Archives for June 2012

The official site renewal

The Japanese official website was already renewed, but The English site wasn’t yet since we had been waiting for the release of WiiWare versions for overseas. Yes, PC version’s release date is getting close. La-Mulana for PC enables you to switch languages. At first, we’re gonna provide English and Japanese language sets. We implement extension for other languages, so it’s possible to add other language sets if we get them. Actually, this renewed website has some concealed contents. We’re gonna reveal them step by step. We hope you’ll like it. In the vanguard of those contents, we released the La-Mulana original sound track. You can buy it on bandcamp at […]

OST and liner notes

It will be partial that we sell OST before LA-MULANA is released overseas! Since that, we have been postponed making the soundtrack. We will restart to prepare the distribution because a release of PC version is in sight. I have liked game developers who burn with enthusiasm for making the game since I was a child. And I have always loved reading their huge documents about the games. So I am making a huge document about LA-MULANA for a enthusiastic fan. I am preparing the liner notes that explains how I arranged each of tunes for the soundtrack. However what I can prepare is only Japanese version. I want to […]