The bosses are lining up

There are too many things that need to be made, and we’ve been in a unique transitional state. Finally it looks like the end is near.

For the room guardians, aside from the graphics and adding the sound effects everything is complete.

A few have appeared on trailers in the older version such as Buer and Pazuzu, Anubis, etc., but as well as the other room guardians, they’re stronger than the older version.

Most are also larger in size, and the method of attack has largely changed.
When creating the original version, it was released while many things were still messy because there wasn’t enough time spent.
So, we thoroughly went through those parts and remade it this time around.
The horse-headed and ox-headed demons that appeared in the trailer are good examples.

The work for the room guardian ending means that we are on the creation of the guardians.

At this moment, Amphisbaena, Sakit, Palenque, Baphomet, Tiamat are moving along.
Reinforcement of their strength should not be compared with the room guarder.

In case you’re not sure, La-Mulana for the Wii is easier to control, has a guide and tedious parts have been improved.
Since you can continue, the difficulty of the puzzles have been toned down.
But in exchange, I believe that the bosses that will be roadblocks in the journey will present a greater challenge.

We release some images of the bosses which are under development, so think to yourself, “what kind of attacks will it do?” until the release.


  1. TheMaverickk says:

    I don’t think people need to be too worried about the puzzles being changed… I think he just means that due to the graphical upgrade, and additional little tweaks with ROM’s and everything, the same puzzles may be easier to solve, and less fatal (or at least with a lesser consequence). I mean if you die in a puzzle you just go to the last check point and you’ve learned from your mistake.

    The upgraded graphics also means that extra details may give away a traps and everything. Like a room may have visual cues which hint at treasure or traps and such.

    These small tweaks may mean that the challenge is toned down overall… and that’s simply it. For people have never played the game, this version will likely be more forgiving then the original. For those of us who have already played it, the puzzles and traps are all pretty much known to us… so it wouldn’t matter either way, unless they completely redid every puzzle in the game. So for us veterans tougher more complex boss fights will be our reward for completing.

  2. Jeez, you act like they removed the puzzles altogether. Chill out, man.

  3. JessV says:

    I have to agree, without the intense focus on puzzle solving, La Mulana just wouldn’t be La Mulana.
    I mean.. I’ve -never- played a game that made you feel so intensely that you were actually delving into ruins like this game, the traps, enemies, ancient monsters, the mythological aspects, the stories behind the giants for example… all of it was brilliant, but the puzzles and their unrelenting, yet satisfying difficulty made it -feel- so much… more!

  4. Anonymous52555 says:

    Sakit, Amphisbaena and Shu all look amazing, the others look good too. I’m now more excited about the game then before.

  5. Glenn Magus Harvey says:

    The second boss in the second row totally looks like a small Ridley.

    Not that I mind; I like that.

  6. Canti says:

    I’ve just noticed that this started almost a year ago…
    Guys, remember the hype when we saw that countdown and everyone was like “OH GOD THOSE RUINS”?
    I can’t wait untill it’s out

  7. WRuddick says:

    “When you say “the difficulty of the puzzles have been toned down”, do you mean you changed the puzzles themselves, or do you just mean they’re easier because you can continue?”


    Just wondering… because I think I would be disappointed if the puzzle difficulty was lowered and more emphasis was put on boss fights.

    It just wouldn’t feel like la-mulana anymore 😡

  8. Tiamat was a nightmare in the original. I’ll never be able to sleep once I get this.

  9. Abster says:

    If only I could see Tiamat in the new style :p

  10. Kapow says:

    When you say “the difficulty of the puzzles have been toned down”, do you mean you changed the puzzles themselves, or do you just mean they’re easier because you can continue?

  11. Andy P says:

    Since the puzzles have been sort of “lighten up” can we still expect (Semi-SPOILERS) Hell temple to still have that unbearable feeling to it?

  12. These all look great. I can’t wait to see them in motion!

  13. madamluna says:

    These bosses look incredible! I’m especially impressed by Sakit, Amphisbaena and Shu, but all of them look really good 🙂

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