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instrumentsWe plan on replacing the original music with new music, same as we’re doing with the graphics.

I’d rather remake it close to SSCC version with the quality of sound as arranged MIDI from the original game.

Shown in the picture above are percussion instruments which were purchased on an overseas trip. This was in order to make sounds of LA-MULANA for WiiWare.

I record these sounds and then use them as tones for the music. I have to prepare them myself, the same way I did for the PC version.

I sample these instruments, like the guitar with the highest-quality sound source possible.

The main tool is Yamaha’s famous SY-85. At the time, it was the highest quality machine that could make PCM sound source and FM, too. It also can make life-like strings and mechanical sounds. This is how I composed music when I was a student.

I’m preparing audio via the Roland SC-88vl and Apple’s GarageBand, used for Nigoro games.
Though I have to make the artwork, maps, position enemies and update information here, I’ll revise the music as the schedule permits.

if a song isn’t completed, we’ll release it on the website anyway.
We’ll announce the completed music.


  1. naramura says:

    I newly arrange all original versions to this music for Wii.
    The production of music fights hard.
    I have not received the specialized instruction on music.
    Because this game is sold, this time becomes Music’s work as the professional
    for the first time.
    Therefore, I want to keep the quality as the professional by spending a lot of

    I am writing all the texts of this site.

  2. Namo says:

    Yeah, I’m a bit concerned too.

    Did you mean that all of the original music will be replaced with different music, or that the music will just be remade?

  3. Majutsukai says:

    One more thing.

    Is it possible that the soundtrack will be available for download when it’s completed?

    It sounded as if that might be the case from this post, but I wasn’t sure.

  4. madamluna says:

    Sounds good! Maybe we can hear some samples sometime.

    (One thing–could you guys put down which staff member is making which blog entry? It just gets listed under “LA-MULANA STAFF” so I’m not sure if it was Naramura or Samieru making this post.)

  5. MacDaddyNook says:

    I am very very excited about this game, and the music is one of my favorite elements from the original. I have to admit, I am a little puzzled by what is meant by “replacing the old music with new music.” I’m really curious to know if that means that the actual songs themselves will be replaced with entirely new songs, or that the versions present in the original will be replaced with new versions. Either way, I’m definately looking forward to picking this up on my Wii.

  6. Canti says:


  7. I’m also looking forward to hearing the ‘prototype’/unreleased music if you plan on posting it here, this is one wiiware title I fully intend to pick up!

  8. Thats really interesting, guys. I had no idea you were going to use real instruments and then arrange them as if Midi samples.

    But if its too high quality, won’t you run out of space?

  9. Abster says:

    The Konami Rebirth series and Mega Man 9 has shown us that it remains possible to do chiptune music with Wiiware. Nice to hear that you plan to push the music more towards its SSCC versions.

  10. Majutsukai says:

    Can’t wait to hear the result.

  11. I think it’ll be really interesting to hear the music that didn’t make the cut! Looking forward to it.

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