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The history of LA-MULANA

We have just released a new promotional video. The PV might not be suitable for being famous. But, we judged it is better to show overseas people this for the first time. 13th July 2012, goes on sale on Playism. This is a promising game.

The release date

Sorry but we did tease you for a long time, the day finally comes. One promotional video is being released tomorrow. There is the information that everyone wants to know. Originally, LA-MULANA was remade in order to release in overseas, so we don’t yet get to even the starting line. We have experienced a festivity for celebrating WiiWare version’s release in Japan, but overseas people haven’t experienced it. We kept waiting you for 3 years, so might be not in place to say, but we are going to jump up, too! Until the release date, we will post an article everyday!

The Liner Notes in English

As Japanese, we think we are attempting to expand our business overseas in English. But, there are lots of texts and contents need to be done. So, we can’t handle all the work. This is why we have been provided only Japanese Liner Notes for the original sound track. “Some fantastic voluntary fans would tranlate it if we let it be public!” We thought we would expect such a natural flow, but we managed it by ourselves. Now, you can download the English version on the download page. In fact, most people who bought the original sound track are Japanese. That’s true. We haven’t yet released the game itself overseas. […]

Announcement for customers who bought the original sound track

One music data of the original sound track was broken. It is “Wonder of the Wonder” in Disk 2, its fade-out part is funny. Since the number of downloading on bandcamp is limited, we have prepared the bail-out page. Please re-download it from this page if you bought Disk 2 before 4 July.


As we mentioned before, the game contents are rarely different between WiiWare and PC version. However, the PC version has a kick-ass feature. MOD culture is not really active in Japan, but we heard the culture is made up in overseas. On the PC version’s LA-MULANA, graphics, BGMs, time attack stages and language sets are put in folders separately, and it is possible to replace them. Namely, you can play LA-MULANA with new graphic set, new BGM set or other language set if there is someone who can analyze and make steady efforts to modify them. Our activity has a limitation because we are just a few members. We want […]

Hell Temple and time attack mode

This is about PC version’s information again. The PC version has Hell Temple and time attack mode that are as additional download contents on WiiWare version. Hell Temple was remade as well as the main part. On top of that, if you read a certain ‘stone tablet’, the difficulty level goes up and become hard mode. Then, Hell Temple also become hard mode on the PC version. You will be able to enjoy the wonderful Hell tour. WiiWare version’s time attack mode is a bonus, but we think the mode isn’t suitable for time attack since it’s too long to fight against all room guarders. We split room guarders into […]

Features of the PC version

So far we didn’t really reveal any information about PC version. But, it’s time to do that. Actually, the game itself is rarely different from WiiWare version. We think we don’t have to keep retouching the game since we completed it for WiiWare version. Especially for overseas people, this is the first remade La-Mulana. So, we’d like to let them feel the same excitement that Japanese users felt. Almost all the modifications of the PC version are about systems that have to be adjusted for PCs. We modified configuration settings and some points that we had to compromise for WiiWare because of the limit of buttons on Wii controller. You […]