A questionnaire about LA-MULANA music

Nowadays, we work all through the night–everyday. We want to hear from fans of LA-MULANA.
We have a question for you.

This is a question is to decide a certain important item about LA-MULANA for WiiWare.
We will count comments submitted to this post.

So the question is, what is your favorite music? Multiple answers are okay.
But, the only music used in fields, it doesn’t matter which song or field.

Please stay back someone who says “Elder’s theme is the best!”

We’re taking your feedback very seriously as something specifically for LA-MULANA.
Leave your comments!


  1. Kamen Rider Gumo says:

    Personally, my favorites are “Grand History”, “LA-MULANA” and “Awakening.”

  2. That track is totally brilliant!

  3. moldy_tomato says:

    Here’s them all in the order of how much I like them:

    1. Song of Curry *****
    2. Inferno *****
    3. Giant’s Cry ****
    4. GIGA MAGMA ****
    5. Grand Ritual ****
    6. Primitive Dance ****
    7. Fearless Challenger ****
    8. Sacred Tomb ****
    9. Mr. Explorer ***
    10. Moonlight Dance ***
    11. Curse of Iron Pipe ***
    12. Grand History ***
    13. Sky Tower ***
    14. Wonder of the Wonder **
    15. M.U. **
    16. Mother Will Be Awaken *

  4. Sebby19 says:

    Wonder of the Wonder is my favorite.

  5. K.T. says:

    By far, I must agree: Mr. Explorer and Fearless Challenger are exceptionally good. I’m also a fan of Inferno; it was the first La-Mulana theme I’ve ever heard and I like how it sounds.

  6. Glenn Magus Harvey says:

    My favorite tracks…oh, my. I love this soundtrack so much I don’t even know what to pick!

    Area themes:
    * Grand Ritual, with its strange use of tonality, reflects the “witches’ sabbath” and off-kilter atmosphere of the Twin Labyrinth.
    * Primitive Dance is one of the catchiest themes ever. I hear it and I want to dance. And keep on dancing endlessly.
    * Moonlight Dance is very nice for humming, and has a catchy second half.
    * Wonder of the Wonder is wonderfully creepy and strange, just like the area it is in. The orchestrated version is especially effective at being horrifyingly evil in its sound and depth of creepiness.
    * Curse of IRON PIPE is a VERY nice track, hands down.
    * Sky Tower sounds strange but fits very, very well with the unusually high-tech area that it goes with.
    * Song of Curry also makes me want to dance. To dance the Dance of Life, perhaps?
    * Giant’s Cry is a great track, and it’s also special: Usually, video games include very high-pitched bell-like sounds for their ice-themed areas. However, La-Mulana breaks with that tradition and gives us a heavy, deep, tragic track, perfectly suited for the very tragic story suggested by the area.
    * Death Game: A very intense and driven theme. Perfect for the area. It could only be more perfect if the area itself locked you in until you defeated Tiamat, so you’d be stuck there listening to this very dangerous track in a very dangerous area.

    Boss themes:
    * Interstice of the Dimension (or Dimention): The orchestrated version of this track is just pure awesome.
    * Ancient Machine: I didn’t really pay attention to this track much at first, but I later realized how it worked into itself one of the motifs from the Song of Curry. A fun track indeed.
    * the final battle track: A great remix of several themes into one seamless new whole.

  7. Please try to keep this catchy tune sounds and Melodies !
    Many games nowadays have really boring Music and easy to forget !

    It’s like playing these new games,and after it you can’t even remember the Music ! Thats bad !

    When you think of games like MegaMan (Rockman),the old Castlevanias or Thunderforce they all have this great tunes,that you like to hear again and again.And even after finsihed the game it comes to your mind and you whistle or hum the music.

    Mr. Explorer is such a piece.
    It has a lot of energy and makes you feel like nothing can stop you.
    Even you die or lost a life in the game,the music makes you like and try again and it’s not boring !

    The other Music that was good is Fearless Challenger !

