A questionnaire about LA-MULANA music

Nowadays, we work all through the night–everyday. We want to hear from fans of LA-MULANA.
We have a question for you.

This is a question is to decide a certain important item about LA-MULANA for WiiWare.
We will count comments submitted to this post.

So the question is, what is your favorite music? Multiple answers are okay.
But, the only music used in fields, it doesn’t matter which song or field.

Please stay back someone who says β€œElder’s theme is the best!”

We’re taking your feedback very seriously as something specifically for LA-MULANA.
Leave your comments!


  1. Chris M says:

    I have to say, I can’t get enough of Mr. Explorer and Fearless Challenger. I really like them on their own, but they really shine in context with the game and with each other. Both these songs are perfect for their fields and their timing in the game.

    Mr. Explorer plays every time you start the game, and it really revs me up to get exploring. It’s not as fast paced as Death Game from the Dimensional Corridor, but not as contemplative as Wonder of the Wonder or M.U. so I feel like “This is only the beginning.” The song speaks of potential; that as interesting as the surface is, there’s something big waiting for me.

    It goes perfectly with the long version of Fearless Challenger that plays when you first enter the ruins. It opens with this fanfare that’s a mixture of triumph and menace. It screams out “Welcome” and also “Beware”. After that the music picks up, and you meet the two most common enemies, the bat, and the skeleton. It’s almost like you’ve stopped for a moment’s contemplation at the entrance to the ruins, before plunging in whip-first to conquer them.

    The rest of the game has some memorable themes, but none had the same impact on me as those first two songs.

  2. Kliff says:

    I’m practically in love with the whole game – if I had to pick out a favorite, though, mine would be Giant’s Cry, with Inferno close behind, then the long version of Fearless Challenger – the version that plays the very first time you enter the ruins.

  3. Lakister says:

    I really like Mr. Explorer, Fearless Challenger, Inferno, Giant’s Cry and Moon Light Dance. But my favorites are Mr. Explorer and Fearless Challenger.

  4. I’m not really sure why Death Game isn’t an eligible song, but I give it an honourable mention anyway because it’s so good.

    Anyway, my favourite themes would be Mr. Explorer, Fearless Challenger (especially the long version), Curse of IRON PIPE, and Giant’s Cry.

  5. i would say sacred tomb is the best!!

  6. WraithGadra says:

    Out of the music listed above, my favorite tracks would have to be these:
    1. Grand History
    2. Curse of IRON PIPE
    3. Mr. Explorer
    4. Fearless Challenger
    5. Wonder of the Wonder
    6. Sky Tower

  7. Fallen_Reality says:

    I really like Inferno. It had a certain “SWAT Kats” sound to it. (SWAT Kats was an old cartoon with kick-*** theme music.) This song harbors back to it’s Metroid-like design. Inferno is a great choice to play as a theme for this game; it’s memorable, catchy, and full of energy.

    For whatever reason you want our opinions, I hope Inferno makes top grade.

  8. Boon says:

    Definitely Wonder of the Wonder

  9. DamianFoxx says:

    Mr.Explorer is the best song from the game bar none.

  10. Scarpine says:

    I had to go and track down the original soundtrack. I listened to all tracks and out of the choices listed in your questionnaire , here are my Top 6:

    1. Fearless Challenger (this is the best – love this!!!!)
    2. Mr. Explorer
    3. Primitive Dance
    4. Curse of Iron Pipe
    5. Giant’s Cry
    6. Giga Magma

    I hope you can include all the original music and this poll is not to assess what tracks to keep and drop. That would be a shame. If you are close to WiiWare MB file size limit, open a size limit exception with Nintendo to go past 40 MB.

    You should also update your questionnaire to include actual samples of music instead of having people track down the tracks. Would probably get quicker response on this.

  11. Mima says:

    1. Wonder of the Wonder
    2. Mr. Explorer
    4. LA-MULANA
    5. Awaking

  12. Riskbreaker255 says:

    Mr. Explorer, and Fearless Challenger will always be my favorite tracks from the game. They personify La-Mulana, and the game would not be the same without them.

    I have yet to play through all of the original, so I won’t be able to vouch for the entire OST, but I really liked all of the music that I’ve heard. Can’t say I’ve come across one track that seemed like a dud.

  13. Namo Nakamura says:

    Yup, my favorite is Grand History.

  14. Rambopvp says:

    They’re all fantastic, but pushed for an answer (or several), I would have to say:

    Fearless Challenger (Catchy)
    Giant’s Cry (Catchy and epic)
    Mother Will Be Awaken (Epic)

  15. Artemus Harper says:

    My favorite is Mother will be awaken. It has a sense that danger is near without actually being there (unlike death game where the danger already is there). It is the calm before the storm.

  16. FoolyCooly says:

    Duuuum duuuum duuuuuuum duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum…
    Duuuum duuuum duuuuuuum DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM…
    Duuuuum, dududududududuuuum… duuuuuuum…

    Obviously, Fearless Challenger (Long version)

  17. Rixanu says:

    That’s a very tough question. My top five would probably have to be: Moon Light Dance, Sky Tower, Mother Will Be Awaken, Curse of IRON PIPE, and Wonder of the Wonder. For boss themes, I love King Konda, Dangerous Raid, and Last Battle. I also love Dodge; it does a great job of conveying a mysterious air. I love just about all the tracks in the game, except maybe Grand Ritual.

