De España!

Although we, NIGORO, are the ones creating La-Mulana, the ones selling and promoting it outside of Japan is NICALIS.

The one of the bosses at Nicalis is Tyrone. He’s an American of Latin heritage.
It seems that he was called to Madrid, Spain to give a lecture at an even called Ideame.

Apparently, he had college students there try out the current version La-Mulana.
Keep in mind that while the US knew about the Commodore and Amiga, Spain is largely rooted to MSX.
There seemed to have been several students who played the original version of La-Mulana. Of those, two had cleared the entire game.

If they’re college students now, that means they had played the original version in their late teens.
To think that people so young not only thought the original game was fun, but that there were also people who had cleared the game.
There was a high percentage of people who knew of La-Mulana in the lecture at the university Tyrone was called to visit.

From what those people played, “It’s much easier to play than the original game,” and that “the graphics look cool!” Although we were worried that the remake would be less fun, we feel at ease to know there are people that continue to wait to play in anticipation.

However, are there a lot of people who want to play La-Mulana in Europe let alone Spain.


  1. FireSeraphim says:

    Shut up FoolyCooly and Andy P. I know that you may think it’s not a valid development approch due the the fate of Duke Nukem Forever. But I’m sure that the creators of La-mulana will have the WII version of this game finished
    “When it’s Done” and not a moment sooner.

  2. I certainly hope the European release of La Mulana will be faster than that of Cave Story’s. Cave Story hasn’t even been released here yet and recently the release date on Nintendo’s site was changed from “summer” to “tba”.

  3. Lokarin says:

    I was asked earlier this year what my most anticipated game was. I promptly answered “La-Mulana”. Even now with Starcraft 2 fresh out of the box I STILL would prefer to play La-Mulana.

    There’s a certain heart to indy games that has somehow been lost in the last 15 years of pop games. I have a feeling that this game, once released, has the potential to cause a paradigm shift in the way people look at games.

    Only time will tell…

  4. Andy P says:


  5. Pyrothon says:

    I cannot wait for the day it’s released in Europe. I truly wish to return to La-Mulana once more.

  6. FoolyCooly says:


  7. I know that the Russians were huge fans of the MSX back in its day. You should ask them next.

  8. Socob says:

    I don’t think anyone has ever heard of the MSX in Germany, and yet, I knew about La-Mulana when I was only 14 years old. Such is the power of a great game (and the Internet).

  9. My grandfather, though American, once sailed down to Brazil while in the Navy and picked up an MSX; apparently the MSX was popular there as well and was a close competitor with the Sega Master System. It stopped working last year, but I did manage to complete Maze of Galious.

    But yes, please do make sure you get it to Europe as soon as you can. The wait for Cave Story was bad enough for Americans like me!

  10. Kees says:

    Can’t wait to play it on my WII. Just hope to see it released shortly after the US release over here in Europe.

    Not only in Spain but also in the Netherlands the MSX had a solid base of users. Check out the following site to see that there are still users active on MSX in Europe.

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