Thanks to everyone, LA-MULANA has got through Steam Greenlight!
Namely, it will be released on Steam.
We really appreciate your backup.

But, it’s going to be a real festival when LA-MULANA is actually released on Steam and sold well.
We just stand the starting line for now.

So, what we have to do after this is to fix LA-MULANA for Steam.
It has to be working on Steam client, and then we put “achievements” in it.
But, to be honest, we don’t know much about “achievements”.

For the memory of passing Greenlight, we want to have a questionnaire after such a long time.

1. How many “achievements” do you think are necessary for LA-MULANA?
2. What sort of “achievements” do you think is worth existing for LA-MULANA?

When LA-MULANA is released on Steam, we might say that this LA-MULANA project is over.
We are so excited to have you in the LA-MULANA’s last festival!


  1. Syragar says:

    I think the achievements should primarily be focused on exploration and discovery, since that seems to be the theme of the game. Achievements like “Talk to the elder 100 times” or “Kill 100 of x type creature” are just about tedious repetition and are not really fun. They should focus on exploration so the player must explore every nook and cranny… or should provide some form of extra challenge… like “Kill x boss without taking damage”. While the these challenge achievements would still be fun, I still think exploration achievements should be the primary focus since the game is primarily about exploration and puzzle solving.

  2. Stoneth says:

    If you’re thinking about achievements, I implore you to watch this video.

    It will help you when thinking about what achievements to include and which not to.

  3. Akimaye says:

    I’m surprised no one mentioned an achievement for speed-running. The game could be beaten in less than 3 hours, but that’s not very casual friendly. I think 4 hours is the best minimal.

    Run for your Life: Obtain the Secret of Life and escape the ruins in 4 hours.

    After reading over the suggestions here, I realized that some of these are quite silly. Especially ones that suggest you beat the game without getting hit. La Mulana just does not seem to be designed with that kind of thing in mind, especially when you factor in bosses like Taimat, which has attacks that are supposed to be near impossible to dodge(the design behind it is supposed to chip your health slowly until she can kill you with her big attack).

  4. Alenonimo says:

    Well, there should be an achievement for finding all the developers in game. Also one when you get to the Gate of Time.

    One for finding all the items too (or separately, for finding all the weapons, all the subweapons, all the programs, etc). Completionism is the key for the achievements, otherwise… why bother pursuing them?

    They may give hints of how to achieve them, so if you want a player to perform a certain action or to see a certain event, make it an achievement.

  5. madrox8 says:

    congrats on getting the greenlight!

    dont worry to much with achivements, jsut do basic stuff like 1 achivement for beating 1 gaurdian, and when you think of more patch some in. achivments really are not a big deal as some ppl think they are

  6. AnonymousPerson says:

    You should probably have achievements for the optional items in the game, items that are not required to beat the game and therefore can be missed, such as the spaulders, fairy clothes, silver shield (im pretty sure you can miss this and get angel shield later), angel shield, whip upgrades, some of the sub weapons (or all).

    Also for the more obscure ones you could use the achievement descriptions to give slight hints, Examples:

    The Brilliant Professor! (get it? Brilliant? it lights things up, and you had to solve a tricky puzzle to get it)
    Found the flare gun hidden in the Inferno Cavern.

    Fairy Fashion!
    Found the Fairy Clothes hidden in Gate of Illusion (Shows up as a secret achievement until you get tricked by Eden).

    Solved the impossible puzzle in the Twin’s Labyrinth.

    Even the Odds
    Acquire the Angel Shield without purchasing it.

    I ain’t afraid of no ghosts!
    Found the Rolling Shuriken in the Mausoleum of the Giants.

    Also this, please:

    If i go down, I’M TAKING YOU WITH ME!
    Die right after killing a boss.

  7. Armored Chocobo says:

    Of course there’s gotta be a 100% clear achievement, called “Doctorate in Archaeology”

    100% clear would be:
    – All Sacred Orbs
    – All bosses defeated
    – All items attained (including Hell Temple)

    and another 100% clear for doing it on Hard Mode called “Masters in Archaeology”

    Then some story-based achievements you get from the first playthrough of the game:

    Curry Golems – Activate the creation of clay men.

