Normal enemy is done!

It took a while. How many were there? We are only three, though.

That means there are several things such as graphics adjustments, but all the program for normal enemy is done.
Thanks to the lengthy development schedule for the original La-Mulana, it became a game with unnecessary and unwieldy volume. There were loads of small characters. However, there was not enough time or ideas, so they would be enemies that just walk around, or there were several meaningless enemies that wouldn’t even bother you.

The basis for the new La-Mulana is the same as the original version, but with the added fixes. The changes made to attacks and movement, large-scale changes, the game has become a version upgrade from the retro game-like movement and display to a new environments.

Well then, let’s take this opportunity to introduce a few of them.

First is the Kodama Mouse. The attack has not changed, but the movement is aggressive.

Everyone’s favorite cat ball, Cat Sith, who falls off his ball.
He looks cute when tripping and the ball goes flying, but it’s not advised to get too close to him. That can be dangerous.

The hippopotamus was unimpressive in the original version. When seizing professors in water, it swims at high speeds and hits with its body.

Others would be naga that holds unlimited spears, the sakusi who is able to evade the professor’s attacks, lizardmen who holds attack patterns impossible for normal enemy characters, etc. I believe people who have played the original version can once again play La-Mulana with a new feeling. Or rather, maybe they would enjoy it from seeing the differences of what they knew.

Well then, the creation of the mountain high load of RoomGuarders and Guardians will begin.


  1. JasonPaul says:

    @Phil Engel – I’m pretty sure it’s just that the game runs on a different frame rate than the video. You sometimes see this happen in let’s plays of SNES games.

  2. Phil Engel says:

    i have one question. Why does he disappear when he gets hurt? I really dont like that you made that happen.

  3. JasonPaul says:

    Excellent work. It’s awesome to see the progress you’ve made, especially comparing Buer and Algol to their earlier forms.

    And I can’t hate Catball anymore after seeing him fall off his ball.

  4. Robson Santos says:

    Gosh, this redux looks incredible! The movement and jump physics of the character seem to have been improved a LOT (they seem as fluid as Cave Story’s now), and the graphical improvements are amazing – I really love to stare at all the different sprites and animations in 2D / pixelart / metroidvania games… It’s really nice to see beautiful little movements…

    But, please – don’t distract us too much with effects when almost everything is trying to kill us (… Hell Temple.)!

    The original music was absolutely PERFECT, I really hope that it will be possible to play with the old music, and that the new music will not be much different from the original…

    Heck: It would be nice even to play with the old graphics, if the upgraded jump and movement physics get into the final game!

    Good job, and thank you for creating one of the most beautiful works of art the videogame industry will EVER touch.

  5. Mochaalatte says:

    Wow, the game is looking great so far! The graphics are so crisp..and the animations so clear! I believe I am in love. Anyways, the bosses look kind of like puppets right now, which I personally find really cool. I’m really looking forward to the release; whenever it may be!

  6. MrUnimport says:

    I’m very impressed with what’s been completed so far. Especially, I like your decision to make an animation for when a puzzle is solved. However, I think having the wall just slide down to reveal the things behind it is a bit boring. Perhaps you could add effects representing dust clouds, or maybe have the section of wall break off in multiple pieces?

    As well, the treasure boxes don’t look like they belong in the ruins. They’re too brightly-coloured. I personally prefer the older ones.

    Keep up the good work! I’m sure this is going to be an excellent game.

  7. LA-MULANA STAFF says:

    Thank you for the many comment!!
    We have not made music yet.
    The music of an original version is used for the latest animation that we up-loaded to youtube.
    Please do not misunderstand it.
    The production of the music of the Wii version is still a previous schedule.

    We report again when completing.
    I know it’s worth waiting!!

    LA-MULANA Staff
    Shoji Nakamura.

  8. Valkyrie_Ace says:

    The noise emanating from Bill’s Face defies all reason. First, he makes the ludicrous assertion that the least important part of any game is the graphics. Correct me if I’m wrong, but we are talking about VIDEO games, right? Not board games, or card games, but VIDEO games? I’m fairly certain that the graphics are the most essential part, chief. Sure the gameplay is important too, but that’s irrelevant, because engaging gameplay is important for any type of game, video or otherwise.

    Then he goes on to plead with the developers to focus their efforts on the soundtrack instead, because surely the music is the most important part of any VIDEO game, everyone should acknowledge that. I have a suggestion for Bill’s Face: Go jam with your garage band and leave the gameplaying to those of us who have a clue. Peace out.

  9. anonymous says:

    Cat-ball (2.0) is SO cute! The little added behaviors to the enemies are a nice touch so far!

