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A while back we conducted a survey on the music for La-Mulana. We’d like to announce the results.

The most popular were the Surface, Guidance Gate, Giant Mausoleum and Sky Water Source.

I’m sure there are good and bad songs, but we understand that the songs in the early stages of the game make lasting impressions to the players. We have received pressure that these popular songs should be arranged in a way for the Wii as to not ruin the atmosphere of the original version. On the other hand, we’ll do what we like for the not so popular songs.

There is a purpose for this survey.

The top three popular songs (Curse of IRON PIPE is impossible) will be hidden within the game of the original version’s sounds. Of course it’s still being created, but it could be possibly cut due to lack of a main point…


  1. Aegeus says:

    I’m not a big fan of the intro to Inferno. I liked the original’s quick, dramatic start-up, and the smooth segue into the main melody.

    Wonder of the Wonder is a little heavy on the drumbeats for a stage that involved wandering aimlessly searching for secrets. It sounds nice, but there’s a completely different feel.

    The rest sounds cool (not much change from the original, anyway).

  2. Indy1988 says:

    Looks like somebody knew about our bad box art for the USA Mega Man. 😛

  3. FellaDudeMan says:

    The remixes sound interesting so far. I like the touches of atmosphere that these more complicated sound samples can bring. There’s still something I miss about the old chiptune style though. Chiptunes are just so delightfully in your face!

    Speaking of in your face, it’d be awesome to hear a new version of “Take Me to the Sky, My Children” in the actual game. That’s probably my 2nd or 3rd favorite song in the soundtrack!

  4. Nightgazer says:

    Moonlight Dance is my favorite remix by far. Can’t wait o hear the others!

  5. Why is M.U. so low!! Its my favorite song of the original! I cant put my finger on why, but it just strikes a chord for me…

  6. GamerCoon says:

    Inferno was my absolute favorite in the original. This version is pretty good too. The pause before the main melody starts is well timed 🙂 I do however think that the background baseline is a little too muted, and especially at the beginning only the last note of each phrase is audible. In my opinion, that instrument deserves more emphasis, but it still sounds great!

  7. @namo:

    That’s what I thought at first, but I read this part of the article:

    The top three popular songs (Curse of IRON PIPE is impossible) will be hidden within the game of the original version’s sounds. Of course it’s still being created, but it could be possibly cut due to lack of a main point…

    And it may just be a poor translation, or they mean something else entirely by that… and even then there’s a chance they might not be added due to space/time restraints.

  8. JasonPaul says:

    1,000 points to whoever drew the Mega Man boxart reference, and another 1,000 points to whoever came up with the idea.

    And the music is amazing. And that scream in front of Wonder of the Wonder is awesome.

  9. WRuddick says:

    If that is how you are treating the songs being redone, then I believe you have permission from everyone to do whatever you wish to any of the songs.

    In other words, they all sound wonderful so far and I don’t really think there are any worries about “new music” or “old music” because everything you have done seems great.

  10. Ellpoyohlokoh says:

    Bwahahaha the last image is based on the cover to the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis game Michael Jackson Moonwalker!

  11. Jon A says:

    B-but… GIGA-MAGMA and Sky Tower are my favorites… don’t hurt them! Be gentle.

  12. MGassailant says:

    Anyone else notice the Castlevania artwork for the sacred tomb song part. lol

  13. @madamluna:

    with lemeza wearing ‘the treasure’ of course? XD sure why not 😛

  14. Nigoro already said they were not going to support the old graphics and music. Partially for size limitations, partially for lack of a wider mainstream appeal.

    Curse of Iron-Pipe has blatant over-similarities with a certain copyrighted music track from a Konami MSX2 game.

  15. Jefferson says:

    I cracked up when I saw Lemeza in the Mega Man box art pose when Inferno came up. Nice job with the music btw.

  16. Ross L says:

    Some of these songs I like, and some I don’t.

    Sacred Tomb sounds too hardcore, especially for an area that is not so dangerous, but has a difficult puzzle. Wonder of the Wonder sounds OK, but sounds like too much synth for confusion gate, I liked the old song because it’s more “quiet”.

    Inferno is really good, and sounds like a dangerous lava area. And Primitive Dance sounds very fitting for the infinite corridor. Moon Light Dance sounds better than the original, I think.

    I still would like the option to have the old music.

  17. Sergio says:

    Sip: Curse of IRON PIPE is based heavily on another song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flspAofUIIQ

    Andy P: It’s probably not happening I’m afraid. I do wish the MSX music was included almost in full (except Curse of IRON PIPE) as an alternate soundtrack because I love it so much…

  18. Socob says:

    I actually really like the new version of “Primitive Dance” even though I didn’t care for the original all that much.
    I like how you made almost entirely new songs with these new versions and didn’t just copy the old ones with minor changes.

    Also, @Andy P:
    I don’t think you’ll be able to change the music/graphics back and forth in this game. Unlike Cave Story, there will be some big changes.

  19. Andy P says:

    Like with Cave story, your probably going to have options to revert the music and the graphics back to the original msx look-a-like. The mixes are good.

  20. DigitalMushroom says:

    These songs are AMAZING! They really do capture the spirit of the originals! Can’t wait to get my hands on this game!

  21. I’m not sure I understand why Curse of IRON PIPE is impossible, is it just due to space limitations?

  22. OH MY GOD ‘Sacred tomb’ 😀

    The others were all great too, but I’m not as big a fan of them personally… ^^; (but moonlight dance is pretty awesome as well)

    And is it true there might be the original versions of the top three unlockable in the game? (Curse of IRON PIPE excluded, for obvious reasons)

  23. madamluna says:

    That video is a thing of beauty. Clearly we need a parody of Cho Aniki at some point.

    I’m liking the new music! I miss the heartbeat sounds in Wonder of the Wonder, but other than that it all sounds pretty good. I actually like this version of Inferno more than the original PC version.

  24. gabrielk310 says:

    why not do what cavestory did with the music i mean to let the player choose between the classic music or the remade one

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