    I like when they sound analog,or like the Music could have been made back then. Please keep a sound that reminds from the old days with synt sounds and tunes . Thanks Nigoro for making this game.

    Mr. Explorer

  8. Bucket says:

    “In the Bottom”, Viy’s music, is my favorite in the game.

    I know I’m late, but whatever.

  9. MacDaddyNook says:

    I think Grand History is my favorite song in the game, but I also really enjoy Mr. Explorer, Fearless Challenger, Curse of Iron Pipe and Grand Ritual as well (I never did unstand the hate for Grand Ritual, it always reminded me of classic 8-bit Castlevania music, which I love).

    I hope there’s another poll for the songs that didn’t get listed, I would love to put in the good word for Interstice of the Dimension.

  10. falsion says:

    Mr. Explorer and Fearless Challenger

  11. Olivier says:

    My favorite songs are :

    1. Sacred Tomb

    2. Curse of Iron Pipe

    3. Grand Ritual

    I really don’t feel representative! However, I should say that all songs are really great and inspiring. They create a perfect atmosphere you don’t find frequently in other games.

  12. Carlos says:

    Moonlight Dance
    Giant’s Cry
    Mother Will Be Awaken

  13. My favorite songs were M.U. and Moonlight Dance. I liked those the most because M.U. was a good fit for its stage, and both songs have a ‘solo’ part near the end that is supurb. Runner-up contestents would be both of the giant songs.

  14. Vagabond Aeon says:

    My favorite field tracks, eh…

    If I had to pick a few favorites, I’d say (in no particular order): Curse of IRON PIPE, Fearless Challenger, Moonlight Dance, Sky Tower, and Giant’s Cry.

    If you’re counting disliked tracks, though… Grand Ritual. Ugh.

    I’m kind of surprised you didn’t include Death Game or Awakening in this list, though… or do they (and Treasure Sealed Off, come to think of it) fall under something else?

  15. True Hitoare says:

    I like a lot of the songs…but mostly just the SSCC versions. The list of songs I like both versions of is a lot shorter…

    Moon Light Dance
    Grand History
    Sacred Tomb

    Songs I just like the SSCC versions of…

    Primitive Dance
    Fearless Challenger
    Curse of IRON PIPE
    Mr. Explorer

  16. Bill says:

    My fave songs in the game are as follows in top five format:

    1. Curse of IRON PIPE
    2. Grand History
    3. Fearless Challenger
    4. Mr. Explorer
    5. Giant’s Cry

  17. Eloyas says:

    For some odd reason my favorite song is giant’s cry. I guess it’s because it really fits the area it’s played in. But I must say that nearly all the songs are awesome. In fact I added Mr. Explorer, Fealess challenger, Grand history, Giant’s cry, Inferno , Grand ritual (even after getting sick of hearring it while getting lost in the twin labyrinth) and M.U to my list of the greatest video game songs ever. My only regret is that I couldn’t listen to some songs ingame because of a bug (Death game anyone?).

  18. Lashe says:

    It’s so hard to choose! I guess my favorites would be Grand History, Mr. Explorer, Giant’s Cry, and Grand Ritual, in that order. I absolutely loved almost all of them but those three stood out to me, personally.

  19. Miklosher says:

    Inferno, Moon Light Dance and Mr.Explorer are the best

  20. I…. just…. I… how….

    AAAAAAAHH how can I choose!?

    In fact, it is easier to pick the one I do not like, which is Grand Ritual. That piece is much too high pitched and grating.

    Aside from that piece, they are all breathtaking works. Everything from the adventurous vigor of Mr. Explorer, to the epic tale told by Grand History, to the catchy Song of Curry, to the creepy Wonder of Wonder, to the eerie and humbling M.U., to the technological GIGA MAGMA, to the upbeat and goosebump inducing Curse of IRON PIPE… I simply cannot choose one of them as my favorite!

  21. Zecks says:

    I also happen to like Grand Ritual very much.