  10. Brent says:

    Is it just me or when Lemenza is hit he disappears entirely?
    Is it a glitch or some other thing?

  11. I’ve no complaint about the graphics. They’re looking finely polished, and I can understand why you wouldn’t stick with MSX graphics, since not everybody’s so keen on the whole retro look.

    As for the music, this sounds like the same stuff from the MIDI versions in the original game, and while the tracks where were good for their format, an update is certainly in order. Also, I’d have avoided that particular song (in favor of Giant’s Cry) but that’s just me.

  12. azul120 says:

    I’m not sure if a radial motion looks natural for whipping. That’s pretty much the only thing.

    How long do you suspect the approval process to take? That aside, it’ll be subject to Nintendo’s scheduling whims, just as Cave Story has been.

  13. Namo says:

    Gotta admit, when only 3 people are working on a game and its gotten so much progress done in the time it has, that’s really impressive. I know if I got two of my friends together and we tried to make a game this big, it’d end up taking twice or even three times the amount of time it’s taken these guys.

    Bill’s face needs to be shut, and needs to think before it opens again.

  14. Majutsukai:

    Yeah I was leery about commenting on the music cause AFAIK we haven’t heard any of the new music yet. 🙁 I do hope we get at least a little taste of it before the game’s eventual release.

    And I’m pretty sure it’s taking longer because it’s just the three of them working on it, but what do I know? ^^;

  15. Majutsukai says:

    Everyone’s a critic…

    The graphics aren’t “delaying the game”. The graphics REQUIRE an update. I hope you didn’t expect MSX graphics or something, because that’s just not realistic.

    And this update wasn’t about graphics, at any rate– it was about programming enemy behavior. I don’t suppose you would assert that THAT is an unnecessary “delay”, would you?

    And that track? It’s from the Arranged soundtrack, not from the WiiWare version of the game. They’re still working on the music.

  16. Socob says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with the music. It sounds very close to the original and feels as (positively) insane as ever while adding some new twists.

  17. Melchior says:

    This is amazing. Every time I see the whip I expect a 2-4 frame animation. I really hope that hell temple will look as good as this. Keep up the stellar work.

  18. Nabe says:

    Absolutely gorgeous. Everything looks so fluid, and I am so happy to see my favorite game all grown up.

    I’ll be purchasing this the second I see it on sale, no question. Good job, Nigoro.

  19. FoolyCooly says:

    @Bill’s Face: It sounds great as it is, that track is supposed to be freakishly and slightly out of tone, anyways is not as bad as you say, it gives the right feeling to the player

  20. Underwhelmed says:

    Wow, looks great, sounds great, I am looking forward to this game more than anything else I can think of this year. It would be great if the game came out today, but as a huge fan of the original, I patiently look forward to this re-imagining of what is a modern classic.

  21. And I’m sure people would be complaining about Derek Yu’s port of Spleunky to XBLA for the same reason, right? Because you know, it should just be a matter of seconds, right, to import Spleunky from the PC version to the XBLA version, right? I mean, sheesh, his website hasn’t even been updated since Christmas! I’m sure if I go on his forums I’d see a bunch of people complaining just like… oh wait nope. They don’t seem to mind at all.

    Not to mention that the graphical updates are hardly what the reason is behind holding the game up entirely. Have you even bothered to follow the production of La-Mulana? I mean, your argument would hold much more water if you didn’t make a caricature of their development schedule and then decide to belittle your version of a strawman in the first place.

    What you also fail to understand is that graphics do make a very important part of the game. I’m sure you’ve heard of two words, being aesthetics and polish. They’re very important in a game and if you ignore them, they can break a game in its entirety.

    If you’re going to weep for the future over this, I think you have your priorities backward. Why don’t you go donate money to Haiti or something? That’s something worth weeping over. Or did you already forget about them because you’re whining about La-Mulana?


  22. Bill's Face says:

    It really saddens me to see that this is the type of stuff holding up the game from coming out already… I’m pretty sure that graphical updates don’t matter AT ALL to anyone who enjoyed the original :/…

    I am sure it’s an “omg we finally get to accomplish our original vision” type of thing… but when the least important part of any game (graphics) are what holds up development and makes things take so long.. I weep for the future.

    You should be much more worried about the music, that version of that track sounds messed up and even out of tune. Please please pleeeease don’t **** up the music

  23. MisterBishop says:

    Looking good! Can’t wait to see it on my Wii!

  24. oh man I lost it at the end when the giant (It’s been so long I don’t remember who he is :P) fell over…

  25. Namo says:

    Excellent work, you guys! This is a major milestone you know.

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