    Mother, I’m home… – Activate the True Shrine of the Mother

    First Blood – Kill one Guardian

    In his Footsteps – Find Shorn in the Ruins.

    Some “fun” achievements that show you tricks and secrets:

    Mother, NO! – Be the fool and do not heed the tablet’s warning

    Your Grant Came Through – Find all the 100-coin chests (plus the 200 coin chest on the surface)

    The Mother….lode – Collect over 500 coins with one Luck Fairy

    Another Way Out – Leave the puzzle room that unlocks the Katana without using the Grail.

    Fight Fire with Fire – Time-Freeze Zu using the Lamp of Time

    Then some “hard” achievements –

    Dis-armed – Defeat Chi You without getting hit

    Timeless – Defeat Zu without using the Time Lamp

    ..And They Thought This Game Was Hard – Finish the Story Mode of La Mulana on Hard Mode

  8. Anonymous52555 says:

    There should be an achievement for going to the shrine of the mother without fighting a Guardian.

  9. Newt says:

    While the standard achievements for beating bosses, collecting items and completing section are usable, you need to focus on the alternative ways to play. For example, some of the hardest ones could be “Warp Whistle-less”: Get to Mother without the Grail, or “What software?”: Beat Mother with no software equipped.

  10. ZarroTsu says:

    I would personally appreciate it if, either by default or as an option, there is the ability to shut off any on-screen notification that you accomplished an achievement. Players who don’t give a damn shouldn’t be pestered by it.

  11. Ebob says:

    Don’t have achievements.

    Achievements add nothing to gameplay.

    If you really need achievements, add only ones where it would guide players into exploring new parts or obtaining items that would not be obvious before.

  12. Some Very Challenging Achievements:

    “The Hard Way” – Get the Plane Model before beating a single Guardian.

    “Save the boss for last” – Visit every field without defeating a single Guardian except “True Shrine of the Mother”.

    “The Best Weapon” – Beat the game with only the leather whip and the keyblade and no other primary weapons

  13. mtomato says:

    Since Steam allows you to see the percentage of players who have gotten an achievement, I think that the mandatory achievements should be proportioned to the optional achievements, so that you could get a good idea about the difficulty of some optional task.
    What would be a good ratio for these two kinds of achievements, I have no idea.

  14. Fisty says:

    Achievements should be set up so that a player will try things they normally wouldn’t to achieve them rather than a meaningless entry or boss kill set. Award for odd playing or optional content, not standard things. Also please avoid any unrelated memes or pop culture related achievement names, random tie ins to other unrelated franchises for the sheer sake of it have always felt off to me.

  15. I remember seeing that the ending to La-Mulana had various NPCs in it, some of which appeared when you satisfied certain conditions. You can probably turn some of those “conditions” into achievements.

  16. Please, PLEASE do not make achievements for clearing sections of the game normally (beating bosses, collecting items). Beating the boss or collecting the item is the reward. This game is all about NOT hand-holding, coddling, and definitely not about beating the game for the achievements. Make them about secrets, or things that don’t have to be done but make a lot of sense (read all tablets, collected everything, etc).

    Achievements should be going above and beyond, NOT about just playing the game.

  17. pidgeo5 says:

    Lot’s of good suggestions on this thread already. I’d say that some of the most common trophies/achievements are:
    – trophy/achievement after beating a boss (i.e. one for each boss)

    – trophy/achievement for beating the game (if multiple difficulties are available, then usually a trophy/achievement is given for beating the game on the current difficulty level)

    – trophy/achievement for completing a challenge (i.e. finishing the hell temple)

    – trophy/achievement for collecting 100% of something (i.e. getting all the health power-ups, collecting all the items, etc.)

