Our project is now on Kickstater.

Today, we launched a Kickstarter project of producing LA-MULANA2. We turned the plan into action in this summer, but it was not going to be easy as I thought. I wish we could start the project just after TOKYO GAME SHOW. However, we were sure we wouldn’t be ready in that time, so we would take some time after TOKYO GAME SHOW. In the end, we have been in a trouble even since we completed the preparation. To the people who shared this secret of Kickstarter project with us, to the people and companies who supported us and to everyone who is waiting an update of LA-MULANA2 after TGS, we […]

Next year

We announced the development of LA-MULANA2 at TOKYO GAME SHOW. But, I’m sorry to have kept you hanging because we have not made any information after that. We struggled to set up the project, but we managed to prepare for it. 2013 is about to end. Then, we will update the website of LA-MULANA2 a little on the coming January 16th (JST). By the way, you have more opportunity to get LA-MULANA at bargain price since this autumn. If you haven’t played LA-MULANA yet, I’d really like you to play it while you are waiting for LA-MULANA2.

Please update your drivers

We received some crash reports at particular points. We have already announced on Steam community though, those problems are generally caused by sound driver or graphic driver that is not up-to-date. Drivers might be automatically updated by Windows Update, but be sure to get the latest drivers on manufacturer’s website. [Graphic driver] NVIDIA http://www.nvidia.co.jp/Download/index.aspx?lang=en AMD(ATI) http://support.amd.com/us/Pages/AMDSupportHub.aspx Intel https://downloadcenter.intel.com/default.aspx?lang=eng [Sound driver] CREATIVE http://support.creative.com Realtek http://www.realtek.com/downloads/Default.aspx?Langid=1 Also if you use a laptop, your PC brand may provide some dedicated drivers. Please check it out, too. When you have a crash at other points, could you please send a report to Playism support team with the following information? 1. The kind of OS […]

The 7th anniversary of LA-MULANA

LA-MULANA’s 7th Anniversary It is seven years today since LA-MULANA original version was released. We have been engaged in the game for more than 10 years because the development period of the original version was about five years. LA-MULANA has been released on Steam, so LA-MULANA Project ends this time. We hope LA-MULANA will gradually spread to the world. A small sale will be held in commemoration of 7th Anniversary and finishing the project. Please tell it to people who have not bought or known LA-MULANA yet. We have finished the development of this game. We hope you enjoy and spread this game more. This is the only thing that […]

Version 1.5.5.x released

Sorry to keep you waiting. We updated La-Mulana since the game was released on Steam. Most fixed points are connected with Steam version and that achievements. We were helped a lot by pointing the mistake of Russian on Steam community. http://steamcommunity.com/app/230700/discussions/2/ Because, we fixed other minor bugs, purchasers will be able to download new version of Playism and GOG soon. At the earliest Steam version will be updated shortly.


We, as indie game developers, must take notice of Kickstarter. It is very difficult indeed for Japanese to use Kickstarter, however it is shame to give up without doing anything. Then, we will start a mini project on Kickstarter for a trial and we want to see how it works. La-Mulana has been completed, so we are wondering if it is possible to make package CDs of La-Mulana’s original sound track. We think this project is most suitable for the trial. In that case, we don’t really come up with a gift. We will sell the original sound track as a package of three discs, but what should we put […]

Steam community

Steam has communities that the users can chat every games. La-Mulana General Discussion page is here. The users can chat freely. But some official threads will be made. Spanish and Russian are added at the first time in releasing La-Mulana on Steam, so native speakers may have the dissatisfaction. Spanish threads http://steamcommunity.com/app/230700/discussions/3/ Russian threads http://steamcommunity.com/app/230700/discussions/2/ We prepared threads of translating into Spanish and Russian. Please exchange views of the translation. We will incorporate your views and improve the translation. Beginners should get hints from experts because there is a thread of guide. We hope that you play La-Mulana while consulting with other players. If you don’t want to browse hint […]

Steam version released

Finally, this day has come. La-Mulana was released on Steam. PLAYISM version was updated because minor bugs were fixed. Steam key will be send to people who bought La-Mulana on PLAYISM, DESURA, Groupess, and so on when it is ready. For details, please check the blog on PLAYISM. This project ought to have finished at the time of releasing WiiWare version. However it was continued until today. We have exhausted our ideas. You can download the icons for Steam community, Twitter, and so on at download page. If the interesting others exist, we will release those while this game is being livened up. Let’s enjoy La-Mulana till we burn ourselves […]

Let me introduce La-Mulana again

For people who knew La-Mulana for the first time, I’m going to introduce the game again in releasing it on Steam. This game is labeled “Ruins Exploration Archaeological action game”. Simply put, it is jump action adventure game in 2D side landscapes. The game is apparently hard, but the development team don’t realize it. You may take about 40 hours to win the game at the first play. La-Mulana scored quite high points at Metacritic, but this game is little known. Now is the best time to play it. Windows version will be released on Steam, and WiiWare version was released. For more detail, you should browse this web site […]

Future Development Company

Future Development Company has been released at last. How many years has it been since the game was completed? How many years has it been since the last time NIGORO’s Flash game was released? I can’t be bothered to think them! This game was originally ordered from a certain company. It was a big project so we devoted all our energies to this game despite this was a just Flash game. We were absolutely satisfied with this work, it was unusual. Can you imagine how frustrating we are because this masterpiece haven’t been excavated for a long time? You must remember some rules of this game and it requires you […]