Looking back on the history again

“History of La-Mulana” was made when PC version was released at PLAYISM.

This Promotion video is for overseas fans who waited a long time.
We wanted to say, “Thank you for waiting a long time. We will release the game we promised.”

And, We release this Promotion video before English WiiWare version is released.

Then, it will be released tomorrow.
Thank you very much for waiting so long.
Everyone who is waiting WiiWare version without playing PC version, the time will come when we fulfill our promise.


  1. Michael S says:

    No! You can’t return La-Mulana to WiiWare! You have to kill its soul!

  2. Parnash says:

    Aaaaah I need to get home NOW to wait for this!

  3. Arucard says:

    I’m really glad you guys kept pushing for this, and that you found a publisher to support it. Even though I have the PC version I probably will get it again (on Wii), and will definitely be making my friend get it too. Hope this is just the beginning, I’d love to see more bigger (non-flash I guess?) games from you all. The passion you have for your games really shows in the humor and feel of playing the game, which is very appreciated by your fans.

  4. LA-MULANA STAFF says:

    Excuse me. This system doesn’t have that kind of function.

  5. LA-MULANA deserves so much more than what it’s receiving! If anybody took a serious look at this game they’d say it’s one of the best out there! I made flyers and handed them out in my school.
    Please, commenters, advertise this game and make it shine! Make it shine like that game you once knew and nobody talks about! Spread the word on facebook and twitter! Post stuff on you tube! Don’t let it fall into the abyss of failed games of the past!
    I can get the flyers I made to you if you tell me how to post them here!


  6. T-Mick says:

    I’m counting the hours…

  7. LA-MULANA STAFF says:

    If there is a publisher that take on all works (include porting), we will release La-mulana for eShop.

  8. EdogawaLucas says:

    Just wanTed to say thank you for all the work that has been put into the WiiWare release. I’ve been waiting since last year for it.

    I am curious though: are there any plans of a Nintendo eShop release for the 3DS?

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