A mysterious software

Players who have already started LA-MULANA might know that game software you can get as items are NIGORO’s Flash games.

When you run a couple of certain software, useful effects are brought out.

We thought out those effects based on actual Flash games’ contents.

For example, “Death Village”, which is a puzzle game and has a time limit, exerts something related to “time” in LA-MULANA.

You can guess the combination effects without walk-through information if you play Flash games on NIGORO website.

However, one mysterious software is included in, isn’t it?


This title was provided for a certain metaverse service, and it is one of the NIGORO games which released only in Japan.

Now, it becomes a shadowy title that is impossible to play even in Japan.

We are very proud of the game among NIGORO Flash games, but we hardly took action to re-release it.
We wanted to publish it overseas when English version’s LA-MULANA for WiiWare was on sale.
It ends up such a time.

But the English version was prepared step by step, then we have finally finished it.
So, let’s try this mysterious game and see what it is like before Steam version is out.

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