We are sorry.

LA-MULANA has returned from Nintendo after the lot inspection.
After that we are debugging without a break.

But, we have a tough time of fixing the part of buying and reading download contents.
It takes long time beyond our expectation.

We did a lot of thinking.
As a result, we come to the conclusion we abandoned to release it in 2010.
Because, it’s better to enhance the completeness instead of completing it roughly in a hurry.

We are so sorry.

To tell the detail, we didn’t have a well-organized test environment of network connection, because of a few members and a minimum developing environment.
It takes long time for unexpected things.

We are really frustrating to our ineffectuality like being stuck at such a thing.
Above all, we are sorry for the people who are waiting LA-MULANA.
And also, we are sad to be considered that NIGORO is always late.

We, however, said to release it in winter 2009 at first.
It’s been already delayed more than one year, so that we think it’s not big deal few more months.
And then, looking back what we declared, nothing might be in time so far.

Now that things have come to this pass, we will spend all time to enhance the completeness.
We are going to stick to fixing tiny defects which we missed, adjusting traps and difficulty, updating this website and uploading movies.

Please wait for a while.

To be honest, we’d like to release download contents included in “Hell Sanctuary” a month after LA-MULANA released, though.
As a token of our apology, we will aim to release them at same time.


  1. Linkshot says:


    It’s okay. Do as much polishing as you need.
    I’m sure there are some of us here that still haven’t 100%’d, or even beaten the game yet (I’m one of the latter!)
    This is one of the absolute most beautiful games I have ever played, so as long as it’s not completely cancelled, I’ll wait patiently.

    Just make sure you don’t make it any easier 😉

  2. Rhyus says:

    Don’t sweat the delay too much. I think the current display of support’s shown that you’ve defintiely got the fans behind you. Take any necessary time, go over it, and get it up to not just Nintendo’s standards, but your own as well. That’s all I’ll ask. I”m looking forward to seeing the finished product, but that’s no reason to rush.

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