First, I want to I apologize for the lack of updates recently.
we have had our heads-down working on La-Mulana, but we’ve been trying to find the exact words to say to our fans.

As you may already know, we’ve been working continuously and non-stop on releasing La-Mulana US/EU versions since this summer.
But the things haven’t work out as we had planned almost six months ago.

We’ve submitted lotcheck three times before we finished the development of the game and, just like for you the fans, it’s a bit frustrating for all of us working on the game that it’s not in your hands this very moment.

There are several reasons why it has taken longer than we initially expected and I really would like to tell you all about it. However, we’re in the business of making great games and want to continue doing so for as long as we can.

We can say that sometimes making games and the elements surrounding them can be a massive pain in the ass because it’s not all just game development.

Anyway, you can probably imagine how we feel

So, La-Mulana is complete. Depending on how quickly things move within the new year then we can look forward to releasing La-Mulana then.

Thank you all for being so patient and supportive of NIGORO and Nicalis as we wrap up La-Mulana and we apologize that we couldn’t release La-Mulana within 2011.

But no matter what, La-Mulana will be released on WiiWare. We don’t want any speculation suggesting otherwise.

With that said, we have some very big news, positive for a large number of fans.

We’ve decided to release La-Mulana outside of just consoles, too.

There has been enough feedback and e-mails from fans suggesting we do so. We’ve started on the new version and I’m thankful to everyone of you.

Because of that we want to show the first two screen shots.

We will update more details on the blog as soon as confirmed, thanks to all of you and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


  1. cylex7 says:

    Thanks for the update. When releasing it on other platforms, please consider us Apple Mac and 3ds users! Hope to play the game soon!

  2. Anonymous52555 says:

    Sweet. I got all this Christmas money and this is definitely something I will spend it on

  3. Rossmallo says:

    YES YES YES FRIGGING YES THANK YOU SO MUCH. A PC release makes it ALL good 8D Thank yooooouuuuu

  4. PC version means no 40mb size limit! PC version means easy Steam release as you’ve got Nicalis as your publisher! PC version means easy updates and patches! PC version means that the Hell Temple can be re-integrated into the game! PC version means you can use all your original, un-scaled art for high resolution adventuring!

    PC version = Win!

  5. YAY! Great news!! i will buy it from wiiware, to make a great ending to a not so good console .

    But be sure that i will purchase it from steam/desura too.

    The only question is , if the downloaded content and the hint books will be also avaliable.

    Thanks , and keep working hard!!

  6. retrofan100 says:

    Please bring it to 3DS

  7. Underwhelmed says:

    a PC version? I have been looking forward to the Wiiware release, but I would be even happier with a PC release. Please make it so.

  8. Parnash says:

    It’s good to hear that you guys have been working on it, despite all the troubles with the lotcheck.

    I hope everything works out well.
    Perhaps this means there will be a Steam version as well? Only time will tell.

  9. Brent says:

    GAH! I just cannot stop thinking about this! Will the game be coming early in the year? I have points on my Wii Shop Channel right now ready to buy this game! I want it so much!

  10. Melchior says:

    Woah, La-Mulana v. 2.0 on PC and Mac! Dreams fulfilled.

  11. Sabin Stargem says:

    Awesome. As an person who prefers to play my games on the PC, the possibility of La-Mulana wandering there is very nice. However, I must still say that I am disappointed, as I wanted to play La-Mulana sooner.

    By the way, about the PC version of La-Mulana+: Be sure to attempt having it placed into the Humble Bundle lineup a couple months after initial sales have tapered off, it is extremely good publicity for independent PC developers – they sold over 400,000 bundles, and received about $2,000,000 onwards for this year’s X-Mas bundle. That is a lot of people who saw Cave Story+. Maybe we can La-Mulana+ for 2012’s X-mas?

  12. Derpiko says:

    Thank you, Nigoro. It’s a shame that you have had to deal with these problems, but you never gave up and you pursued your goal, not just for your sake, but your fans as well. That’s really admirable, especially considering all of the half-ass devs willing to scam and cheat consumers with “finished products” and “great games”. Even if the Wii U comes out, I hope that WiiWare continues on it, so that you will get lots of buys to download your great game. I think you deserve it for your efforts, if nothing more.

    P.S. This has been a real hell temple of its own, hasn’t it?

  13. drohan says:

    HI Team.

    Good news, I presume.

    Btw, we have seen confirmed the game in several blogs pointing to game to be release in Wiiware with date FY2012 Q1 as official Nintendo schedule for Europe… ¿Can you. please, confirm this Q1 informartion?

    In example:

    Happy new year to everyone!

  14. Brent says:

    Cool! Cannot wait to finally play this! Two favors:

    1) Please have 480p support on the Wii!

    2) Please don’t make one version “better” than the other. I’d rather play it on my Wii, but don’t want play an inferior port!

    I have been rummaging around the Wii Shop Channel for days now, looking for something to play. This would fit what I’m looking for really well! Hopefully we get to play it soon!

