Motion of La-Mulana

The reason why more questions come up even after we answer everyone’s questions is probably because you haven’t yet actually seen or played La-Mulana.

With that said, check this out.

[Music is MIDI of an original version. ]

This is not the trailer movie.

I wanted to eliminate everyone’s skepticism so I uploaded something that’s running, even though some parts that are not complete and still placeholder.
I’m sorry if your doubt increase from looking at the incomplete parts, but remember we’re still working on the game.

First, although the graphics and player character are new, I believe you’ll see that the original feel of La-Mulana is not gone.

There’s a small slope on the floor, but the enemies can walk that slope and, depending on the slope, we will continue to check to see if there is an area on the slope where the player can jump.

In this movie, the professor doesn’t have “boots” equipped (existing La-Mulana players know this is an item), thus you’ll notice his speed. I believe you can tell that you can jump two levels while falling. Depending on this, the range of using the wings will increase–and it’ll be more fun to control.

Furthermore, think about utilizing this on traps in Hell. From the specific changes of the double jump, if the professor jumps from too high up as takes a big fall, he may not be able to move for some time. I believe that the concept of the original La-Mulana’s, “You shouldn’t recklessly jump down places where you can’t see the bottom” is reinforced with this. If you just barely land with the new double jump, you can avoid the condition of being unable to move.

Similar to this, by fixing the areas that were problematic or lacking in the original version of La-Mulana, we continue to make new adjustments to match with the feel of play that changed from these fixes.

That’s why, evidently, it will be a new La-Mulana for Wii.

We have new information.
LA-MULANA sale will be delayed.

A new release date cannot be said yet.
However, winter passes.

We were really sorry…
We produce the game that everybody is satisfied.
Please give more time to us.


  1. Eloyas says:

    Is it me or we will have better control while jumping? I saw that Lemeza changed direction while jumping a couple of time and still went prety far… Also the fact that the double jump will be more “standard” is great. I don’t know how many times I swore while missing my jump because it only worked while going up.

  2. Hmm, the way the bats animate in this is a little strange currently. They seem to flap in-place a lot, which sort of hurts the anticipation of when they’re actually coming at you. I think I prefer the way they acted in the original La Mulana where they’d not flap their wings until they actually started moving around the screen.

    That said, I like the bat animations, I just think it’d make it harder to prepare myself for flying bats the way it is now.

    Also, yeah, Algol, the bird/snake/shell thing need more detail. But I bet they’re placeholders.

  3. Kapow says:

    >I’m not too crazy about the monsters that are pretty much just one shade of color

    I’m guessing those are placeholder graphics and not the final version. That rolling mausoleum enemy (nozuchi?) looks even less detailed than the original.

  4. Rixanu says:

    Wow, the game is looking really great so far. I like the animations. They look very smooth, but still retain a classic feel to them. I’m starting to get very jealous of anyone who owns a Wii.

    I noticed that enemies like the Algol and the birds aren’t as detailed as the skeletons and ghosts, but I’m assuming they’re the placeholders. I also noticed that the ruins seem to be darker, with a small aura of light around Lemeza, but you can still see everything. Is this just a way of emphasizing the fact that the ruins are dark, or is it something else? It’s a nice effect.

    I also expected a delay, but it’s a big game, and I think you should take all the time you need to make this a great remake for everyone. Good luck, and keep up the great work!

  5. Bucket says:

    Your work so far looks excellent, I won’t begrudge you for taking your time.

  6. Nabe says:

    I’m happy to see at 0:14-0:15 that the area to the left is accessible, even though it is just a single ledge.

  7. Abster says:

    I’m also not surprised that this was delayed. However, I do like what I see so far.

  8. Awesome video! Good job so far, guys! Keep it up! 😀

  9. Blechy says:

    I also noticed no delay when you activate a rune.
    And the craziest thing of all, when Lemeza jumped in the water, it almost looked as if he had full swimming control, like in a Mario game. Can’t tell.
    I’m not too crazy about the monsters that are pretty much just one shade of color, like the creatures on the surface, or the lobster claw monster fellas in mausoleum.

  10. Zarion says:

    The first 4 characters at the end basically say “Japanese release” and then the spinning character alternates between “decided” and “undecided”. 未定 being undecided, and 決定 decided, respectively.

  11. MGassailant says:

    I like how this isn’t just any simple remake with upgraded graphics, but more like a new La Mulana. The graphics are just awesome, because they are detailed but still have the classic feeling. I personally love these artworks, because so many things are 3D renders nowadays. I can’t wait for La Mulana and Cave Story. Two games that are a “must get” for people who like classic but with a modern feeling games.

  12. madamluna says:

    That’s okay, I think everyone kind of expected a delay. I didn’t think it was going to be possible to get it out this winter, because of all the work that has to go into a game this big. In particular, I notice that some of the enemy sprites haven’t been redrawn yet–are you bringing all of them up to the same level as the new bats, skeletons, etc.?

    It looks great, otherwise! Normally I dislike stops after big falls or jumps, but in a game like La-Mulana I’m surprised it wasn’t in there from the beginning. Still, when I was watching the video I got a real sense of actually being there pressing the buttons–it moves the same way, it’s got that same feel to it.

    Also Cat Sidhe pushing his ball at Lemeza is just adorable. Adorable.

    Also also, what did the text at the end say? It sounded like some kind of joke.

  13. Looks great! Keep up the good work, and take as long as you want.

  14. Pluiz says:

    I suspected it would be delayed, but still I’ll wait for it 🙂
    I wonder how DC will react to this movie, since his nemesis catball is in it

  15. Wow.

    I am sufficiently blown away. 😀

    Now to watch *that* 100 times before the game’s release. 😛

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