    Then the rest of the trophies/achievements that fill out the list are usually something related to the story, or a big game-changing moment. A lot of developers will also put some funny trophies/achievements in that make fun of something, or reference something in pop-culture (since this is a Japanese game, maybe something from Japanese pop culture?). Some suggestions:
    – Kyuuke shiyou – Lemeza needs a break (player leaves the game paused long enough to activate Lemeza’s eating then sleeping animation)

    – YOU wa SHOCK! – Omae wa mo shindeiru! (You are already dead!) (Awarded after the player receives a fatal shock)

    If you’re looking for some more ideas of what other games have done for trophies/achievements, you should check out The list is separated by type of retail list, then broken down by game. There’s even a list for Japanese games with the trophies listed in Japanese. 😉

  18. Most achievements deal with progression (defeat X boss, get Y treasure), secrets (developer rooms, Hell Temple), and special challenges that people would otherwise avoid (time attack, defeat certain bosses with certain restrictions.) The first two can usually fill about 10 to 20; the special challenges can raise the count to 30 or 40.

    Also, unless it’s referencing another NIGORO game for good reason, or perhaps the games that actually inspired La-Mulana, achievement names shouldn’t be indie/meme reference fests for the sole sake of referencing every indie game/meme that’s been released.

  19. Michael S says:

    I think it’s time for another disco/dubstep promo video!

  20. traumafox says:

    Achievements can motivate and guide players. Practical!
    Achievement names could be puns, movie and video game references. Funny!
    Secret achievements for optional challenges. Intriguing!

    Achievements for: Bosses? Hard mode? Hell Temple? 100%? All coin pots? Maximum coins/weights? Hard puzzles? Funny deaths? Gate of Time? 2 hour clear? Many options!

  21. Christopher Utset says:

    Just thought of another

    Mr Explorer: Visit every room in the game (not counting the endless lava pit of course)

  22. UltraJMan says:

    Achievements proposal:

    1.- Get to the computer room (Talk to the computer devs, if they are still there…)
    2.- Enter the Ruins of la Mulana
    3.- Achievements for the Boss Rush mode…
    4.- Achievements for the Fun Zone (yeah, fun zone…)
    5.- Full software collection.
    6.- Full inventory collection.
    7.- ETC.

    With that said, achievements can range from stuff you definitely have to do or getting (all) secret treasure X or software, etc. Also, don’t go overboard and do stuff like “Beat the Fun Zone in one run, without teleporting nor getting hit”. That only serves to frustrate people.

  23. MSX_Forever says:

    Congratulations Nigoro for Greenlight on steam!
    How about achievements for not dying or dying many times? Like dying 5 times you can get an achievement. The lower deaths you have the better the achievement. Or the opposite, dying like 30 times or something gives you an achievement, I don’t know. Just a suggestion. It would be nice to keep track of the player’s deaths.

  24. Kratos is nothing: Defeat Boss Rush under XX amount of time
    Thou art a Fool: Reset the game in the Illusion Gate
    Why, back in my day…: Save only at the Surface, and beat the game.
    The Binding of Lemeza: Starting from loading the game, get to and defeat the Mother without taking damage.
    Careless Archaeologist: Invoke divine retribution 50 times.
    You’re not my Mom!: Read the special tablet in Mausoleum of the Giants 3 times in a row.
    I hate snakes: Die to a Surface snake
    Clumsy Spelunker: Die to your own explosive
    Journalist: Check the logs of every skeleton.
    Endless Challenger: Loop through Endless Corridor 5 times without moving a screen to the right.

    If you can change the descriptions into an appropriately worded puzzle, that’d be’d be awesome simply if you used any of these, though!

  25. Derek says:

    Hello! This is an exciting time for all who love La Mulana.

    Here are some suggestions regarding achievements:

    1. Use achievements to expand and increase game enjoyment and playability.

    – Like other users suggested, give achievements for finding important items. This will help you know these items exist!
    – Achievements for hours played, perhaps in intervals
    — Incremental, 10 hours, 20 hours, 30 hours. This may help players with short attention spans complete the game!

    2. Use achievements to give hints are very difficult puzzles!

    – Some may not agree, it’s just a suggestion!

