We are sorry.

LA-MULANA has returned from Nintendo after the lot inspection.
After that we are debugging without a break.

But, we have a tough time of fixing the part of buying and reading download contents.
It takes long time beyond our expectation.

We did a lot of thinking.
As a result, we come to the conclusion we abandoned to release it in 2010.
Because, it’s better to enhance the completeness instead of completing it roughly in a hurry.

We are so sorry.

To tell the detail, we didn’t have a well-organized test environment of network connection, because of a few members and a minimum developing environment.
It takes long time for unexpected things.

We are really frustrating to our ineffectuality like being stuck at such a thing.
Above all, we are sorry for the people who are waiting LA-MULANA.
And also, we are sad to be considered that NIGORO is always late.

We, however, said to release it in winter 2009 at first.
It’s been already delayed more than one year, so that we think it’s not big deal few more months.
And then, looking back what we declared, nothing might be in time so far.

Now that things have come to this pass, we will spend all time to enhance the completeness.
We are going to stick to fixing tiny defects which we missed, adjusting traps and difficulty, updating this website and uploading movies.

Please wait for a while.

To be honest, we’d like to release download contents included in “Hell Sanctuary” a month after LA-MULANA released, though.
As a token of our apology, we will aim to release them at same time.


  1. naramura says:

    Thanks for all.
    We do not give it up.
    Yes, we can!

  2. Valesti says:

    Never apologize for taking the time to make your own art good enough for yourself. You guys are the best.

  3. NARFNra says:

    Don’t worry guys, we weren’t really believing it’d get out by 2010 anyway. It’s a huge game, with lots of little things, so we’re quite glad it’s getting released at all! Good luck!

  4. Darren Forest says:

    If it means a polished game, I can wait. Heck, I’m still playing through the PC version, so I have something to pass the time ;D

    Also, is there any chance of this perhaps being released on other systems also, so folks that don’t have a Wii can experience the game on a console? If it’s only a matter of button mapping and changing “press 1” to “press X” and et cetera, I can’t think of why not… but on the other hand, the depths of programming knowledge I have is limited to barely knowing hexadecimal.

  5. Garlyle says:

    I would much rather have a La-Mulana that is complete and fully functional than a product that is buggy. There’s already enough obstacles in the game to keep you from completing it – being in danger of glitches wouldn’t help at all, haha!

    You guys have my full support. (Besides, it will probably take me up until the game’s release to finally manage to beat the original’s final boss!)

  6. markwritesmusic says:

    I don’t get why you guys are freaking out and dulling out apologies… I understand you said it’d be out by the end of 2010… But what’s a few more months to make sure it turns out the way you want it to? What’s a few more months when it comes to releasing a product that is closer to the vision you initially started out with? I’d rather wait another few months and get a game I can pick up and play through smoothly, than to get to Giant’s Masoleum and have some bug completely break the game and I can’t play any further. Take your time, iron out the details. You know we’ll all wait as long as it takes!

  7. As others have said, and I realise it may be a cultural thing, don’t be too hard on yourselves. It’s only a good thing that the game is being delayed for a better product. What’s time anyways? According to quantum physics it’s just an illusion.

  8. I’ll add my voice. I much prefer a complete, unbugged product to a rush release.

  9. You can do it, we support you! Playing La Mulana requires much patience, therefore we will wait patiently for 2011.

  10. Lime_God says:

    Hey, don’t worry about it. I’m excited for the game, but I’d rather have a great game later than one with problems now. Good luck guys, and thank you for all your hard work so far.

  11. Aegeus says:

    “A late game is eventually good. A rushed game is bad forever.”

  12. Parapsyche says:

    Take your time and polish it all you need to, guys 🙂 It’s gonna wind up being an awesome game and that’s what matters!

  13. MacDaddyNook says:

    No worries, you guys are doing the right thing. I’m glad you’re taking the time out to make sure it can be the best game it can be, even if that means pushing the date back a bit more. I rather have a great game next year than a rushed on this holiday. When it comes out, I know it will be great. Kudos to you guys for doing the smart thing and keep up the great work.

    Also, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you guys!

  14. Blechy says:

    You definitely have a lot of loyal fans ready to wait! I’m not particularly phased by not having it in 2010, I’m just stoked to have it sooner or later because I know the extra time you’re spending will be worth it.

  15. Abster says:

    Not terribly surprised by this. I don’t mind a fair wait if it means a good game. The game I’m making has no solid release window either. :p

  16. MoneyMan says:

    Whew, when I read the title “We are sorry” I was worried the game was canceled. Glad to see that’s not the case. I’m ok with this coming out even later than expected, it must be hard work making a game. It’s better to take your time and make a good game, than to rush and end up with a sloppy game.

  17. William Bumgarner says:

    Don’t be so hard on yourselves. As many have said before me, I’d rather it be polished when it is released than be released with a lot of bugs and glitches. I play “World of Warcraft” and I can speak for a lot of people when I say that I would have rather waited ’til some time in the Spring for them to fix the multiple glitches I found that border on game-breaking and -then- the expansion be released rather than them crank out something that’s not finished. So, yeah; take your time. It’ll be worth it. Keep on track, keep doing what you’ve been doing and your loyal fans will be here, waiting for the day when the best independent 2D action/adventure/platformer ever made comes to WiiWare.

  18. @Magnalon Just because Nintendo does want games filled with bugs, their policies are “draconian?” Most people would rather have a game be perfect right when it comes out, not to be fixed with later patches. And what are you talking about with devs jumping ship? Super Meat Boy is still coming out for Wiiware, they’re just working on compressing the file size

  19. JasonPaul says:

    As I’ve said before, you guys take all the time you need to perfect this game. It’ll be worth it in the end.

