I promise

Thank you for a lot of comments. Although everyone is worried, I’m fine.
If anything, I work in a great hustle.
I answer some questions that I pick out from your comments in return for many words of cheer.

1) What is the difference between Wii version and PC version?
We have fixed the game slightly. However, the contents of the game is almost the same as Wii version. We have adjusted the system to PC environment fairly.
We have refined the interface, for example, you can use USB gamepad and Xbox360’s one.
The game includes Hell Tample. Challenge mode(Time Attack mode) is significantly different from Wii version.

2) What’s the price of PC version?
We have not decided it yet, but it will be similar price to WiiWare version we initially planned.

3) When will you release the game?
Because we have not decided a variety of things yet, we can’t tell the date of release. We want to release it until summer.

4) For Windows only?

5) What about Mac and Linux versions?
Port it, someone!

6) Release it on Steam?
I’m not sure! We will comment on it one of these days.

7) What about 3DS and Vita versions?
I say again. Port it, someone! Moreover, publish it, someone!

We’re very sorry about the canceling WiiWare version, and we are also surprised by this matter.
Because we take proceedings for cancellation of a contract with Nicalis now, I’m going to talk about the circumstances after a settlement.

I have already been interviewed by some game portal sites.

Indie Games

Nintendo Life

The matter was like a bolt from the blue, but it’s a good thing LA-MULANA became a hot topic again.
If there are any questions draw my attention, I will answer them from now on.

I expect the interesting questions that the professional interviewer can not ask.

Finally, we promise everyone who was surprise at the matter.

We will surely bring this game to you.


  1. Majin Wamu says

    I am happy you guys are no longer with Nicalis. They are very amateur and don’t run things very well. On top of that they seem to release nothing but re-releases that are filled with nothing but obvious bugs and sound defects. You guys are too good for that. good move.

  2. Krendall says

    So, will the PC version be available in English at launch? I really want to play this game as well as spend money on it. I kinda like that you’ll be getting all the money now and Nicalis will get squat.

  3. Hello. I’m glad you made this update and look forward to more.

    When you release the game, will there be an english version available?

    Will you be contracting another publisher? Maybe you can get someone to assist in foreign language translations so you can self-publish.

  4. Anonymous52555 says

    Sweet can’t wait.

    I did read your interview and at the end you mentioned two indie games, Maou Monogatari Monogatari and Meikyuujou Hydra. I went and played them and I loved them. Do you have anymore hidden masterpieces? I would love to play them.

  5. Great to hear news , glad you are ok too.

    That photo is amazing. where did you take it??

    We expect great things from you!

  6. What does it mean when you say someone should port the Mac version? Is this something any non programmer can do? If this game doesn’t come out on the Mac then I guess I will never get to play La Mulana.

  7. It’s nice to hear that you will be releasing a PC version. I know some are bummed that It wont be released on wiiware but I haven’t touched the wii console in more then a year. I went back to PC gaming so I am happy to here about it coming to windows. For indies, Steam is a good distribution service and so is Desura which is solely for indies.

  8. Looking at the PSSuite some more, it might not actually support PS3. It’s noted as confirmed in various places, but I can’t find it anywhere on Sony’s site.

  9. ForOhFor Error says

    Personally, I think Carpe Fulgur would be a good translator. They’ve translated some really great games, and can preserve a sense of humor between languages.

  10. Mister Bishop says

    Good to hear that the Wiiware cancellation hasn’t had an effect on the PC version progress. Looking forward to it immensely!

  11. Parnash says

    Yes, please, someone port a Mac version!

    Though, it’s sad to hear the WiiWare version was cancelled: Though what can you do? Processing hell, for sure.

  12. Rossmallo says

    This is one of the most ressasuring things I’ve seen in a long time.

    I think I speak for all of us when I say these two things: 1 – We can’t wait, and 2 – …Thank you so much for not giving up.

  13. Linkshot says

    I’m glad to see you guys are keeping strong!

    A Steam port would probably get much better revenue for US/EU than the previously planned WiiWare port.

    Something silly that just popped into my mind. Have you guys ever talked to the Spelunky devs? A crossover could have a lot of potential! You could go the route of Spelunky gameplay with Lemeza’s abilities, or a grand adventure where you have to manage Spelunker’s resources properly.