  15. Congratulations for ending this game, I am very hyped to can play it! 🙂

  16. Pidgeo5 says:

    I know it’s been a frustrating process for you (the developers), so I really appreciate this update (as I’m sure other fans do as well). Just the news that La-Mulana will be coming to other platforms (PC/Steam looks to be a possibility, but PSN? XBLA?) has rekindled my interest in this game 100%!!! In fact, I think this is pretty big and exciting news that’s perfect for a Christmas/New Year’s announcement!

    It sounds like you’re nearing the end. Good luck! Gambate! Thank you for the update! And happy holidays!

  17. thanker says:

    Thank you!!

    and happy new year!

  18. Wow, great news!

    Too bad that the game is not released on Christmas (it is the main game I’m expecting now!), but I want the game so badly that I will but it on the first platform available!

    Do you have any release date or target platforms for the new versions?

  19. BFRO says:


  20. MrZeebub says:

    Thanks for the update, guys! Glad to hear that you are branching out to other platforms.

  21. Lem_Gambino says:

    Wow, I completely forgot about this with Christmas and all. Take your time, I’d gladly wait as long as it takes for the game to come out. I’d also be willing to play it on the PC, too (just…don’t map Jump to the up button again, please XP). If it does go on PC, will it be released via Steam or a similar digital platform (Desura, Origin, etc)?

    That being said, keep up the good work! Looking forward to what else you post!

  22. tinman says:

    Good news, guys! I’m really looking forward to the game and I think you’re doing the right thing with bringing it to more platforms. I kinda regret my last comment here for I should have known better at the time. I’ve had my fair share of things not going the way they’d been planned and various aspects of life being a pain in the ass. I guess I was just in a rather dark mood when I typed that stuff.
    Please accept my sincere apologies. No hard feelings, okay? See you and your game on WiiWare in 2012! All the best to you and the people that are with you!

  23. Abster says:

    Badass. It’s nice to see even Nigoro is getting impatient. Could we suggest Lemeza and other sprites being done in HD to compliment the awesome original resolution that was originally drawn for enemies and environments from your previous post about graphics?

  24. This is starting to slowly turn into Duke Nukem Forever.

  25. Linkyshinks says:

    Please bring it to 3DS where the subtle 3D effect would further enhance the wonderful pixel art.


    A FAN

  26. The Ace Overlord says:

    Wow since its coming to the PC too, I would love to see it coming to Xbox Arcade and Playstation network or maybe PS vita

    so can we expect a release on the february?

  27. MYKSelf says:

    This is… La-Mulana HD version… for PC?!?!?!

    Where I can do the preorder???!!! 😀

  28. Black JK says:

    Finally an update, Thank you for all you hard work.

    since you guys are planning tp release the game on PC, can we see this game coming to the XBLA/PSN too? I know a lot of people will be happy with this decision including me. so you can at least make more money rather then the wii which start to become a dead console with coming of the wii u and also the PC which god knows how many people are gonna pirate such a good game.

    you guys have stated on your previous blog that most of the graphics are originally made by high resolution, and you scaled down the images so it fit the required space as wiiware game. so I don’t see the problem releasing this game on XBLA/PSN.

    So I suggeust you guys release this game on XBLA/PSN so it can also gain the popularity and the support which this game deserve.

    I’m sorry if the demanding was too much, I love this game and I want to see it success and popularity.

  29. Wruddick says:


    I’ll buy it on both obviously, but when it eventually comes out on steam prepare to make a shitload of money compared to wiiware.

  30. Steam?!

  31. AnuBleed says:

    ’bout time!

  32. Awesome news, I hope you release it on Steam!

  33. Whoa, so… PC port? I know a lot of people have been requesting a Steam port of the game to go alongside the version of Cave Story that came out not too long ago, so definetly good news if that’s what this is.

    Also I saw a ‘1st quarter 2012’ release list published by Nintendo recently, and I noticed La-Mulana being the lone Wiiware release, I assume that means the long-awaited US release is near? Fingers crossed for finally getting released in what the mayans called ‘The End Year’ (yeah I totally remember the Endless Corridor puzzle. :P)

    Anyway best of luck, and here’s to an epic 2012!!

  34. Jack says:

    So the enhanced La Mulana is coming to PC as well? Here’s hoping for a Linux version too!

  35. I love you.

  36. Lars Flyger says:

    Hey, don’t feel bad.

    Look on the bright side, this means we have a game to look forward to next year!

  37. Namo says:

    Yes! This is great news! Now I can buy it on a system I actually use on a regular basis.

    Don’t sweat the complainers either; even though you guys have hammered it home about 4 times that the reason for La-Mulana’s lack of a release is out of your hands, they’ll still complain about it. Idiots will be idiots, after all.

    It’s still Christmas in the states, so; Merry Christmas.

  38. Hijongo says:

    I’m more than a little excited about this! 😀

  39. KamenRiderGumo says:

    It’s great news that you’re still working. Now, of course, I’ll be getting the new La-Mulana on the Wii, but the fact that you’re releasing it “outside of just consoles” also intrigues me. Cannot wait to see what you’re cooking up. Because it is La-Mulana, it is more than worth the wait. I shall remain a dedicated fan to the end.

  40. BEST chirstmas gift ever! thank u guys hope you guys get it released soon good luck


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