4. Thank you for the regular updates! I can’t wait!

  5. Anonymous52555 says

    Oh my this is great news.

  6. Travis says

    I hope there will be a Wiiware PAL release date. My Nintendo Points are ready. 😀

  7. Cardia says

    Yeah !

  8. The light at the end of the tunnel is finally starting to get bigger.

    I can’t wait =D

  9. pidgeo5 says

    Oh my gwad! The day that I’ve been waiting for since hearing about the game in 2009 is almost here! I’m so excited!

  10. Now that’s just mean.

  11. HUZZAH!

  12. Shedgehog says

    Yay, Finally we will know when the game is released, you’re even going to post an update every day. I hope that we don’t have to wait that long anymore.

  13. Pedro says

    So… When is it?

  14. anxiously awaiting the video!

    Also congratulations on nearing the end of the three year long journey to get this game finally released in the US!!

    Will definitely be checking this out when it hits!!

  15. Strider says

    Tomorrow we will know… For sure i will not sleep tonight… 😀
    My Hype-O-Meter is on full red!!!

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