Detailed Production Added

LA-MULANA is a 2D game.

Now, only few 2D games are still being released (in comparison to 3D).
They have a disadvantage under the advertising when compared to 3D games.

First, 2D games are viewed as “old”, and will usually lose against flashy 3D games.
However, we know there are players who want to buy La-Mulana and who don’t worry much about the flash in 3D games.

They can still identify a fun game, regardless of its looks, but even then we still try to provide screenshots on magazines and assets that can hopefully match up to 3D games.

Basically, La-Mulana for the Wii is a remake of the original version.
There are a few changes, but the basics are the same and you can feel that La-Mulana’s graphics are much prettier with the new Wii version.

It may be that we’ve become pickier because something we created is now spreading around the world.
That’s why we added increased the production values by implementing art such as dust flying up when Lemeza jumps, flying sparks when hitting the wall with metal, and large amounts of dust appear with shaking display when something large falls down.

These are not changes that would necessarily make the game more fun, but these small things decide La-Mulana’s impression to the eyes of the players so, for as much as time allows, we want to add these special elements.


  1. Kapow says:

    If you look at the console online stores (WiiWare, PSN, Xbox Live) 2D gaming is making a huge comeback. I think this is a great time to be doing a project like this.

  2. Glenn Magus Harvey says:

    By the way, unrelated comment:

    You should include a reference to the Haruhi Suzumiya series in the Endless Corridor, since that area is area 8, and that series has had a famous feature called “Endless Eight”.

  3. Zecks says:

    @John (and everyone else who is asking this constantly): From what I remember he said there isn’t going to be enough space (due to limitations) to include them.

  4. @John:

    According to Nigoro, Nicalis asked them about that before production started and they instantly said no.

  5. John says:

    I agree that the graphics and looks of a game are not what are ultimately important to a game’s critical success and quality.

    But I am also a weird person who not only enjoys antiquated graphics but thinks that, in some cases, they are highly aesthetically pleasing.

    Please, Nigoro, if you haven’t planned on doing so already, give the player an option to use the original La-Mulana’s tilesets!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’m glad that the graphics/animations/music/effects have had extra love added to them. 😀

    I just hope the game when released will have much more new/added content and suprises/easter eggs than the freeware version. 🙂

    I’m also hoping there will be at least a nod to the original jokes/rom combo awesomeness! 😀

    I’ve heard that some content was removed or altered… 🙁

    …I hope you’re able to fit back what was removed somewhere back in, or at least move it somewhere new as a secret/easter egg. 🙂

  7. @FoolyCooly
    Naramura has stated in a recent NintedoLife interview that the game will be done at least before the end of fall.

  8. None says:

    I’d buy it even if it had Atari 2600 graphics (don’t know how that’d work), just to support you guys for the original. It’s the game that matters, and this game is pretty damn good.

  9. I feel that those who still play 2D games in this era of 3D games have greater attention to detail since the nuances of 2D graphics are a lot more important. Because today’s hardware is able to produce greater effects with both 2D and 3D, people will expect much more from 2D. It matters not as much that the graphical style is rich, but that it’s consistent.

  10. Andy Ritter says:

    As an aspiring writer struggling with an obsession with environmental detail, I can tell you that too much detail can be a bad thing; but enough detail to create atmosphere can be a very good thing.

    I have a question about La-Mulana- is the game going to be exclusive to WiiWare forever, or would you consider releasing it on other platforms too? I would love to see it on XBLA or even Steam- the game would easily find a home and plenty of fans on either.

  11. Sadly, your post is correct in all aspects. There are so many people who wouldn’t even go near a 2D game because all they play is generic games like Call of Duty.

    And sadly, the truth is, no matter how many visual effects you add, they still won’t play it. I still can’t get my Call of Duty friends to play Cave Story, and they are really missing out.

    Anyway, we’ve seen some of the visual effects already in the videos. Although I think we only saw the dust effects. But still, it’s a nice edition, because a giant piece of stone can’t just slide along another piece of stone without there being some dust.

  12. FoolyCooly says:

    Each time Naramura updates the blog, I’m a bit closer to Nirvana. Release it already. Or at least give us a release date…

  13. Indeed, it’s the little touches that make the game much more awesome. Can’t wait for it!

  14. Brent says:

    Yes take all the time to add those effects. They make the game feel more solid and real. I can’t wait to see the game when its all finished.

    Good Luck

  15. Andy P says:

    Small details are important, but like the post suggests. It doesn’t make the game. Looking at Metroid, Super Mario, or even Castlevania, those games are timeless with their gameplay mechanics. Alot of these new FPS games just dont have the feel of actually making me want to come back to them. Im really glad you guys keep updating your blog. It keeps me excited for when its actually released sometime in November. (or when its supposed to be released, Sometime in the fall i think?)

  16. azul120 says:

    Can we expect Nicalis to be there with a playable demo over at Penny Arcade Expo West? I remember they were showing off Cave Story last year. This year I’m actually attending.

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