Illustrations in the instruction manual

You can see amusing illustrations in places in the instruction manual.
These are illustrations that Naramura redrew momo-san’s ones.
She is playing the original version’s LA-MULANA and keep a playing journal on her blog.

We got her permission for the official guidebook Vol.2 which is also a strategy book.
But, as we mentioned last time, it’s impossible to translate it because of too much texts.
So, we put some illustrations on the instruction manual because overseas people cannot see them.
We wish we could publish our official guidebooks in English…

While we are on the subject, we show you some other illustrations that are not able to put in the manual.
She has been in a quite long adventure.
Hope you support her as a senior archaeologist.

You can read her Adventure diary at here!!


  1. patrickmanx says:

    Steam is going to be more reachable as submitting games concern.

  2. the duke says:

    i got a good laugh out of the one where he doesn’t even care that he’s falling anymore.

  3. turkranma says:

    Oh wow! Great to see her art in the manual. Definitely adds a humorous, old-school charm to it.

  4. Armored Chocobo says:

    Poor Lemeza, his life is pain.

  5. Linkshot says:

    Can’t wait to see her take on Tower of the Goddess.

  6. TamerKoh says:

    The comics were definitely entertaining! What an honorable feature for Momo! Congratulations! This is getting me pumped for the game even more so now =). I will definitely be recording a playthrough of this on my youtube channel, to compliment the original playthrough already there, ha ha! My channel is with La-Mulana (Original) in a playlist, for anyone who cares to see a run of the original. I pretty much memorized most of the old puzzles, considering how much I’ve played through the original version. It was a masterpiece! I can’t wait to see the many changes and additions in the new version firsthand! Again, I have to extend my thanks toward the LA-MULANA STAFF for bringing us a revitalized gem =).

    -TamerKoh AKA Dlbrooks33

  7. MYKSelf says:

    This ones are great, and there are MAAAANY more even more fun on Momo’s LiveJournal. Don’t miss it. I’ve enjoyed them immensly.

    Great job, Momo!!!!! 🙂

  8. Strider says:

    Very nice! Hope someone can translate the guidebook in english…
    To complete the “La Mulana – Collection” also the guide is necessary! 😀
    -3 days and a handfull of hours to go…

  9. Thank you so much for the feature, I’m honored! I want to show as much support as I can

  10. Anonymous52555 says:

    These are amazing!


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  2. […] brilliant and adorable La-Momolana image-blog. Many of these illustrations were polished up and used in the official manual for the […]

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