    3. Use achievements to highlight unknown aspects of the game!

    – An achievement for using stereoscopic 3D mode.

    The number of achievements will vary by what you want to do with it. Statistically, however, La Mulana is a very large game
    and people will want a number of achievements to show for their hard work.

    Suggested number of achievements: 30 – 40, an average of how many hours people put into the game.

    I would like to thank Nigoro and Asterizm for letting me experience such an amazing game.

    I would also like to thank all of the fans (excluding myself), we got La Mulana on Greenlight!

    I hope now that La Mulana is having it’s “Last Stand”, I hope there are projects in the future from Nigoro I can support!

  26. Feffe says:

    This will come in Endy: Get the Key of Eternity
    Hot springs are Hot: Go to the hot springs more than 100 times
    You have to understand what “trap” means: Die due to the same trap more than 5 times
    GERONIMO!: Jump from an high spot
    Hey, it’s HIM!: ? (Unlocked after you found the Sonic-like hedges)
    Sorry, bad way: Get killed by Argus

  27. Syragar says:

    I used to think that achievements were used only for showing off to your friends… and I didn’t really care about them… but I now realize that they are more than that. I think achievements can be important because it can help as a guide for a player in the game, and it can also help someone get the most out of a game by letting the player know that there are still things that they might not have experienced even though they have reached the end of the game. Because of this, I now prefer games that have good achievements.

    As an example for guiding the player, you could create an achievement for each boss in the game. As for the title of the achievement, I think humorous titles would be fitting considering the mood of the game.

    Title: Why did it have to be snakes? (This is an Indiana Jones reference, by the way)
    Description: Defeat Amphisbaena.

    These kinds of achievements give the player a bit of a guide, and give them awards for progressing in the game.

    I think achievements that help players get the most out of the game are equally important, if not more so. For example, you could give an achievement for finding all of the weapons, one for all of the subweapons, one for all of the life orbs, and one for all of the software. If someone finishes the game, but still haven’t earned one of these achievements, they’ll know that there’s still content they have not experienced in the game. I would also add achievements for certain events that could be missed in the game. I’ll give an example of a certain trap in a certain area… but it might be a minor spoiler… so…


    There’s a tablet in Mausoleum of the Giants that gives you a warning not to read it again. When the player reads the tablet for the first time, they could receive the achievement:

    Title: If I do it, I get a whuppin’! (Looney Tunes reference)
    Description: Be warned.

    If the player reads the table again, they could receive the achievement:

    Title: I do’d it!
    Description: Warning ignored.

    These kinds of achievements would have me play through the game again if I missed anything… just to make sure I experience all the game has to offer. And I know La-Mulana offers a lot! =)

  28. (I promise this is my last comment on this page)
    Please have an achievement for each time you see Shawn Kosugi. It is really hard to miss!
    “Dad!” “Hey wait!” “You’re ALIVE?”

  29. Christopher Utset says:

    Just thought up of some more, most of these pay tribute to the original La-Mulana

    This isn’t the dating sim minigame you know…: Get the Mulbruk in swimsuit ending

    This isn’t PR3 you know…: Defeat Palenque without ever hitting the columns. Alternatively can also be without ever getting hit by bullets.

    Elephants are sacred: Beat the game without ever killing a Behemoth (does not include hell temple)

    What is a man?: Get all the whip upgrades and sub weapons

    A miserable pile of secrets!: Solve all the puzzles in the game

    What killed the dinosaurs?: Find the ankh in Twin Labyrinths

    I thought we were past this outdated puzzle / Mayan expiration date: Figure out the number puzzle in endless corridor

    Death to the fool: Defeat Cho You and get the endless key

    Stop calling me Junior / He named me after the dog: Get all the Shorn Sightings

    FAIRIES!!!: Summon every fairy at least once.

    Where’s the spam filter on this thing?: Read all of Xelpud’s emails.

    Ommetaphobia: Beat the game without ever getting hit by the eye of retribution.

    I’d rather be banished: Clear the mists of Eden

    Sexual Horsehoes: Visit Mulbruk a lot.

