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We are fine

We got many comments from overseas people who are worried about us. Thank you for your concern, we Nigoro are okay. Our debug team members live in North East Japan though, all of them are fine, too. Now, we are going ahead to release LA-MULANA with readjusting schedule. We are fine, LA-MULANA is also fine. So, just wait for a while, please.

We will finish soon!

We are sorry to have kept you waiting. The development of LA-MULANA seems to end this time. We will submit the mastering data(JP version) again in a few days. The release date will be able to be decided if there is no problem. We were busy with development of LA-MULANA. Therefore, new information had not been disclosed to you! Here is new screen shot of a guardians. please enjoy it. and more information. We will live broadcast on USTREAM tomorrow!! The first begins at 22:00(27th Feb.(Sun) – PST) on USTREAM NIGORO official channnel. 1st broadcast is good at time that overseas people can be seen. And, the second : around […]