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LA-MULANA has been undergoing the final lot check, and we hope the release date is determined soon.
Meanwhile, we are going to publish new information which has not been revealed in detail in Japan.

At this time, let’s talk about the download contents.
The title is “La-Mulana Hell”, it is consist of two parts.

The one is super high difficulty field called “Hell Temple” which existed in original edition, and another one is time-attack-style bosses rush battles which you can try to fight against “Room Guarders” or “Guardians”. We had lots of request for that when we decided to remake LA-MULANA .

(Please wait English version…)


  1. colour_thief says:

    I’m glad the penultimate lot check is completed!

  2. Well I been waiting for ages for this game to come out. It wont hurt to wait a little more.

  3. Kesley says:

    I don’t think I have ever anticipated the coming of a game this long. I still can’t wait!

  4. Nightgazer says:

    Hopefully that means we’ll see it soon! Ive been saving my points a long time for this.

  5. Nabe says:

    It’s always interesting how people feel entitled to estimated release dates, when they’ve heard the reason the date is no longer valid and when they’re consumers of the product rather than its creators. Things in life seldom work out as planned or projected, because unforeseen factors often come into play.

    The actual news here is that the game is undergoing final lot check, which means the nondescript waiting period for this game is shorter than it used to be. And that’s entirely good news.

  6. Namo says:

    inb4 more mad people

    I’m glad to see an update though. Day one purchase on this game and its DLC for sure.

  7. Bill says:

    Hurray… hell temple and a boss rush… two things everyone waiting patiently for the game to finally come out already knew about

    as far as I’m concerned this isn’t an update. Just hurry up and release the game already. I think being told “winter of ’09” and first and then waiting this long is long enough. (not to mention the fact that it was previously said that all versions would be released simultaneously and it’s been almost 4 months since jp release, or the fact that it was already translated at that point)

  8. UltraJMan says:


  9. Anonymous52555 says:

    Sweet an update. The main reason I want La Mulana is for the DLC :). Hell Temple was so much fun in the original I’m sure you pulled out all the stops in the wii version. Can’t wait 😀

  10. Jesus says:

    Finally news … keep the good work … can’t wait for its release

  11. Just when I was starting to worry I see another update!

    With any luck hopefully this game makes it out for holiday 2011!

  12. tinman says:

    Will buy and will recommend the game to other gamers as well!

  13. KamenRiderGumo says:

    Cannot wait for this! It’s getting closer and closer and I’ll finally be able to replay La-Mulana in its new form. I’ve been practicing the original Hell Temple to brush up on my platforming skills. Keep up the good work, Nigoro!

  14. Hurrah! News at last!

    I’m glad the lot check’s are nearly done, and, hopefully, the game releases next week!

    …OK, maybe too much to expect, but, honestly, can’t wait, NIGORO.

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