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Download contents add not only Hell’s Sanctuary field but also new play-mode, that is time attack mode. You can continuously fight against all Room Guarders or all Guardians and do time trials. After selecting Room Guarders version or Guardians version, you choose equipments for time attack like this. You can instantly kill weak bosses with full equipments, and you dare to challenge with minimum equipments.    Room Guarders version is based on the work which Japanese user created when original editing tool released. When you beat the last enemy, this pops up on the screen. Unfortunately, there is no network ranking system. This is our first time to enter into […]

Download contents

LA-MULANA has been undergoing the final lot check, and we hope the release date is determined soon. Meanwhile, we are going to publish new information which has not been revealed in detail in Japan. At this time, let’s talk about the download contents. The title is “La-Mulana Hell”, it is consist of two parts. The one is super high difficulty field called “Hell Temple” which existed in original edition, and another one is time-attack-style bosses rush battles which you can try to fight against “Room Guarders” or “Guardians”. We had lots of request for that when we decided to remake LA-MULANA . (Please wait English version…)