What? Did a new year begin?

Hi there!

I stayed at home in the time to clean the whole house at the end of the year and the new year, because I’m just scared of my wife.
If a man doesn’t earn, he could only follow his wife… How about America?

Finally, it becomes the year LA-MULANA is released as it’s starting new year.
Of course, I can’t tell that it would be in this spring or this winter.

the on-sale date is not sure, because we can’t decided it for our own convenience.
However, we left only about one month to develop LA-MULANA.
We have already finished making without a demo and bosses. We believe that.

The date will be officially announced soon after finishing our development.
Then, we are going to develop download contents and start promoting LA-MULANA.
It means new pictures and movies would be announced one after another. probably.
The game which I made a couple years ago as my hoby is loved by people all over the world, and it is about to come to be in major market. I don’t know that in oversea countries, at least in japan, it’s a rare case which such a small creative group produce a game by theirselves in 3 years without supporting by big company.

we don’t have a power which we change game industry by ourselves. but, we’ll do our best as the group who make a different game from others.
If we succeed to make this way, I guess the people followed us would be coming and make another stream in this game industry.

This year would be the first year of that. we are going to develop LA-MULANA and announce lots of information playfully like a festival until releasing it. So, let’s jump up!!


  1. Namo says:

    Haha, yeah, its the same over here, too.

    Its true, not many small hobbyists can release games as quick as you will be. Its not common, really, and only once in awhile do you hear those success stories where a small hobbyist programmer is picked up by a big company. But since you guys are small being picked up by a small company, all the assets and creative control go straight to you!

  2. LOL, poor guy 🙁

    At any rate, excited for any new news/info about what is so far my most anticipated game (wiiware or otherwise) of 2010.

    Best of luck with the rest of development!

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