Steam version is almost completed

It has been two months since La-Mulana passed Steam Greenlight.
We developed Steam version’s La-Mulana and we have come to the point where Steam version is almost completed.
For the last two months, we added the achievements and some features peculiar to Steam.

Putting aside the Steam functions, we might be able to add two more languages other than English when Steam version is on sale.

Those are Spanish and Russian!

2013-03-18_00002 2013-03-18_00003

We will officially support Spanish and Russian version through the cooperation of Playism.

Surely, we are going to distribute them for the versions of Playism, GOG, and so on.

We intend to carry good news in the near future.
Don’t miss it.


  1. Afdal says:

    Please, PLEASE put in keyboard movement key setup with this update, Nigoro! I want to support you guys so badly but that has been a deal breaker for me.

  2. Alenonimo says:

    Have you considered supporting brazilian portuguese? 😛

  3. Poiasdope says:

    Can’t wait for the steam release! 😀

  4. LA-MULANA STAFF says:

    Please be assured. You can choose English from four languages in option screen.

  5. md2501 says:

    Will I still be able to play the game in English if I’m in Russia? This is very important to me.

    Anyway, great news and really looking forward to buying the game on Steam.

  6. Nilex says:

    If I could buy just one more game until the rest of my life La-Mulana would be that game. I would certainly have to use large portion of my remaining being to complete it without internet, but what the hell, at least i get to listen to great music while doing so.
    Very, very cleverly designed, complex. It makes it stand out so much from anything i can remember since my 80’s gaming infancy. Reminds me of chess game between you and the game but without the waiting pauses in between moves. Until half way through when pauses get longer 🙂
    My respects for the developers of this gem. Takes a great mind and courage to make and release this – speaking of both original and remake now, especially in todays times (no need to explain this). I, for one, will reward it with a day one purchase as my modest earning wouldn’t allow for more. If you like any sort of puzzle games, even sudoku on paper, you should too!

    best wishes dev team and good luck

  7. DanySnowyman says:

    Spanish? GREAT! At last, my favourite game in my language. Thanks a lot!

  8. Yay congratulations! Best of luck with the steam launch!

  9. Madrox8 says:

    my excitement level is riseing!

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