The issue of rating

The previous article has got lots of comments more than we expected.
We just wanted to explain the differences of religious beliefs betweenJapan and overseas.

We actually self-regulated to get a desirable rating result at one time.

Because we don’t have enough funds and time to take rating inspection many times.

When the sister dives in to the needles is like this.
I think red is okay, but green is also nice-looking.

Now that we’ve got such zealous comments, we should be ready not to compromise expression.

So, here is the last question about rating.

Which is your liking, left or right one?


  1. ravenscourge says:

    Given the game’s feel, and having so many religiously inspired images throughout, I have to say I would prefer the statue on the right, although the matter is extremely trivial to me. I too, like another stated, find censorship offensive, but I also understand the base of the situation. I look at it as, any child taken to any museum will find statues not only depicting breasts, but also genitalia, which as a poster above me mentioned, is much more offensive here in the USA. I do however find both statues to be elegant and acceptable.

  2. I would find it hilarious if someone was offended by the nude statue. AS several others have noted, the backlash against the varient of the statues would be minimal at worst. Go with what you think is right, though in my personal opinion, keep it true to the original, go with the one on the right.

  3. John Lee says:

    Although I think the covered version is very well done (it doesn’t look out-of-place, like FFVI or similar games which have been altered), I think the version on the right still has the right feel; after all, partially bare statues are socially considered much more authentically ancient than the beclothed one.

  4. FanZ26 says:

    I think the left one looks more elegant in addition to being less controversial. I think the topless version is unnecessary and would distract more than it would add.

  5. Tara Spencington says:

    The statue on the right should stay, it looks better and more accurate to ancient ruins. No young children will be playing this game anyways, it’s more like the Castlevania series, which as someone already mentioned, frequently has nude statues in it now.

    Also, the spikes look better with red blood instead of green. It’s not the 80s/early 90s, they don’t censor things like that anymore 😛 Besides, the red blood is more atmospheric (speaking as a Silent Hill fangirl)

    As most posters have already said, just stay true to the original game you were trying to create, and keep in mind that most of the people who will be buying your game are teens and adults, and not young children.

    If you REALLY want to be safe though, just include like an optional censored “child safe” mode or something, and still keep the full uncensored version for adults and teens.

  6. Jon A says:

    I find censorship offensive.
    Both statues look nice. I prefer the statue on the right. Regardless of which statue you choose to include in the game, I will buy La Mulana.
    Thank you for such a fun and challenging game!

  7. If anyone important tells you to censor, tell them to grow up. Your target audience clearly has.

  8. CurlyBrace says:

    I’m a single mother with a son right now, and while I don’t want my child to see pornography and such, he will sooner or later come across breasts, so why not in a video game? 🙂

  9. TheMaverickk says:

    This is the first time I chime in, I missed the intense debate brought up in the last post.

    I think the picture on the right should be the picture in the game. There are a few reasons for this decision. The first is that if it is the Game Developers (you guys working hard to bring to life this game) honest preference and choice in the art style. I personally am an artist, I create art and see art on a regular basis. Video games to me is an art form, and if a developer/game director has a specific vision of the end product, then they shouldn’t compromise it at the cost of offending someone.

    Mind you if you guys are just trying to be accommodating and understanding of more conservative view points to make the game more accessible to a wider audience, then I also understand that stance. It’s a tough call to make since it is also a game, and well games should be able to be played by all ages.

    In defense of the image shown though, it may be a nude model… but then again it’s a STATUE of a nude model, and not an actual depiction of a nude person. Throughout history there have been many statues just like the one you have created for the ruins of La-Mulana. So having this statue showing it’s full breasts really stands to reflect an ancient time period. People don’t generally consider art and history to be offensive, and no art museum would cover up it’s nude images or statues for fear of damaging the youth. It’s historical, and it’s part of human history. So I don’t see any wrong in it… it’s not as though it’s a character who is nude, or a figure is being violated or insulted or displaying something so graphic and negative.

    I’m a Christian and consider myself to be fairly conservative, but I’m not offended by a pixelated nude statue, and I don’t think people should be offended. Hopefully this helps in your decision, I’d just like to see that those working on La-Mulana make sure to be satisfied with their final product.

  10. Korcas says:

    Thing to consider is, Nigoro. With a game like La Mulana, and the challenges it throws at players with all the puzzles and extremely abstract thinking, there really is no way anyone on the E+ rating scale would be able to beat it anyway.

    The game deserves the T rating, will get a T rating, and should have a T rating. If someone lower than T wants to play it, they likely will either way. After all, ESRB is only a measure of self control, nothing else.

  11. John says:

    Considering Castlevania’s repeated depiction of both bare-breasted statues and statues with male genitals (which is considered much more taboo in the United States) with pretty much no backlash I would say that no censorship of the statue is necessary. You could always make a Duke Nukem style Kidsafe Mode which censors a few things if you want to play it safe, but overall I think that it won’t be necessary.

    I like both of them equally well, though, and don’t think that it would be an obvious censorship. I would only say that I like the one on the right better because it seems more consistent with real-world statues and because it would be more consistent with the original game (which is good).

    Keep up the good work, guys!

  12. Either version of the statue is fine. They both look very good, and neither would look out of place in the game. I am glad that even when you are considering censorship, the changes you would make are subtle and do not detract from the themes and style of the original game.

  13. sfried says:

    The right one! The RIGHT ONE!

    It’s just a statue. It’s just like seeing the statue of David by Michelangelo.

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