The achievements

We gathered all your ideas of achievements, then decided the achievements as we thought “We won’t just follow you.”

Personally, I don’t like the system of achievement, because I feel like that developers specify how to play the game.
However, we have to implement them, so we thought we should make achievements that La-Mulana can take advantage of itself.

About Steam version, it is just altered some system suitable for Steam client.
The other versions released from Playism, GOG, etc will be updated, too.
And also, La-mulana’s save data files are compatible with any versions. So, you can load your save data with your configurations on Steam version.

Forgive me that lots of achievements need to play from the beginning, but I hope you enjoy La-Mulana a long time without being stuck to getting them.

So, let’s cut to the chase. The achievements are classified into four kinds.

– Ones you can get when you play the game through(yellow frame)
– Ones are related to characters who appear in ending credits(blue frame)
– Very challenging ones that I dare you(red frame)
– The others are trivial things(white frame)


I show you some achievements as we have got your ideas.

– Seek a higher place.
– A one time challenge.
– Giant’s Rage
– Xelpud’s Pen Pal
– The Run To Ruin
– Curry Addict

I wish you could enjoy finding out the conditions to get all the achievements.


  1. Just checked the achievements – some are already achieved, i guess by your testing:)
    Anyway, i think you should make some of the achievements hidden/secret as their icons spoil the srprise – like there’s an achievment anyone can see with the icon showing the prize of hell temple which can ruin the surprise for some players.

  2. Robson Francisco M. Santos says:

    Nice! The achievements system is good to keep track of what you already “achieved” in the game, so I like it.

    A problem for me is when the names or even the order / quantity of achievements give away how much content or hard things are there to do… Sometimes, just by taking a look at the list of possible achievements for a game on Steam, when there are descriptions, I feel like there is not much to do, or I grasp the idea of the size of the game… That’s not a good thing.

    If the names don’t give away what we are supposed to do, the descriptions are almost empty or nonexistent, and if it’s possible to create achievements that don’t show on the list (like hidden achievements)… Then I don’t see a problem. For example I don’t even know my current progress on this game (bought on Playism) as I don’t even know how many stages there are, how many upgrades and etecetera… but just like a real explorer / arqueologist, It’s too much fun to try and maybe get just a little bit further on each try.

    Anyways… La-Mulana on Steam! Yay!

  3. Nilex says:

    I’m working on first achievement: be patient 10 more days! 🙂

    Very nice idea with the frames, I haven’t seen that idea before on Steam. Love japanese imagination.

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