Archives for May 2011

Japan Pre-release Information

As announced by some game sites, the Japanese release date of La-Mulana will be June 21th. La-Mulana will be released in Japan prior to other regions. To our fans, you just have to wait a tiny big longer. We’re sorry, but we’re, of course, doing our best to deliver La-Mulana to you as soon as possible. Currently, we are done with the final check and just waiting for the release date to be determined. We will announce it as soon as we find out, so please wait a little bit more! Additionally, although a date has to be announced, we can confirm (again) that La-Mulana will also be available in […]

We are making a guide book

I apologize that we haven’t had any updates for a long while. But we finally sorted out everything for the release of La-Mulana. We are now making a guide book for it. This is what the guide book looks like: This is a two-volume guide book and we plan to release it online. The first volume is a manual with some details of early stages and will be distributed before the upcoming release of La-Mulana. The second volume is a strategy guide which is inclusive of the final stage and will be distributed with a fee via Internet after the release of La-Mulana. Although this is a strategy guide, take […]