  18. antispin says:

    Hi! I haven’t played the PC game but I loved the music that was playing in the video you have on your homepage. More music like that would be very welcome πŸ˜€

    All the best!

  19. Arnie says:

    My favorite songs are: Curse of the IRON PIPE, Inferno and Mr. Explorer.
    Another non-area song that I enjoy is Giant’s rage.

  20. DigitalMushroom says:

    As with Abster, I had only heard the SSCC versions. After listening to the Arranged Soundtrack, I felt they lost the feelings they gave when they were in their original SSCC forms. I really REALLY hope that this game will offer SSCC or something more in kin to them as the arranged tracks feel very out of place and not of the La Mulana I love so much. In a perfect world, this game would include the SSCC, arranged, and new Wii versions of the songs but if I had to choose for one I’d take the SSCC any day!

  21. pretumos says:

    I love LA-MULANA’s music, especially how each song really fits the area it is played on. It is quite hard to choose some songs over others, but I’ll try!

    My favourite field songs (in this order) are Death Game (I see you did not include this one in the list, but it is a field music, so I included it just in case), Giant’s Cry, Mr. Explorer and Fearless Challenger (I prefer the long version, but the short version is still as good).

    Some other field songs that I also like a lot (in no particular order) are Song of Curry, Primitive Dance, M.U. and Grand History.

  22. So many great songs, but I think I know which ones I like:

    Mr. Explorer
    Fearless Challenger
    Sacred Tomb (damn you catbaaaaaall! :P)

  23. I think I like Wonder of the Wonder the most.

    Does Awaking / True Shrine of the Mother count? I also like that.

  24. Sacred Tomb has got to be my favorite of all time. I can’t stop bobbing my head to it! It’s also very sinister… I’m scared Naramura, hold me.

  25. BackInAction says:

    After reading some more responses, I have something new to add…

    As I mentioned, I enjoy ALL of the music. I know you guys are looking for useful feedback, so I will share my least and most favorite tracks:


    3) Sky Tower – It’s appropriately spooky, and I love the melody. However, the bassline/harmony grates on the nerves after a while.
    2) Primitive Dance – The arranged version is fun, but I dislike the SSCC rendition. My girlfriend made me shut the music off!
    1) Grand Ritual – this one is simply awful compared to the rest.


    3) Grand History – The melody gets stuck in my head – it’s absolutely haunting.
    2) Inferno – I was very impressed by the ‘rock’ sound you were able to accomplish with the SSCC format. Reminded me of SD-Snatcher in some ways.
    1) Fearless Challenger – As soon as I heard this, I fell in love with the game.

  26. Abster says:

    I forgot to mention I only listen to the SSCC versions of these songs. I hope SSCC support or music that sounds similar to the SSCC versions will be in the Wiiware version.

  27. baby jesus says:

    I really like Wonder of the Wonder! I love the way it adds to the Confusion Gate, it’s very erie.!
    I also like Mr. Explorer.

  28. I love Curse of Iron Pipe! The song reminds me so much of Castlevania, and I just love listening to it!

  29. Zink^Zn says:

    I love all the songs in the game, but my two favorites have got to be Wonder of the Wonder, Primitive Dance, and GIGA MAGMA.
    Wonder of the wonder just fit’s so well with the headache inducing dungeon that is confusion gate. The arranged version is especially eerie.
    Giga Magma has that sense of ‘Something bad, even horrible happened here’ and it’s a very catchy tune too.
    Primitive Dance sounds so random and nonsensical, and it fits perfectly to fit the Infinite Corridor misuse of the Laws of Physics. They named this song well.

  30. Majutsukai says:

    I’ve gotten a little further now since I posted earlier, so I have to add a song to my list. I hate to do this, because I know that later I’m going to get even further and find ANOTHER song that I absolutely have to add, but I’m going to post it anyway.

    The theme for the Confusion Gate is a new favorite of mine (though still second to the Giants’ Mausoleum). It’s an incredibly creepy song that adds a lot to the suspense you feel when entering the area for the first time.

    One more thing– Like one of the above posters, I also vastly prefer the SSCC versions of all the songs; if at all possible, the SSCC versions of the game’s music MUST be available in the remake as an option. I believe such an option is available for the WiiWare version of Cave Story, and I think a similar option would work very well for La Mulana.

  31. DigitalMushroom says:

    La Mulana has such a great sound track, I have many favorites! Mr. Explorer and Fearless Challenger having a great sense of exploration, the sorrow of Grand History adding to the Giants’ suffering, Sacred Tomb for its egyptian theme, Curse of IRON PIPE sounding like the courageous struggle against the flow of the water, Primitive Dance also feeling endless in the Endless Corridor, Wonder of the Wonder really fits the field with it being both eerie and mysterious, Moon Light Dance sounding sinister like the field it is in, and Sky Tower sounding futuristic. I really like all the songs but I prefer Grand History, Curse of IRON PIPE, and Wonder of the Wonder. Can’t wait to hear La Mulana’s music anew on the Wii! Keep up the good work guys!