    I’ll admit a friend and I have managed to patchwork a crossover, in story only, for Cave Story meshing with La-Mulana, but I think Cave Story has taken off a little too far, hm? 😉

  14. Melchior says

    Wait, when did you decide you were cancelling the non-Japan wiiware version? I’ve heard nothing about this.

  15. traumafox says

    The WiiWare cancellation is sad news. However, the PC version will surely be a success! Good luck, Nigoro. がんばってください!

  16. equalsign says

    It’s alright. To be honest, I’ve heard the Wiiware environment isn’t good anymore. Many publishers are having trouble reaching Nintendo’s sales requirements and are making literally no money. I would rather play it on my Wii, but if buying it on the PC (port it to mac OSX please) ensures that you get paid then I’m all for it. Good luck!

  17. Binyamin says

    I would ask in a different way, is there anything we can do to help support your team or the title?

  18. I forgot to mention, I’m also interested in porting it to the Playstation Suite (Vita, PS3, and the Xperia Play phone). Essentially, email me and I’m willing to start immediately. I’m willing to work for however much you’re willing to pay.

  19. I’m interested in porting it to Linux. How should I contact you guys?

  20. Mathieu says

    Well… i initially planed to buy the game on pc, but i feel sorry for the people who have wait for the wiiware version, i hope that some others studios/publishers will help you to release this game on wiiware/3ds/vita.

    Good luck!

  21. Binyamin says

    While it’s sad news (I honestly only bought a wii to play la lulana, as well as the bit trip series) I’m very excited for you to get into the pc scene. I think you will have an easier time gaining funds to stay creative!

    kick starter projects are perfect for games like this, if you need to get funds for a port or help carry things through release, jump on it – i’d very much like to purchase a pre-release copy or something along those lines.

    keep at it and stay strong!

  22. Still looking forward to this! Will hopefully be able to pick it up upon release to whichever platform you guys wind up using.

  23. LA-MULANA STAFF says

    This site may block access from Japan.
    I can’t browse it…

  24. Maybe try what indie developers do: set up a micro payment site using BMT Micro and sell the game from this website.

    Will the game have DRM?

  25. patrickmanx says

    I personally love the original game, and ive seen some nice speedruns from the JP ver in the wii.
    I am glad that you guys at Nigoro decided to break silence. Also a pc ver. can be more easily updated than a Wii ver. that has no built in update system.

    Now, in the case of an international PC La mulana release, will you retain the japanese demographics of the game or will you censor some parts accordingly to the culture overseas? One note, PC is more flexible than the wii in that matter.

    Steam is a good digital distribution option, its easily accesible from many countries and has a huge playerbase. On steam you can add achievements and what not. It also welcomes independent developers (i think).

    Finally, have Nigoro discussed the posibility of an spanish option? I myself can uderstand english almost perfectly, but i have some friend that would totally love the game, but dont understand either english or japanese. I am pretty sure someone (maybe me if i have time by then) is willing to translate the game from an english script.

    I would love to talk to you guys, specially Naramura and Samieru, i love the game ever since i played the original, it has been some years since that, all thanks to a fan translation that was circulating the net.

    Salutations, Patrickmanx

  26. RDEIN says

    keep up the good work! you guys are incredibly inspirational.

    and good luck towards the release!

  27. WilyNumber13 says

    I think this will work out better for you in the long run. Very few people browse the WiiWare shop anymore.

    I look forward to the game’s release.

  28. Leroy says

    I’m very sad that the WiiWare version will not be released because I feel like the game is nice for the “Nintendo Generation,” so to speak, but I’ll be buying the PC version once it is released.

    Somebody would be very smart to stand up and port the game to 3DS and Vita!

    I wish you guys very good luck in all of your future work. Perhaps Nintendo will become better on the Wii U in terms of working with smaller developers and publishers. Having three or more certification processes has to be a nightmare for a small team.

  29. Oh cool.
    Is Nicalis still involved with the project? If so, I doubt anyone can just, ‘port it,’ without any legal issues.
    I just hope that each version should be actually unique, and not just a rehash like the Cave Story re-releases. Y’know, all 50 of them.

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