    Read the manual: Die XX amount of times.

  30. Especially in the forty / fifty range would be great when it comes to achievements, but not for every single item. Also having chain achievements makes the game feel more accomplish-able. For example, before getting “Master of the seven histories (read all tablets)” You should earn “Oh! Interesting! (read 27 tablets)” I believe it is important to use achievements like hints, because the average person probably won’t search through the software to see what each combo does, or read the manual.

    Also, the manual is very important to the game because it tells you the “gimmics” of the ruins. A critic of this game says that most of it is “rubbing your face against the walls until something happens”, but if he had read the manual he would be prepared for the walk-through and breakable walls.
    Please have Playism translate the manual again and include a printable version with the game, so that people purposefully search through the ruins with knowledge.

  31. Christopher Utset says:

    How bout

    You have chosen wisely: Find the Grail

    Witch Trials: Defeat Baphomet without ever killing the witches during the boss fight

  32. Question: given that the game has been greenlit, will there be an option for people who purchased the game from other sources (Playism, GOG, etc.) to get a Steam Key? It’s certainly not necessary, but it’s very nice to have all of your PC games on the same service.

  33. PixelVortex says:

    Here are a few, sorry if I reuse other peoples ideas I haven’t read the comments yet
    In no particular order:

    01 – Guardian Slayer – Defeat all of the guardians.
    02 – Packing Heat – Obtain the gun.
    03 – UPDATE – Get the Mobile Super X2
    04 – Geeky – Get every piece of software.
    05 – NIGORO Fan – Get all NIGORO related pieces of software.
    06 – The Final Challenge – Beat Hell Temple.
    07 – A Wild Naramura Has Appeared! – Find Naramura’s secret room.
    08 – A Wild Samieru Has Appeared! – Find Samieru’s secret room.
    09 – A Wild Duplex Has Appeared! – Find Duplex’s secret room.
    10 – God of Games – 100% the game.
    11 – Gifts For Back Home – Collect all the passive items in the game.
    12 – Weapon King – Collect all main weapons.
    13 – Weapon God – Collect all main and sub-weapons.
    14 – Unstoppable – Beat the game without dying.
    15 – Happy Mother’s Day – Defeat the Mother.
    16 – The Snake’s Soul – Defeat Amphisbaena.
    17 – The Giant’s Soul – Defeat Sakit.
    18 – The Lizard’s Soul – Defeat Ellmac.
    19 – The Fish’s Soul – Defeat Bahamut.
    20 – The Demon’s Soul – Defeat Viy.
    21 – The Robot’s/Alien’s Soul – Defeat Palenque.
    22 – The Devil’s Soul – Defeat Baphomet.
    23 – The Woman’s Soul – Defeat Tiamat.
    24 – The Explorer – Go to every room in the frontside.
    25 – The Grand Explorer – Go to every room in the backside.
    26 – Unknowing Adventurer – Beat the game without the Shell Horn.
    27 – Treasure Hunter – Get 500 coins.
    28 – Grand Treasure Hunter – Get 1000 coins.
    29 – The Foolish Adventurer – Activate hard mode by reading the tablet twice.
    30 – Impossible – Beat hard mode without dying. (They have to activate it the first time they enter the room with the tablet in otherwise it will be cheating.)

    I hope these are helpful, and a reasonable number, if you would like more achievements I have plenty more ideas.
    Congratulations on getting greenlit, wish NIGORO all the luck in the world.

  34. Well, i think the best achievements are the ones which feel like achievements – like you have achieved something great. Like Final Fantasy V hidden secret boss battles which gave you useless medals you could show to your friends to prove that you killed those bosses. So, they should feel like challenges, maybe even additional ones to the ones already present in the game.
    Also, developers often use them to track people’s progress – like “oh, that many people who bought the game got this achievement, this means that this many people have completed this percent of the game”. Developers use this info to improve the game or their future games. But that usually means achievements, which are not particulary challenging and something you just get by simply playing the game. Which is not really fun, in my opinion, as it doesn’t feel like an “achievement”.

