Current Status

I’m able to rest assured now that there is a movie we have shown of La-Mulana working on the Wii.

To explain our current status, we’ve started prioritizing the basic parts of all actions of the main character as well as the enemies and traps, too.

The other day, we more or less finished implementation of all the main character’s actions, so duplex will now begin development of the menu and stores.

Because we can’t create a screen to show everyone by making only base parts, Samieru and I proceeded with the initial number of field maps and enemy characters. The work for these two will not change. We will continue to tirelessly create the maps and enemies.

And, since aside from being the graphic lead, I plan/design, confirm specs, compose music and do public relations, there is a problem with the issue of time. So, the designing of the graphic for the enemy characters–which I was hoping to have all done by middle of this month–will not be done in time.

noweditThat’s why we’re proceeding with the enemy AI by using the original graphics as placeholder.The completed graphics (though not touched up) of the enemy characters are enemies of the Guidance Gate. So, up to the Sky Water Source, we’re testing with temporary single color graphics and anything after that is with the original graphics.

Once the map work settles down, we will need to draw in the enemy character art.

That is where I would like to ask for your opinion. If we show everyone the new screens, they are similar to the previous gameplay movie with the incomplete enemy graphics and maps.

But if doing this only brings up more questions such as, “Are these graphics complete?” or “Isn’t the screen kind of dark?”, then we think we’ll wait until the art is done.

Major game companies adjust the development timing and, at the same time, make the same screens public on the Internet and magazines to avoid biased info from being released. We are a small company that cannot even advertise in magazines. Where we might not be able to advertise, we aren’t bound by the need to have certain info out by a specified date.

If that’s the case, we feel we can show everyone creations in the works and get everyone’s feedback, but what do you think?

Please tell us your opinions.


  1. Agent Baron says:

    As long as you can acknowledge progress, so will the truly faithful follow you to the very end. It’s nice to see what you’ve got going, but don’t press yourselves so much to give teasers and reveal footage as that could also take away from valuable work time. It’s because you’re a small company, yet so dedicated to this project that people trust you and believe in you just as I do too. Indie companies are beginning to make a mark in this world, slowly becoming as apparent as the big name companies themselves and it’s all because of the honest efforts that are put into your work. Long story short, I think the truly faithful appreciate updates but also acknowledge the game as more than one hundred times more important than reminding us of your diligence. Best wishes in all of your endeavors!

  2. SupahSonic12 says:

    I know you guys said there would be no minigames, but minigames starring Catball and Surprise Fish would be pretty cool.

  3. Majutsukai says:

    Yeah, I think you ARE alone in that. The Algol looks awesome.

  4. mosquito.01 says:

    I may be alone in this, but I quite dislike how the Algol moves in 0:30-0:35. In my opinion the “super FX 2” type effects used there feel cheap, out of place, and have far less appeal than several frames of ‘hand-drawn’ sprite animation would. (just my opinion!)

    otherwise, wonderful video. Some of those background graphics – Temple of the Sun in particular – are simply gorgeous!! each piece of new information makes me more excited for this game — I would definitely love to see more screens and videos as progress continues, and I think these would be a great way to get people’s attention.

  5. Abster says:

    Well, you could just put a message in the video that says “this is a work in progress and gameplay or graphics may change in the final product” This could help surpress those people wondering if the graphics are done.

  6. Arcuard says:

    Regarding personal opinion, I would like to see any progress available. Generally, people will probably react as expected, “Is this finished product?” Maybe a title at the beginning stating very clearly some graphics are still under construction could stave off a number of those comments however. Continue to work hard, we await the release!

  7. madamluna says:

    I love the WIP videos and images, personally. Thank you for clarifying the single-color enemy sprites, I figured you guys were going to add in the complete enemy art later. There’s certainly going to be a lot of it.

    I think it’s not a bad idea to keep showing new screens, as long as (like DarkTetsuya said) they’re marked with WIP and you explain along the way “this is going to change, this enemy isn’t finished.” That should hopefully cut down on the questions.

  8. From what I saw in the video, the game looks great in action! I love that you have this blog on your state to keep us up to date with what is going on. It may have already been answered before, but will the WiiWare version of “LA-MULANA” let you switch between the new improved graphics and the original graphics ala “Cave Story”? Keep up the great work! Thanks.

  9. MrSquidon says:

    I believe progress Videos and Screen shots would be fantastic.
    It not only reassures people that you are doing your best and your working hard, but it will also show that you are giving it you’re all and that you are continuously experimenting with all the elements to get everything just right, which in the eye’s of people will portray professionalism and respect.

    As well it’s a fantastic way to get some publicity mind you! As everyone always likes to see what goes into a game and the steps on making one. After all, people are always fascinated with the creation of some thing, whether it be a rubber band, a sky scraper, a movie, or even a game in this case.

  10. Personally, I think that WIP footage of the game could really help the development cycle, and draw more attention to the progress you’ve been able to make. Just try to make known what is and isn’t done, so people are less likely to give “is this art finished?” comments.

    Another thing I just wanted to point out now that I rewatched the WIP gameplay video, is that the landing animation for the long distance fall looks a litte strange to me. I think it’s the fact that Lemeza doesn’t have any getting-back-up part to landing.

    Might look more natural if instead of falling on his back, he squats due to the impact. That’s what Castlevania games do for long distance falls, I think. And it also makes it easier to animate a believable, fast getting-up animation.

    Nothing major, just seems a bit weird. Of course, the original didn’t have these sorts of animations so there was less chance to nit-pick, hehe.

    I’ve almost beaten the original! Mother is challenging though. I keep forgetting the Charity/Kindness sequence.

  11. I would totally love to see more of the ‘in-progress’ footage, just be sure to mark the video with ‘Work in progress’ or something simliar, so those that don’t already know won’t be wondering why everything seems so unfinished.


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