Archives for August 2011

How are we gonna do for sound track?

The BGMs of La-mulana are earning good reputation. We have a plan to release the sound track, but its form is not sure yet. We are worrying about how to make the form. We place a software which substitutes the sound track in the game. So,you can use your Will as a sound track if you get the software. You can also record it and edit it by yourself, and make a sound track which is able to play on your computer. Now, some people upload those music and movies. So what is the significance for us to release the sound track? There is no meaning unless we provide something […]

Regarding the USK rating

Thank you for a lot of comments upon our previous blog. It seems that, due to the way I have explained about the USK rating matter, I have caused you some misunderstanding. I sincerely apologize for this. Recently, the EU region has been reviewing their rating systems in attempt to unify their different rating systems. For this reason, USK has been also working on the new rating system and might require it. La-Mulana has already received their rating, however, it has been a while since then. As a result, we might have to re-apply La-Mulana in accordance with their new rating system. The matter is that we are not certainly […]