MSX material

As I expected, the most common question is about the MSX.

There will be no materials about MSX or other games.
We won’t disappoint those who loved the original version.

The Elder’s underwear would be a good example. The underwear isn’t an MSX-related anymore.
The Professor’s laptop is also different. it’s called the Mobile Super X.

Let me begin with the issues of the MSX cartridges because it affects the system a lot.
Since we cannot use ROMs, we needed to come up with a new system.
If we have to remake the game anyway, we should fix the parts that had been bothering us from the original version.

I was thinking why we ended up having these annoying parts in the game. We came up with the idea of the Professor having the laptop and its screen displaying the menu. We had this idea when the original version was created. That’s why we decided on collecting ROM cartridges.

We had no idea that it was going be so multi-functional when we finished it.
And also, we didn’t think players would handle the ROM effect and combination.
We also didn’t expect that players would make full use of the ROM effect and combination.

What kind of new system would work for this?
The hasn’t been developed yet.

There’s no change about the Dr. having a laptop. However, we needed to consider an alternative to the ROMs.
We thought of software that’s installed on the PC.
From now on, he’ll get software instead of ROMs.
He can install as many pieces of software as he wants as long as they don’t exceed the PC’s HDD capacity.

The computer can contain the Old Document Reader, the Map software, the hidden stage warp software and physical strengthen effect all at the same time.
We won’t need to change the software frequently.
Popular items such as the Old Document Reader and Map software would have smaller capacity than the ones that increase physical strength or offensive ability.

Since there won’t be any ROM game anymore, all the extra software will be NIGORO games.
This means that “Mekuri Master” and “Death Village” can be found in the ruins.

After all, there are less numbers of these new pieces of software than the number of ROMs in the original version.

You may be worried that this means less chances of collecting items.
That’s not true.

This means that there will be actually brand-new items that the player can collect.
To utilize these spaces, treasures, like lots of money, are hidden everywhere. There will be some empty spots that we have to fill in. We will place money and treasure in those spots.

There are more things to talk about besides ROMs.
I had been relying on MSX so much that I couldn’t imagine what we would have left if we took away the MSX material/story from La-Mulana.

Of course, the elder won’t talk about the MSX.
Also, because we have changed the save system, we must remove the special saving right from him.
Instead, we will give him a new important characteristic. He will be talkative.

Maze of Galious will be gone, too. That’s a given.
If we delete it, the total number of map screens will, of course, be less than the original one. We probably will have to come up with something to make up for it, right?





We will strengthen it.


  1. Chuck says:

    The Hell temple treasure should be this:

    A T shirt.

    That says “I defeated Hell Temple and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt”

    No achievement, no mark in the save file, nothing to prove you did it. You can’t even see it on your character after it’s collected.

    Btw, you remember that room where you have to guess the path?

    I’d randomize it. (evil laugh) Have the most convenient shortcuts permanently blocked off, but have the other branch points be randomized the instant you enter it. Making it change each time you save and reload is optional. 🙂

    The grapple claw room? place teleports inside the claws that are on the same side as the gap you are trying to enter, but only if you have the invincibility extending software. The destination? A new room with a monument saying “Did you really think that would work?” and a pit to Land of Hell 1. 🙂

  2. Lazy says:

    Although getting rid of the MSX references is a loss, I can’t wait to see what you have in store to take the place of them.

  3. naramura,

    Yes, that is correct!

  4. naramura says:

    I think that the idea of RAM is very good.
    Is it a system that how many applications on the hard disk can be started at the same time?

  5. Sutibu says:

    Kinda strange that all the MSX material will be removed yet elder Xelpud clearly has a MSX bandana on in the promotional postel, albeit part of the MSX logo is obscured.

  6. Namo says:

    The RAM Idea makes more sense to me too.

  7. Abster says:

    I actually agree more with the concept of using RAM as the limiting factor as to how much you can run on the computer rather than just hard drive space. Computers nowadays are capable of holding a lot of data on their hard drives, so really the MSX should be able to hold all of the software you can collect in the game. As to how much software you can run at once should be limited by your computer’s RAM, which you can buy upgrades for similar to upgrading the original MSX to the MSX2.