  35. Big Lou says:

    I just ask that there are achievements for things other than “completed this level” or “killed this boss” or anything that any player will do along a normal playthrough. Achievements are better when they encourage lateral thinking, unusual gameplay and difficult feats.

  36. madamluna says:

    Personally, I think achievements really get in the way of the flow of the game. It’s very annoying when you get really deep into a game and suddenly see a popup about unlocking some achievement for every little thing. So I would suggest as few achievements as possible:

    -Beating the game (after the credits screen)
    -Beating Hell Temple
    -Maybe one for using all the ROM combinations, or for viewing every tablet.

    If you were to put an achievement for beating each boss, then every time you had finished an intense boss fight, you would have a little popup that really breaks the feel of the game. You should think about that carefully when you’re deciding what to use achievements for!

  37. Danaroth says:

    The amount of achievements is not important; you may do as many as you want as long as you design and implement them correctly; just avoid repetitive stuff (like kill x amount of monsters), focus on rewarding collectibles (especially full collections) and side quests, but be careful not to spoiler solutions in the descriptions. Plan challenges for speedrunners and for people who enjoy playing with an auto-imposed limitation; that’s all.

  38. Krendall says:

    Achievement ideas:
    – Reading all tablets
    – Unlocking “Hard Mode”
    – Beating “Hard Mode”
    – Unlocking Hell Temple
    – Beating Hell Temple
    – Getting 1st Life Jewel
    – Getting all Life Jewels
    – Beating the game with no whip upgrades
    – Beating Mother with one weapon
    – Finding all weapons
    – Beating a guardian without taking damage
    – Each whip upgrade should be an achievement
    – Activating a trap (except a trap necessary to beat the game, such as the one in the Chamber of Birth to get the Women Statue)
    – Defeating the guardians in numeric order
    – Finding all software
    – Unlocking the Gate of Time

    Would the version with these achievements also be available on Playism?

  39. The Man says:

    Here’s a few:

    Parade: Have everyone show up in the ending sequence.

    Blood-Stained hands: Obtain the Anhk jewel from Spring in the Sky.

    Kid Speedy: Complete the ending sequence is a timely fashion.

    Hi!: Meet a developer.

    Worth it: Complete Hell temple.

    Memory Lane: Enter/Complete Gate of Time.

  40. Kyle Jordan-Parker says:

    The achievements that immediately spring to my mind are these:

    8 Achievements for beating the 8 Guardians
    1 for completing the game.
    1 for completing the game in under a set time (5/6 hours perhaps?)
    1 for completing the game in Hard Mode
    1 for reaching the entrance to Hell Temple
    1 for clearing Hell Temple
    1 for collecting/upgrading every weapon
    1 for collecting all of the software
    1 for finding the Gate of Time
    1 for reading every tablet.
    4 for the Time Attacks, 1 each for every Expert level challenge completed.

    These are just ideas to get you thinking, no doubt there are others who will have better or more appropriate suggestions!

    Finally, congratulations once more for making it through Greenlight, and I look forward to playing through again on Steam 😀

  41. Renato Silva says:

    Hi guys!
    I’ve been working for the game industry for some years and I must say that la-mulana is a beyond fantastic game. It’s not one of the most accessible games so I’d recommend putting as many achievments as you can get so players are rewarded for their actions for the most of the time and don’t get frustrated. But it really depends on how you got everything implemented for the game, tracking achievments can be painful sometimes.

    My siggestion would be having some:
    – Main progression achievments: things like achievments for defeating bosses
    – Side quest progression: Finding X soft, reading X tablets, finding X pearls, breaking every breakable wall, collecting a total of X gold, etc…
    – Hardcore achievments: Completing the game in under than X hours, killing a boss without using sub-weapons, that sort of stuff
    – Random stuff: Die X times, Having 666 gold, and other funny stuff.

    Please contact me if you need help, I’m really willing to help this project, already did by making a campaing to all people I know.

    Good luck!

  42. It is a huge game, so quite a few. For players who don’t have experience you can use the acheivements as hints, like an achievment for using a certain software combo, or for talking to Mulbruk.

