New trailer

We uploaded  the movie of test play 4  the other day.
But there are many poeple who say “not enough”.
So, we’ve got one more movie.

Enjoy it!


  1. Zeta says:

    April fools joke? I think not!

    I love how you guys hid some truth for La-Mulana 2 in with all of those jokes 😉

  2. “Up UP Down Down Left Right Left Right B A, what does that mean?”

  3. Anonymous says:

    Is anyone else hoping Lemeza’s half-American daughter makes it into the game just for hilarity’s sake?

  4. Carrie says:

    My my my, Lemeza. That female explorer is calling you “Papa” … seems the archeology genes still run strongly on into the fourth generation, eh? Hahaha. A most amusing video, though I have to admit that I’m both relieved and a bit disappointed that the image shown in the before-the-cut image wasn’t displayed somewhere.

  5. Eye am the i says:

    Man, that would be torture!

    I usually have to snag the flaregun to get the ice-cape anyway, cuz’ those skeletons are brutal! Thank god for the heatproof case!

  6. FirePhoenix says:

    Anyone notice the Ice Cape’s new location? Either it’s a joke or they could be moving around item locations.

  7. Abster says:

    Tiamat needs to go back to her sexy look rather than what is here, ugh.

  8. The multiplayer gag is such a shocker, that I didn’t notice the pot magically reappearing.

  9. Eye Am the I says:

    I have never laughed as hard with La Mulana as I just did, and I’ve had my fair share of laughs.

  10. weawer says:

    did noone notice that at about 0.59 there was original graphics soooo this is pretty much an april fools joke atleast most of it

  11. Coyote Sans says:

    I bow to your cleverness, Naramura! This is one of the better April Fools pranks I’ve seen this year just because it has just a hint of the ridiculous mixed in with the completely plausible.

    I honestly wouldn’t mind that female explorer being a real character, though. Heh.

  12. sfried says:

    “Konambi” code?

  13. Namo says:

    Yeah, now that I look at the video again and think about the message at the end, its definitely a joke, not to mention they already said they wouldn’t allow classic graphics.

    But shoot, how cool would a massively multiplayer ruin exploration game be!?

    Well played, Nigoro. Well played.

  14. Mad Surge says:

    Lemeza playing Rose and Cammelia is hilarious. If possible, make it happen!
    Happy April 1st to you as well, Nigoro!

  15. Eye Am the I says:

    Wait, did Xelpud just help out?
    I mean, obviously some parts are real (And I really wish this was too) but that seems too good to be true.

    It’s a tough call, considering how awesome it already is.

  16. Yeah, confusing translation, but at the end of the movie it says that it’s “full of lies.” So there you go.

  17. Sebby19 says:

    Why has no one mentioned the original graphics in the grail point room of the Guidance Gate?

  18. Looks fun! I like how he gets zapped on the butt.

  19. Eternalis says:

    Surely not all of it is a joke. I mean, seriously, that would be a LOT of effort to put into something just to pull a joke on people. The Rockman-style death at the beginning I can see being fake, though there could be a software combination for it. The “multiplayer” doesn’t APPEAR to be fake, but it’s also highly unlikely.
    But then again, this is NIGORO we’re talking about; a lot of this stuff could actually be in the game.
    The inscrutable translation at the end worries me: “This movie has lots of stories”? What?

  20. FoolyCooly says:

    I bet my “family jewels” that this is an April’s Fools joke

  21. Nick Johnson says:

    Multiplayer? April fools joke? What’s going on?

  22. Eternalis says:

    Hahahaha! Oh wow.
    Some of the stuff in there’s pretty crazy… but, I think some of the crazier stuff, if it’s not part of the main game or simply does not exist, would be cool as a bonus for a repeat playthrough, or a secret thing.

    Is this what you’re filling the void of “less-seriousness” (made by the removal of the MSX references) with? Or is it just an April Fool’s joke?
    Again, even if it is a joke, it would probably be good for a laugh as a bonus or something.

    Thanks for the video anyway! =)

  23. Namo says:

    Whoops, I meant Xelphud. Not Lemeza.

  24. XD Rockman death…

    The parts that didn’t seem fake were awesome, though.

  25. Haha, well done Nigoro!

  26. Socob says:

    @ Namo:
    To me, it looked more like it was the Elder who suddenly developed superpowers, jumped in and stopped the pillar… which is even weirder. In the original game, you had to use an item to stop time there, so no, that wasn’t there originally.

    The Mega Man-like explosion at 0:08 was also something I noticed. What happened there?

  27. Hijongo says:

    Xelpud running in to hold up that pillar? A female explorer? Multi-player? Wailing on the statue in the Temple of the Sun? Whaaaat?

  28. Namo says:

    Is this an April Fools joke? There was some stuff in that video that seemed a little… silly. Like Lemeza holding up that pillar (unless I just didnt get that far in the game and that actually happens.)


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