  8. Rixanu says:

    Well I must say, I’m really liking the direction of things so far. If things are done right, this will be an amazing remake. However, there is one question I have about this new computer system. Is this like a level up system where any software you install is permanent, or can you uninstall software and swap them out like the ROMs? I hope it’s the latter, to keep the feel of the old game(and for better customization), but a system like the former may be interesting as well. You’ve done an excellent job of filling us in on this remake, and I thank you for that. I hope to hear about the difficulty soon!

  9. Mad Surge says:

    P.S. Also, I know that at least one person above me will hate me for this (sorry DC), but I think that Hell Temple was one of the best parts of the game. Taking all the traps from the game and twisting them to frustrate the player in ways you would never think… giving away obscure hints that make sense only if you stop and think REALLY hard about it… and those freaking bats that knock you around like a ragdoll. A masterpiece of frustration if I ever saw one, but the final joke was really funny (I have a bit twisted sense of humour, you see). Please, use the new hardware at its best and get wild on that temple, because I like creative layouts (even if I’ll still curse your names with all of my heart).

  10. Mad Surge says:

    I think the game’s difficulty is just as perfect as it is in the original game. The game is hard, but it always gives you enough rewards/new content that you never get tired of monsters or traps; instead, you get more curious and explore to see what’s next. Bosses as well are really balanced, as much as an “old school game” boss can be: as an old-style gamer, I think of bosses as a pointmark challenge to make sure you learned all necessary tricks or the equipment needed to get rid of them, not a walking power-up dispenser like some of the newer games do. From Sakit onward, the game just points out that you need not only to be quick, but also to observe and learn from your previous errors. Unfortunately, you have to die a few times to do it.
    May I suggest a software that acts as an enemy data archive, like the Castlevania games?

  11. The reason I started playing La-Mulana wasn’t the Konami references. It was the fact that I was simply fed up with playing overly easy games, and tired of playing freeware games that had almost no effort put into them. As soon as I read the description of La-Mulana (Large Caverns, tough gameplay, unforgiving difficulty and puzzles), it was an instant download.

  12. Toksyuryel says:

    The one thing I will say about this is that HDD space should not be the limiter, but rather RAM. While you can install as many programs as your HDD space will fit, you can only run as many programs as your RAM will allow. So make that the limitation instead.

  13. The.Maverickk says:

    I must say that I have absolutely no complaints with the choices Nigoro has made. They are simply making La-Mulana it’s own game and it doesn’t need to rely on the Konami references or MSX as gimmicks in some way or form to attract people to the game.

    It also leaves room for Nigoro to create new content that reflects their own style.

    My one hope is that they still play it old school with the difficulty. Which was for the most part the basis behind the games original creation.

    The game shouldn’t be made any easier… every trap should be in there, the bosses shouldn’t be forgiving, and puzzles just as perplexing . The focus of the game was using your head and not just jumping around striking everything to find your way, or step on every switch. There are consequences to your actions so you have to be careful. One specific moment I know in particular is is you read a specific tablet, it warns you not to read it again… if you do it essentially curses you to have an even more challenging game with more enemies.

    If people find the game to hard as a compromise Nigoro could release a nostalgic sort of Players Guide to download specifically for the game. Pointing out some of the games aspects and traps. Plus most people know of places like GameFAQs, so it’s not as if the solutions are impossible to figure out.

    So there is no reason to need to make the game any easier. That’s my only wish.

  14. Namo says:

    Hm, it will a small disappointment to see the Konami references go, but still, I would have never thought of using other Nigoro titles in place.

