Possibility for the Future

Possibility for the Future

Although we’ve answered various questions on this blog, I think we should answer the questions from TGS interview which a lot of people asked. That question is, “Why is it WiiWare?”

The answer is simple, because we accepted the offer to work with Nicalis.

I think we’ve received this question means that some people may want see the game on Xbox 360 or want a European version.

There is a possibility of releasing LA-MULANA elsewhere in the future.
With the release of LA-MULANA we’re actively participating in the console portion of the game industry.
It may be necessary to continue efforts for the sales of LA-MULANA for a year in order to release another game.

That means we have to do our best with LA-Mulana for now.
Therefore, there is a chance that we may also release the game in Japan,
Europe and maybe an XBox360 edition someday.

Of course we can’t say anything for sure yet. We wouldn’t want to tell anyone to wait, including Xbox 360 owners.
We feel a little bad if there are Xbox owners who are planning to buy a Wii just for LA-MULANA.
However, we aren’t certain about specific hardware support and we want to answer those who have asked about LA-MULANA.

If LA-MULANA were to appear on the Xbox someday, it’d be a new LA-MULANA which we’d redo specifically for that console.
BUT–we don’t know if that will ever happen.
So, players have to either choose playing it on WiiWare soon or waiting for an Xbox version that may or may not happen.
The choice is yours so please do it.

We’ll continue to try our best.


  1. Namo says:



    I agree, it is rather shocking to hear that there’s no release for Japan, especially seeing as how this game was developed in Japan for Japanese gamers.

    Was a fan-translation really enough to get this game THIS popular? Well, I suppose, since the same went for Cave Story.

  2. Kapow says:

    It sounds like only the US release is a sure thing at this time, but they’re going to try to get it released in other markets as well.

  3. Forzatoadv says:

    @Gemini Saint

    Star Tropics

  4. Majutsukai says:

    That seems unlikely… why would there be a Japanese side to this site (http://la-mulana.com/jp/) if the Japanese release wasn’t a sure thing? I’m pretty sure a Japanese release IS planned.

  5. Wait, so this game is being developed specifically for the USA? There is a chance this game might not come out in Japan, the country it’s being developed in? Whoa, that’s… kind of shocking, actually.

  6. LA-MULANA STAFF says:

    Thank you for a valuable proposal.
    We did not know, The sale of WiiWare in Australia.
    To examine it, we should collect a lot of information.

    Thank you!

    LA-MULANA Staff
    Shoji Nakamura

  7. Sergio says:

    Geh. I’m in New Zealand (which for the purposes of WiiWare releases basically counts as Australia) so I really hope I get to see this game.

  8. Abster says:

    Basically, it seems like they’ll need additional staff or some method of being able to communicate with the European market if they hope to release this at all in Europe.

  9. LA-MULANA STAFF says:

    Thank you for worrying.
    We seem to be giving a false impression because we are not good at English.
    We are sorry.

    To release a Japanese version and the EU version, we are acting.
    However, we are very small companies. The staff doesn’t suffice for us.

    Please understand.
    To answer your expectations, we are doing our best.
    Please assist in us in the future.

    LA-MULANA Staff
    Shoji Nakamura

  10. Socob says:

    @ Mima: Seconded.

    I thought a European release was naturally going to be done, but after reading this, it doesn’t look like that anymore. Just making sure I’ve understood this correctly: they’re only planning to release it in the USA? I wouldn’t like that at all.

  11. Mima says:

    As someone in England, I’m now worried that there’s no plans to release it here in Europe. The fact there’s only “a chance” suggests that it may well not happen and that there’ll be a long waiting time. Not happy about this at all.

  12. I know some of my friends were skeptical when they heard how excited this game made me, and wished there were a demo of some sort on Wiiware… at least now if the game winds up on PS3/360 then they’ll get their taste.

    And these same people absolutely love Dracula X: Nocturne in the Moonlight (Castlevania: SOTN in the US) and Super Metroid, so a game like this would be right up their alley.

    Still excited for future updates!!

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