  32. Blechy says:

    Love this idea, it’s really interesting to hear this feedback from others.

    Favorites in order:
    1. Grand History. Perfect! But I hate the arranged version, steel drums were not appropriate.
    2. Fearless Challenger. Especially the version that includes intro, when you first step into the ruins.
    3. Wonder of the Wonder. When I first got to this level, I didn’t have to know its name to already feel like it was a completely surreal dreamy atmosphere, due to the theme and hopping sheep.

    Honorable mentions not on the list
    1. Death Game – This is a great theme, it should be included!
    2. Sabbat – Best boss theme, so wonderful.
    3. Awakening – A great final level theme, really makes you feel like you’re closing in on the end of the game since it’s a spiced up version of the title theme.

    Lastly, I must declare that I hate the Grand Ritual theme. It’s the only song in the entire game that makes me turn off the music, and the Twin Labs are already my least favorite level as it is.

  33. Abster says:

    I love the soundtrack in general, but “Mr. Explorer”, “M.U.”, “Fearless Challenger”, “Giga Magma”, “Mother will be Awakened”, “Wonder of the Wonder”, and “Inferno” stand out to me.

  34. Smallfry says:

    I love the music in La-Mulana!! I often listen to the mp3s and I also sometimes listen with the Jukebox. My favorite tunes:

    Wonder of the Wonder (probably my favorite overall!)
    Grand History (but I don’t like the SC-88 version nearly as much as SSCC)
    Mr. Explorer (classic!!! Perfect for the opening wilderness)

    You don’t have Giant’s Rage or In the Bottom on the list but I want to mention that they’re also my favorites.

  35. Javet says:

    My absolute favorites are Mr. Explorer and Fearless Challenger.
    The Sacred Tomb music is also fantstic. (That’s about how far I’ve gotten. I love the game but I’m horrible at it)

  36. BackInAction says:

    I love them all, but it depends on the arrangement. I prefer SCC-style versions to MIDI when playing the original La-Mulana. That will probably change with the graphical updates.

    I would love to see the original “SSCC” tunes included on Wii!

    If I had to only choose one track, it would be “Fearless Challenger.”

  37. Trylobyte says:

    The Guidance Gate theme (Fearless Challenger), for its catchy, upbeat melody; followed closely by the Giants’ Mausoleum theme (Grand History), for its hauntingly melancholic feeling.

  38. I love the music which can be heard in Dimensional Corridor(“Death Game”), and the one that plays in Graveyard of the Giants(“Giant’s Cry”).

  39. Khrash says:

    I like the theme that plays when you start off in the village. I can’t seem to get it out of my head.

  40. Skellengar says:

    I am a huge fan of Fearless Challenger.

  41. Deceased Crab says:

    My favorite would probably be Aqua Wish. It was very good to listen to almost epic in scope, and I enjoyed it a lot more than Curse of IRON PIPE. I also enjoyed Giant’s Cry a lot. It was very epic, very daunting, and quite adventurous.

    My favorite boss theme is clearly Interstice of the Dimension, followed closely by King Konda.

    Most of the tracks in the game are especially good, including Fearless Adventurer and Mr. Explorer.

  42. Namo Nakamura says:

    I really liked the music when you got to the Giant’s Mausoleum (I don’t know if thats the real name, I just know it had the one giant statue that was bent over.)

    But whenever I think of this game, the surface music starts playing in my head!

  43. chicobo329 says:

    Fearless Challenger and Curse of Iron Pipe are my favorites :^D I also like the Temple of the Sun music. All rather catchy and addictive to listen to!

  44. AbstractedThought says:

    I haven’t finished the game either, but so far my favorites are the themes for Guidance Gate (Fearless Challenger), Confusion Gate (Wonder of the Wonder), and the Temple of Moonlight (Moonlight Dance).

    But all of the songs in the game are excellent. πŸ˜‰

  45. cbsadiecat says:

    I think my favorite song would be the theme for the Confusion Gate. It’s a rather whimsical and eerie tune, and fits the mysterious atmosphere of the Confusion Gate real well.

    I also like the theme for the Tower of Ruin, it sounds pretty cool. Then again, I just think the music in La-Mulana is really cool overall.

  46. madamluna says:

    My favorite songs are Grand History (Mausoleum of the Giants) and Moonlight Dance (Temple of Moonlight), especially the arranged versions!

  47. Majutsukai says:

    Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten very far in the game– only about as far as the Sun Temple, so I haven’t had the chance to hear all the music in its native environment yet. My favorite song so far, though, is the theme for the Giants’ Mausoleum (Grand History); it has just the right combination of dark, foreboding, and just a little bit sad, that sets the atmosphere really well.

    I heard an arranged version of the song once, but it sounded almost… upbeat. Which kind of ruined the feel of the song for me; it needs to sound somber in order to sound right.

  48. Momo says:

    I love the music that plays during the opening sequence. Same with the music on the surface. Also, the music that plays in the first lava place (inferno..something) is very catchy.


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