  20. Thats ok Nigoro, as said before these lotchecks are nintendo-hard. The game will come out and it will be the sexiest game on wiiware…..with the skimpy swimsuit XD Damn you Duracuets

  21. Underwhelmed says:

    Hey, I waited forever for an english translation of the original La-Mulana, and when it did appear it was worth the wait. I suspect that when this version gets passed through approval it will again, be worth the wait.

  22. Thor says:

    It’s alright. Don’t be so hard on yourselves. As has been said before, Nintendo and their lotchecks are notoriously difficult, with few games, if any, passing on the first try. Besides, I and all the others waiting for this game know that it will be worth all of the delays.

    Even with the delays, I have a lot of respect for you guys. It’s not easy to make video games, especially high quality games like La-Mulana. It’s even more difficult to make a game and make as much of an effort as you have to keep all of us informed on the game’s progress through your reports, news updates, pictures, and videos. That alone is something impressive.

    La-Mulana is definitely shaping up to be an incredible WiiWare game and maybe the best WiiWare game of all time. I too would rather it be delayed and given all the care you want to put into it rather than rushed out to meet any arbitary deadlines.

    Again, don’t be too hard on yourselves for this not working out the first time. Instead, know that you have the support of plenty of loyal fans, and that to us, Nigoro will not be known for releasing games late but rather for making incredible games.

    To Samieru, Duplex, Naramura, and anyone else working on this project, thank you.

  23. Travis says:

    Es mejor que se tomen su tiempo para que lancen un producto de calidad.

    Animo!!!No vayan a abandonar el proyecto, muchos esperamos el juego y cuenten con mi compra el dia 1.

    Saludos desde Mexico!!!

  24. Diaper Poot says:

    I’ve been waiting for this sicne it was announced, take all the time you need.
    You have my all my support, I’ll wait as long as it takes!

  25. NIghtgazer13 says:

    Better to have as many of the bugs worked out as possible than to release too quickly. Keep up the good work, we’ll be waiting.

  26. one122 says:

    No problem I will wait until the release is still my favorite game

  27. headcrab says:

    just release it and i don’t care how long it takes, the game is fraking long and you actually spent time improving on the original design putting you leagues above cave story for wii.

  28. MrBishop says:

    Better to get it done right, than to rush to meet a deadline and have problems. Take your time. Don’t worry, we’ll wait 🙂

  29. EchoNull says:

    “A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever.” – Shigeru Miyamoto

    Please take your time!

  30. Socob says:

    Don’t worry about it. If it gives you any confidence, just look at how long it took Nicalis to release Cave Story, and still, it seemed rushed and was filled with bugs. So:

    a) You’re still faster than them, and
    b) It’s perfectly legititmate for you to delay the release in order to prevent La-Mulana from suffering the same fate as Cave Story Wii.

  31. Rossmallo says:

    Hey, don’t worry about it, ok? We understand that these things take time. Take as long as you need.

  32. Kagemorou says:

    Don’t give up or be discouraged! A game as great as La-Mulana cannot be rushed, and like a fine wine or smooth whiskey, it is worth waiting until it reaches perfection! Keep up the good work and I look forward to purchasing this game and sharing it with friends and family when it is finally released.

    –Kage =^_^=

  33. When I saw the title in my RSS reader, I took it to mean that you’re announcing cancellation. Thank goodness you’re just going to perfect the game without the pressure of release dates.

  34. MrZeebub says:

    Keep up the good work, Nigoro. I will wait as long as it takes. Take your time, and make the best product you can.

  35. Magnalon says:

    Put it on XBLA – Nintendo and their draconian policies for WiiWare are the reason why so many Indie Devs are jumping ship (Meat Boy/Spelunky).

  36. Namo says:

    Aw man. :c

  37. Jean-Francois labelle says:

    Hey there,
    I’m a fan of La-Mulana, can’t wait for this game.

    Also, I work for a testing company in Montreal called Babel Media. We outsource QA to keep cost to a minimum and we specialize in QA, including lot check and first party certification. So maybe we can give you a hand and I would be happy to work with you. I can confirm by experience Nintendo network lotchecks are no easy thing.

    Please don’t hesitate to send me a mail if you are interested in looking at our prices and services. Making games pass submission is our specialty. You can also check our website by googling Babel Media.

    In any case, good luck with your next submissiont, I’ll be rooting for you 🙂 Can’t wait to replay this game.


  38. Palpaleos says:

    I would MUCH rather have it delayed to help ensure it ends up being a complete and amazing final product than to have something rushed. Something like La MuLana will be worth the wait and deserves the attention to detail you are giving it. That being said, thank you for your diligence.

  39. DaMan says:


  40. damn… I’d heard nintendo shot it down, but I wasn’t sure if it was gonna affect a 2010 release date.

    Well here’s to finally seeing it (and DLC) in 2011!

  41. TheMaverickk says:

    You guys shouldn’t be so hard on yourselves. What’s most important is that Nigaro is hard workers! It’s better then being a company that rushes out projects.

    I’m all for waiting it doesn’t bother me, I just want the final product to be polished and well put together.

    That’s what really matters.

  42. Sarah says:

    I’m just happy to know you are still working on the project, and that it will be getting a Wii release in the first place. Any updates and news at all are wonderful, and knowing that the delay is to make it as good a project as possible is also heartening.


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