Regarding the USK rating

Thank you for a lot of comments upon our previous blog.

It seems that, due to the way I have explained about the USK rating matter, I have caused you some misunderstanding. I sincerely apologize for this.

Recently, the EU region has been reviewing their rating systems in attempt to unify their different rating systems. For this reason, USK has been also working on the new rating system and might require it.

La-Mulana has already received their rating, however, it has been a while since then.
As a result, we might have to re-apply La-Mulana in accordance with their new rating system. The matter is that we are not certainly sure at the moment if we could still use the previously-received rating or might have to apply again, which has been causing a delay to us.

I will promise to notify you all as soon as we are confirmed. Thank you for your understanding.

Postscript on August 4, 2011 ——————————————-

We’ve just got the confirmation.
The rating is 12 same as before.

In spite of waiting for such a long time, nothing has been changed in the end!!

At any rate, we are sorry to make you uneasy.
And also we appreciate the people who gave us advice.

All right, the only thing we have to do is lot check!!


  1. King Reggin says:

    Due to these unreasonable delays, I intend to sue you for damages. This should have been released months ago.

  2. Valcris says:

    So basically, US doesn’t have this game yet because of EU? Guess I’ll just stick to the PC version. Just lost a sell when it does release.

  3. Please don’t release this game in the US first. It’s hard enough that we all had to wait, but releasing it one English speaking continent and then the others a few weeks or months later would be a slap in the face for us. Don’t forget you have fans here in Europe and Australia, too.

  4. Billy says:

    agree, just release it in the US already :x.. it’s not like you already haven’t ruined the simultaneous release thing you were going for already by releasing it so much earlier in japan

  5. Anonymous52555 says:


    All You Must Do Is Break Through The Final Confusion.

  6. I can hardly wait any longer, but I know it’s best to make sure these kinds things are in order before release.
    Thank you for putting so much effort into this!

  7. azul120 says:

    Hate to complain, but couldn’t you release it in the US in the meantime, since it’s already been ESRB approved? I understand wanting a simultaneous release between the US and Europe, but that doesn’t seem to be happening at the moment.

  8. brill, ill be getting it as soon as its out! well done xx

  9. Aparicio:

    Yeah, the ESRB has a habit of doing that… D:

  10. KamenRiderGumo says:

    Quite excited to see this so close to release. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack almost non-stop and watching DeceasedCrab’s Let’s Plays of the PC version to tide me over, but I still cannot wait to get my hands on the Wii version after all this time.

  11. Aparicio says:

    Guys, you might wanna talk to the ESRB people…

    In their review of La-Mulana they are spoiling the “grand finale” of Hell Temple…

  12. tinman says:

    Consider me a release day buyer! It will be a great day when La-Mulana pops up on the Wii Shop!

  13. Is this the lot check for Nintendo of Europe?

  14. Thanks for keeping us updated on the goings-on as far as the USK is concerned… Sounds like things finally got resolved, I assume?

    Definetly my game of the year 2011.

    Good luck with what I hope is the last leg of the game’s release!!

  15. Awesome, bring it on!

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