The official site renewal

The Japanese official website was already renewed, but The English site wasn’t yet since we had been waiting for the release of WiiWare versions for overseas.

Yes, PC version’s release date is getting close.

La-Mulana for PC enables you to switch languages.
At first, we’re gonna provide English and Japanese language sets.
We implement extension for other languages, so it’s possible to add other language sets if we get them.

Actually, this renewed website has some concealed contents.
We’re gonna reveal them step by step.
We hope you’ll like it.

In the vanguard of those contents, we released the La-Mulana original sound track.
You can buy it on bandcamp at NIGORO’s page.

On this website, you can also download some bonuses from here: liner notes of the sound track (so far Japanese only, but english will be eventually available), jacket images and CD label images for printing that are for the people who enjoy themselves to burn it onto a CD.

For overseas people, the sound track is published before the game is released, but it won’t be long until the game is available.
Don’t miss it!


  1. cylex7 says:

    Thank you for the reply. I was kind of half-joking, seeing as the ripped out page fit with the insanely-hard spirit of the game. I still would love to see it as a download in the future, though, as well as more sheet music from the later levels!

    Also, will the guidebook be released in other languages (English maybe???)?

    Again, thank you for the reply, and I’m not mad, and I actually laughed!

    Take care and I hope that the rerelease comes out soon!

  2. LA-MULANA STAFF says:

    Thank you for buying the guidebook. Those pages are designed to express “ripped out pages”.
    The guidebook is designed to express “walkthrough-book you got secondhand”, so most important pages are ripped out.
    Be sure to see the last dungeon by yourself.
    I appreciate your understanding in this matter.
    And, the guidebook Basic Edition carries the score.
    Please access the following URL.

  3. cylex7 says:

    I downloaded and bought the guidebook, and I love it! My only concern is that there is no sheet music and THE ENTIRE TRUE SHRINE OF MOTHER PAGE IS RIPPED OUT!!! WHY??? I PAID 1000 yen for this!!!

  4. Strider says:

    June is past, July came, and still no release date …
    Please do not let us suffer like this …
    Give us La Mulana Remake!

  5. Armored Chocobo says:

    “you tube (did you do a LP A. Chocobo?)”

    I did a LP of the original La Mulana recently yes.

  6. Cardia says:

    Yeah Doriphor, I’m french too, and also interested to get the french script or to translate the english to it 😉

  7. Doriphor says:

    I’ve been itching to get my hands on this! Awesome news! I’ll translate the script to French if you guys need someone! Keep it up!

  8. Now, those bloggers who show such enthusiasm here, please advertise this! I have practically no skill on the web (facebook locked me out so I cannot spread the word there…) Facebook, you tube (did you do a LP A. Chocobo?), Twitter, have some of your school friends have a shot at the freeware maybe. WE MUST PREPARE FOR THE ADVENT OF LA-MULANA!!

  9. Abster says:

    I wonder who translated the game this time? I don’t think it’s Aeon Genesis, and I know it ain’t Nicalus.

  10. If nothing else, something could be done about the spotty translation for the main page. I have done some proofreading for a few years, not in any professional capacity however. If you are interested, you could contact me via the provided e-mail address. Free of charge of course, since I’m not a professional.

  11. UltraJMan says:

    Such good news! We love you, Nigoro!!!


    I will refrain from being a “Diminutive of Richard” from now on…

  12. T-Mick says:

    It looks like it’s finally coming! It’s been a long wait. Thank God we’ve finally got good news.

    By the way guys, the new site is really cool. I’m looking hard for the “concealed content”.

  13. Strider says:

    Purchased the OST (all three disks), fantastic!!!
    Now, only missing the game itself… 😀

  14. Anonymous52555 says:

    Congrats on getting the game translated.

  15. LA-MULANA STAFF says:

    We somehow manage the English official website and so on,
    but PC version’s La-Mulana is fully tranlated by a professional translation agency.
    Though it took long time and cost us a lot, I am pretty sure the translation is a good one.

  16. paul says:


    Was the translation made by you guys, or did someone else do it (Nicalis)?

  17. The new site certainly looks better than the old one. And an impending release is the most wonderful news to hear.
    Though you should really try to find an English proofreader for the webpage since the grammar and spelling are somewhat bad in many places.

  18. Octagon says:

    I would be really happy to contribute to a German translation, even though I don’t know Japanese, so I would have to work with the English translation instead of the original texts.

    Oh, and I like the redesigned site, even though the old style already was pretty awesome.

  19. Strider says:

    Great news! The new site is very nice, and the soundtrack is awesome, hope to see the game very soon… Can’t wait to play this great remake.

  20. Anonymous52555 says:

    The website looks really nice now

  21. Hau5master says:

    Nice new design guys! Bought the OST as soon as I saw it was up, looks like the release isn’t much farther. Keep on going! If this doesn’t sell well around here, I have no hope left for humanity :] Original was the best adventure platformer ever, remake just makes it even better and the fact that you are still going for it internationally even after all these problems is a testament to the industry. Here’s to a promising release!

  22. ZOMG says:

    Tryed playing that freeware english patched version, but couldnt handle the confusion! This is SURE to be a hit! Keep up the great work! Arigato gozaimasu!

  23. Poiasdope says:

    Can’t wait!

    Best of luck, Nigoro team!

  24. YES



  25. Armored Chocobo says:

    This is ArmoredChocobo.

    I am holding my cat hostage.

    If you do not release PC La Mulana soon, I shall pet this cat really REALLY hard.

    Then I will give it a bath. It hates that.

    Consider your release date carefully, think of the cat….

  26. William Ruddick says:

    Will the PC release be on Steam? This is still all that I really care about… I don’t want it on desura or some other crappy service, let alone just an executable that will get lost in my pc folders over time

  27. I’m really digging the soundtrack, it’s well worth it.

  28. Strider says:

    Release it!!! RELEASE IT!!! 🙂

  29. love the site redesign!

    Also all that soundtrack stuff looks really great, will definitely have to check it out!

    Can’t wait for release!

  30. Cardia says:

    I hope it will be out very very soon ! Can’t wait !

  31. AnuBleed says:


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