    One man’s trash is another’s treasure, like they say.

  22. Arcadion says:

    Quite easily, besides the two everyone else is naming, mine is Wonder of the Wonder. That absolutely embodied that area to me, and I can call it to memory with no effort whatsoever.

    Grand Ritual also needs to stay, because the music itself seems to reflect the odd connection between the two areas, and the synth for the lead melody line sounds just slightly off-kilter with itself, lending to the ‘very alike but not exact’ nature of the areas.

    Primative Dance is just really catchy, and other than feeling somewhat self-referential like the area, it’s otherwise not as remarkable as the first two (or Mr. Explorer or Fearless Challenger.)

    As a composer, I wish I would’ve gotten the chance to create something so fitting for that kind of world. It really impresses me.

  23. DalaranJ says:

    I’m clearly in the minority, but I always liked Moonlight Dance.

  24. Zecks says:

    What are you guys talking about Grand History is clearly the best one.

  25. Pooplos says:

    Fearless Challenger, without a doubt.

  26. Nicholas says:

    I really liked the puzzling sounds of grand ritual, though if everyone hates that, my second favorite is grand history. My bro likes Inferno the best.

  27. Sergio says:

    No problem, MrUnimport!

  28. Xarlaxas says:

    Definitely Mr. Explorer and Fearless Challenger.

  29. MrUnimport says:

    Thank you for the link, Sergio. I would never have noticed the tune myself.

  30. None says:

    I’d say Mr. Explorer.

  31. Majutsukai says:

    The two most popular songs seem to be Mr. Explorer and Fearless Challenger; however, for some reason, I actually like the arranged versions of those songs better than the originals. Those are the only songs where I prefer the arranged version; usually it’s the other way around.

  32. Abster says:

    I also wonder what part of “Curse of IRON PIPE” was modeled after another song. Perhaps this could be a way for “Aqua Wish” to find its way in?

  33. SeaThief says:

    Curse of IRON PIPE was one of my favorites. What game was part of the song taken from? It reminds me somewhat of the song Ouka Gen’ei from Super Robot Wars, but I don’t know if that is correct.

    Anyway, my favorites from the list are Curse of IRON PIPE, Giant’s Cry, and Song of Curry. Although, my number one favorite is Awaking, even though you don’t have it listed. 🙂

  34. tramps says:

    Fearless Challenger and Mr. Explorer.

  35. Sergio says:

    I decided to track down the source tune of “Curse of IRON PIPE”!

    It’s from a game called Ashguine 2 (although the tune also appears in Ashguine 3, slightly altered… couldn’t find it in Ashguine 1).

    Have a listen here:

  36. MrUnimport says:

    I have to agree with a lot of people here. Mr. Explorer and Fearless Challenger are the most memorable songs in the game. Each of the other songs are very good, though. There aren’t really any songs I really dislike. GIGA-MAGMA and Grand Ritual are the the only music tracks I think are not as good as the others.

    I had no idea Curse of IRON PIPE had a part of the music of another game. Is it the sort of thing Japanese players might be more likely to recognize, or am I simply too young to remember the game?

    I’m very curious to see how the results of this questionnaire will show up in the game! I understand I’m going to have to be patient, though…

  37. Sergio says:

    What game tune is “Curse of IRON PIPE” based on?

  38. PunchJunkie says:

    I have a lot of favorite songs. Among them are Mr. Explorer, Fearless Challenger, Grand History, Moon Light Dance, Primitive Dance, Curse of IRON PIPE, DODGE, Inferno, Wonder of the Wonder, and Treasure Sealed Off. My absolute favorite would have to be either Curse of IRON PIPE or Grand History.

  39. Naramura says:

    We wish to express our gratitude to the answer to the questionnaire.

    This result is reflected in the game without fail, and give the comment to us more, please.

    “Curse of IRON PIPE” seems to be popular, but this tune misappropriates a part of the music of a certain game.

    A part of the tune will be changed in the Wii version.


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