The Liner Notes in English

As Japanese, we think we are attempting to expand our business overseas in English.
But, there are lots of texts and contents need to be done. So, we can’t handle all the work.
This is why we have been provided only Japanese Liner Notes for the original sound track.

“Some fantastic voluntary fans would tranlate it if we let it be public!”
We thought we would expect such a natural flow, but we managed it by ourselves.
Now, you can download the English version on the download page.

In fact, most people who bought the original sound track are Japanese.
That’s true. We haven’t yet released the game itself overseas.

We’ll finish debugging it in a few days, then we’ll prepare for selling it.
For a while, we’re gonna post informations one after another.


  1. Strider says:

    Great work, now my “La Mulana” folder is near perfect. Only missing one file… 😀
    So, according to your words, La Mulana will be released by July?

  2. I mean no offense to you, but I strongly suggest hiring an English translation checker for such large amounts of text.

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