    -An achievement for beating each boss “Elmac is defeated!”

    -An acheivement for activating hard mode “You can do it!”

    -For getting a % of the software “Software Collector” “Mobile Super X enthusiast”

    -For using software combos “How did this work!? (improving whip/ weapons)” “All the worlds gold (using the treasure fairy combo)

    -For any ‘extra’ item “You can’t touch this! (Scripture)”

  43. Eric says:

    A lof of people find that achievements in games are too easy to get, such as “Achievement for beating stage 1” which is done in a lot of modern releases nowadays. You guys should make achievements highlighting all the optional things you can accomplish in La-Mulana, such as obtaining the Flail Whip or beating the game on Hard Mode (Of course, you should also have achievements for beating the game normally)

  44. Jack Dandy says:

    The number of achievements.. Well, that’s really up to you!

    -Finding the first save point
    -Finding the holy grail
    -Defeating the Hell Temple.
    -Ones for the time attack..
    -Finding all the whips
    -Finding all the health orbs
    -Finding ALL the save points
    -Beating the game on “Hard” mode..
    -Finding all the programs

  45. Sabin Stargem says:

    It is good to see that La-Mulana is going to reach more people. Congratulations! 🙂

    On the topic of Achivements, they come in a couple of different forms.

    1) Mandatory achivements, which are given whenever the player reaches a certain point in the game. For example, defeating The Mother and winning the game would certainly warrant an achievement. You could put in an achivement for beating each boss, since they essentially represent that the player is progressing towards the end of the game.

    2) Optional achivements are rewarded for doing things that are not needed to win the game. For example, Hell Temple itself would pretty much be a crowning achievement for any player of La-Mulana. Other ones come to mind:

    2A) This belongs in a museum – All items in the game have been collected.

    2B) Xelpud’s Disciple – Used all program combinations.

    2C) Mr. Explorer – Fully mapped out or explored the ruins.

    2D) Balancing the Scales – Successfully solve the scale puzzle.

    2E) Ninja Heritage – Obtain the optional whip upgrade.

    2F) Foolish One – Read the difficulty-changing tablet in the Giant’s Mausoleum.

    2G) Mighty One – Read the difficulty tablet before beating any boss, and then complete Hell Temple at this difficulty setting.

    2H) Immortal – Complete the Hell Temple without collecting any Health Jewels.

    2I) Mr. Moneybags – Buy all items and max out consumable weapons, weights, and money.

  46. cylex7 says:

    First off, thank you for this!

    Second, will it be for Mac???

    Third, there should be achievements for beating bosses, sequence breaking, getting difficult items, and completing the entire map of an area as well as one for not saving any dialogue. Beating bosses with a specific item (or just the knife) and not losing any health during bosses. Music should be unlocked upon beating bosses / finding the warp grail points (and being able to read them).

    I also recommend that you release the guide book in english among other languages.

    Also, when is the targeted release date?

    Hope this helps and I will be playing this soon!

  47. David says:

    1. I think between 5 and 10 achievements would be enough, there don’t need to be too many.
    2. Some things achievements could be given for include beating the game, beating Hell Temple, reaching a target time in Time Attack, finding the secret developer messages, and finding all software/weapons/items. Maybe since it’s such a difficult puzzle, solving the Scale room could have an achievement.

  48. Sevan says:

    killing a boss = 1 achievment
    entering a new level = 1 achievment
    these are easy ones to get…

  49. Achievements often have icons with art on them. You could have nice pictures for each one!

  50. DalekSam says:

    I do think a good balanced amount of achievements would be good for the game. The point is, they’re supposed to lead to a goal of sorts or sometimes help the player into doing a task – achievements like unlocking Hell Temple, defeating all the bosses, collecting all the items, beating the game in X amount of time, stuff like that.

    I’m sure others would elaborate further, but Steam achievements don’t need to be fancy or extravagant – just there as a sidetask for the player or to hint the player into what to do if stuck – and considering this is La-Mulana, I expect some VERY vague hints!

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