  15. Deceased Crab says:

    Well, that’s what I call progress right there. Still interested in hearing about the overall difficulty. Here’s the current tally:

    1. How are you changing the difficulty of La-Mulana?
    2. What will the MSX Roms and peripherals be replaced with? NES Carts? Generically titled games? Archaeological relics?
    ANSWERED: “MSX references removed, software replaced with generic or NIGORO software.”
    3. There are at least three sections/minigames in the game that directly parody or mimic other games. Will all or any of those sections or minigames be removed or changed?
    ANSWERED: “Sections directly lifted from Maze of Galious removed, other parody games probably removed or replaced.”
    4. Will there be the standard switches for old/new graphics or old/new sound? Will both the original SSCC or SC88 music modes be supported? – ANSWERED: “Old graphics/sound not supported.”
    5. Will the MSX and Kobami logos be removed?
    ANSWERED: “MSX references removed.”
    6. Will Hell Temple remain, and if so, will it be changed?
    ANSWERED: “Hell Temple will be back in a new incarnation, and god help us all.”

  16. Artemus Harper says:

    I also agree that this new system will be nice. One of the parts I did not like about the old system is that many of the ROMs had no use other than to collect. It would be nice if every software you can collect has some effect when ‘equipped’, even if that is cosmetic. Software with trade offs would be a good idea too, things like increased damage done, but increased damage taken.

  17. Abster says:

    By the way, a La Mulana editor exists. I wonder if it would be possible to have it translated to English? I’d like to make my own hardcore puzzles with it.

  18. Abster says:

    The Mobile Super X, still an MSX in a ways. Clever name change. 🙂

    Anyways, it’s pretty much as I expected. Fortunately a fair number of ROMs in the original were merely there for show and didn’t have any use in the MSX. If there will be extra money lying around where the ROMs used to be then the price tag for bullets can be the same as before since the extra money will help make it easier to obtain them.

    I’m sure you can still create software to access a sound test, communicate with hidden laptops, various gameplay changes and other stuff. And of course you can replace the Maze of Galious area with one based from another game, or make it a whole new area altogether. Then there’s that Parodius clone minigame that’s needed to solve a certain puzzle. Maybe there will be another minigame to replace it? I like La Mulana’s jabs at other forms of games.

  19. MacDaddyNook says:

    I’m really interested in how the new software system is shaping up. It sounds like it’ll be much more effecient than having to swap out each ROM to read glyphs, save the game, transport to key areas of the game and such.

    Also, to me, it sounds like it would open up a whole new depth of customization for the player to work with, allowing the player to pick which kinda of upgrades or effects he or she wants to equip as long as they fall within the memory allowance. I’m hoping new combinations and effects may show up to give inscentive to mix and match to find what works best for each individual player.

    As for Abunai Mizugi, at least the game will keep its sense of humor.

  20. Canti says:

    I just made a quick google of “abunai mizugi” and I got a shiver all along my spine, dammit…

  21. Momo says:

    a new save system, huh? sounds interesting…

    …mizugi. ..ahahaha oh boy

  22. madamluna says:

    addendum: oh jesus I just realized what you guys meant at the end

    I…I’m terrified now.

  23. Sergio says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing these changes in action.

    What is the new save system?

  24. Well, I suppose the potential for more useful programs is there with this new system.

    abunai mizugi? (I’m kidding, I’m well aware of what that is… Though personally I was kinda hoping for Lemeza in the Tingle outfit ;D)

  25. madamluna says:

    This looks awesome. I wasn’t a big fan of the ROM system in the first place, possibly because I had never experienced the MSX before playing La-Mulana.

    I know some people are going to groan about taking the MSX stuff out, but La-Mulana has really grown beyond its roots. It’s not just a parody of Maze of Galious or a pastiche of Konami games; it stands up perfectly well on its own merits, and the software system looks more elegant anyway. Not having to swap out ten different ROMs to do things like read journals or boost strength or save the game is going to make a huge difference in the playability of the game.

  26. Majutsukai says:

    I think this is a brilliant way to handle ROM effects.

    The busywork of constantly switching out ROMs was a large flaw in the old system. It’s good to see that this will have less emphasis.

    When you say that there will be new items to collect… does this mean that some of the things ROMs once did will now be done by new items? Or do you mean that there will be a new set of collectible items comparable to the ROMs that had no effect?

    Perhaps both?


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