The year is really coming to an end, isn’t it.

I wish that it’d never end.

I’m pretty sure there are some of you who may have already noticed, but La-Mulana will be releasing next year.
What’s that you say? I told you winter of 2009? Oh, and it’s on the top page? You should really check the top page. I don’t see anything written there mentioning 2009! 🙂

Now then, since this erroneous release date has been settled this is more of a year-end greeting.
Discussions about La-Mulana on WiiWare were stirred last year, but the development didn’t actually start until spring of this year.
That means we’ve been developing La-Mulana now for over a half year.

Anyway, we decided this year to release the game on the WiiWare service.
It’s been difficult living and working while lacking enough budget or time.


With this announcement of La-Mulana, I believe that, although it’s a small announcement, we can really kick start NIGORO as a console game development company.

And for those of you who are considering to buy a Wii to play La-Mulana, we’re working hard everyday for you. Our aim is to have at least one stable release each half year from next year.

So, if you buy a Wii, you’ll be able to continue enjoying NIGORO games. Please look forward to the next year!


  1. @FoolyCooly

    Hmm, I guess I missed that part. Ok then, I won’t delete it. It’s just that I was kinda peeved that the graphics freak out in Win 7 forcing me to reboot the computer in Vista.

  2. I have never played La Mulana, but I’m really looking forward to playing it on the Wii. By the time I found out about La Mulana, the Wii version was already in development, so I rather wait for this definitite version.
    I’m one of many oldskool gamers that developed a love for hard & awesome (mainly Japanese) games. I’ve been watching the playtest video’s for a while and recently some of your interviews. I really like what they showed me. Your love and devotion to make La Mulana an excellent game shines through.

    There seems to be a general consensus that La Mulana is a very hard game. I’ve read a few blog entries here about making the game a bit more forgiving. To reach a broader market on the Wii (a younger, western audience), do you think this is enough? Have you considered adding an easy mode? I think this could be a good way to make the game more accessible.
    I’ve been thinking about this because my impression is that it doesn’t look like a game that would be very attractive to this audience.

  3. Yeah initially I was a little disappointed when I heard the game wasn’t gonna make 2009… but I really think it’ll be worth the wait.

    And I’ll probably keep the PC version around, for old time’s sake.

  4. Namo says:

    And a big thanks to you too, Nigoro!

    Its great and refreshing to see a development team that is this involved with its userbase! You even answer our questions and concerns. You guys rock!

    Happy new year, you guys!

  5. FoolyCooly says:

    Hey, Briman43, don’t delete the PC version!!! Don’t you remember what they said? It’s very likely that the game will give completely different experiences when played! They are not exactly the same game!

  6. madamluna says:

    I’d like to say thank you as well; it’s very heartening to see all the regular, informative updates that you guys make, and how you answer our questions and listen to our concerns. We love NIGORO and we love La-Mulana, and it’s good to see that you love us back.

    I think La-Mulana Wii will be good for you too. You guys got popular with Rose & Camellia, and I like your Flash games, but La-Mulana Wii proves that you can still do larger, more difficult, more polished projects.

    Happy new year! Let’s make our hearts all aflutter in 2010!!

  7. Sternsänger says:

    Happy New Year to the whole La-Mulana Team! 😀 Looking forward to 2010, La-Mulana and your other Games for the Wii!

  8. I think I’ll just delete the PC version of La-Mulana and buy this version when it comes out. The WiiWare version is going to be slightly (only slightly) less relentless, right? Even if it isn’t, I’ll still buy it anyway depending on how much it is 😀

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