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For Steam

We have got lots of ideas and lots of comments of achievements. Thank you very much for your helpful answers. Considering pros and cons about achievements, we are going to prepare some achievements that only LA-MULANA could. Firstly, we have to work up Steam version in order to sell LA-MULANA on Steam. This is our first try, so we are not sure how long it takes. But, before we lose your interest, we will do it without stopping. Meanwhile, it is the highest time we have to let the world know LA-MULANA with our full power. We might have to fly around the West and promote it. But, we also […]


Thanks to everyone, LA-MULANA has got through Steam Greenlight! Namely, it will be released on Steam. We really appreciate your backup. But, it’s going to be a real festival when LA-MULANA is actually released on Steam and sold well. We just stand the starting line for now. So, what we have to do after this is to fix LA-MULANA for Steam. It has to be working on Steam client, and then we put “achievements” in it. But, to be honest, we don’t know much about “achievements”. For the memory of passing Greenlight, we want to have a questionnaire after such a long time. 1. How many “achievements” do you think […]