Thanks to everyone, LA-MULANA has got through Steam Greenlight!
Namely, it will be released on Steam.
We really appreciate your backup.

But, it’s going to be a real festival when LA-MULANA is actually released on Steam and sold well.
We just stand the starting line for now.

So, what we have to do after this is to fix LA-MULANA for Steam.
It has to be working on Steam client, and then we put “achievements” in it.
But, to be honest, we don’t know much about “achievements”.

For the memory of passing Greenlight, we want to have a questionnaire after such a long time.

1. How many “achievements” do you think are necessary for LA-MULANA?
2. What sort of “achievements” do you think is worth existing for LA-MULANA?

When LA-MULANA is released on Steam, we might say that this LA-MULANA project is over.
We are so excited to have you in the LA-MULANA’s last festival!


  1. Armored Chocobo says:


    “Actually a flail: Collect the mace”

    To be COMPLETELY correct it’s actually more like a Meteor Hammer.

    Maces usually have knobs or bladed flanges, Morning stars have spikes and neither of those 2 have chains.

    Flails are usually a cross-breed of a whip and a Morning star, having spikes and attached to a mace-like stick with a chain.

    From what it looks and acts in the game (using it like a whip instead of spinning it around like a Flail normally works), It’s more like a spikey, one-headed Meteor Hammer.

  2. Mettking says:

    Finally commenting on this site. Since the game’s ending scene adds characters for achievements already (All maps, all hard bosses, 10 hour clear, ect.), a lot of those could be converted into achievements. As for new achievements:

    We fixed that: Try and skip the lamp of time puzzle.

    Trusted weapon: Finish the mother with the leather whip (do not collect chain whip or mace, last hit only required)

    Actually a flail: Collect the mace

    Cheap Knockoff: Buy the silver shield

    Veteran: Beat each form of the mother with specific weapons. (Keysword, Knife, Axe, Katana, and Whip; reference to the original game’s final fight.)

    Chosen one?: Use the wrong medicines on the mother.

    I got here as fast as I could: Go to Xelpad after his first urgent message

    Let there be light: Light up the Chamber of Extiction

    Too bright!: Perminantly light up Chamber of Extinction

    Shmup: Defeat 6th boss using only shuriken

    Thou art a fool: trigger the explosive chest in Gate of Illusion

    There’s probably more, but none I can think of.

  3. T-Mick says:

    Nice work guys!

    Can’t wait to see the achievements, whatever they may be. 🙂


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