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A gold rush

After the matter happened, a lot of websites reported it. I have been interviewed by part of them. Indie Games Nintendo Life The market of WiiWare may not be active. But it doesn’t concern people who was waiting LA-MULANA. We decided that we will release remaked LA-MULANA for PC. However, we also hope WiiWare version is releasd overseas. Our intention may have gotten across. Some publishers have offered just after the interview was posted on the websites. We have not been interviewed by Japsnese websites. Needless to say, we have not been offered from Japanese companies! This is the present situation of the Japanese game world. In Japan, […]

I promise

Thank you for a lot of comments. Although everyone is worried, I’m fine. If anything, I work in a great hustle. I answer some questions that I pick out from your comments in return for many words of cheer. 1) What is the difference between Wii version and PC version? We have fixed the game slightly. However, the contents of the game is almost the same as Wii version. We have adjusted the system to PC environment fairly. We have refined the interface, for example, you can use USB gamepad and Xbox360’s one. The game includes Hell Tample. Challenge mode(Time Attack mode) is significantly different from Wii version. 2) What’s […]